What is spiritual power?

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An excerpt from an interview with HH the 17th Karmapa


TheVirtualRockers says:

when i am alone i just kill someone and then that guy hunts me´╗┐ and i am not alone ­čÖé

wagyora says:

:: Karmapa Kyenno ::´╗┐

MiriamSPia says:

?! I wasn’t aware that the DL had recognized the “other” HHK, Thayen rather than Ogyen. 2 of the 3 names are the same. Do the names go with the´╗┐ job title in their country?

wonkerman4 says:


Thats´╗┐ what I was waiting to hear, believe it or not.

Lately ive been thinking about this same thing. ­čÖé

ReligionlessFAITH says:

Spiritual power is what one is created with, some have more, some have less, and nothing you can do can change it. What you do is determined by the spiritual power you have. Discontentedness with one’s spiritual powers is probably what sends us to carnal temporality. The best we can do is seek contentment by seeking eternal perfection. This perfection can not be found through a carnal mindset. Understanding that you are the perfect´╗┐ you because you are the only you is how to start seeking.

colloredbrothers says:

They way you know someone is in contact´╗┐ with the divine within is by their integrity. Someone that knows himself will seem very balanced and make decisions that are almost always good and someone that never hurts anyone trhought the way they act or talk.

such a person is a person with integrity, a person you trust with your life.

TELEFOON87 says:

When i feel alone, i always meditate.
WHY? Cause then i feel alot of love comming from ( i dont know where ) but i feel´╗┐ it!!!
Then i am not alone anymore.
It feels great.

MysteryGardenProd says:


Because we are ONE!

9samten says:

I understand a true spiritual power to be in boundless compassion and unconditional love. That is the origin of all spiritual powers, (so called) miracles,´╗┐ etc… for the good of all.

HalfLuck4 says:

Well said. Very true on´╗┐ that!

Luna4Sol says:

There is no ONE Karmapa,-there´╗┐ is endless Karmapa…

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