Don’t Hug me I’m Scared

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A new Film by This Is It Directed by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling


MewMewChanKatsuki says:

I’m not the one doing that.

MsCountry2121 says:

that was really creepy, i mean seriously
its all happy until they go crazy

KarleyKavXoxo says:

how o.O

BECstudios says:

whats your favorite idear

Anthony Clarice says:

and this is when i force shut down my computer…

YT5screams5 says:

What do you mean it’s fake…? How could this be real??

DuctTapeByMaeve says:

haha when creepy puppets dance!

Bolzan29 says:

Actually this is such a nice child song to be destroyed.
I had fun watching it and looking at it as if I was a “kid”, then sadly the video turns to a scary and creepy thing.
SAD! 🙁

H20finneon says:

Don’t take it so hard geez

evildrew81 says:


evildrew81 says:

“Green is not a creative color.”

You know some little kid is going to stumble on this and think, “Oh this is cool!” Then at around 2:30 is going to yell, “Mom! I don’t like this anymore! Turn it off!”

crunchycreme15 says:

that was so creepy

RCfan234 says:

I can’t believe what I fucking watch

sk04 says:

I remember watching this at Sundance London (though I had watched it before the event). It’s really creative way of conveying such a message, but it doesn’t half leave you thinking ‘what the fuck’ each time you watch it!

bp198682 says:


qwertstar101 says:

well that escalated quickly

Geoff Newell says:

tripping balls whilst watching this… game over im never getting back on the computer again


Shits trippy as fuck when your bak e d

MercuryEditing says:

This cannot be unseen….

CaptainFuckboy says:

that notepad cunt keeps trying to censor yellowguy

MewMewChanKatsuki says:

Well someone’s a little butthurt

ladious1 says:


ElfenLied4844 says:

I love the yellow guy at 2:47 xD hes like “the fuck!?!?!”

Zeta Hawke says:

never going look at sesame street and the muppets in the same way ever again.

ElfenLied4844 says:


kattwtff says:

Gary johnson 2012

martinparedes96 says:

Woah… This is was.. Really creative. Really creative thoughts ._. Wow my friends told me to watch it cause they were laughing and then like.. Woahh.. Wierd haha. Nice vid tho 😀

Mikayla Peri says:

Well that escalated quickly.

FunBunn2 says:

Dafuq did I just watch??!!

CPM117 says:

Yo Gabba Gabba on acid


Whoa there friend you might need to slow down

SecretCrump says:

959 people didnt sit through the hole thing

shanedawson1f says:

What the fuck man!!!!

101kimz says:

But.. I don’t wanna be creative ANYMORE D;

Izzy Ybarra says:

Why does this exist?


i couldnt stop laughing

H20finneon says:

Well that’s an overused comment.

pwnagemaster256 says:

this is not scary at all. i showed this to all my friends and they thought the same thing. guys this is all fake stop believing its true.

JessieSweetey says:

My friend showed me this in school and I was scared for the rest of the day. I’m still scared.

missdkprincess says:

What the hell is this. Im scared.

KIEMCG says:

why do i suddenly have the urge to draw…

morticiaadams says:

some-one CREATIVE!

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