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Many people believe that creativity is something you either have or you don’t, and if you are amongst the happy few, you’ll use your creativity to create difficult art the general public won’t understand but your creative counterparts will love. But; creativity is of vital importance to every act you’ll ever do. Art or no art. The usage of your creativity can change every action you’ll ever do from ordinary to extraordinary.


EldonDarach says:

Awesome video, but the easiest way to become creative is here, it written a bit wierdly, but it works…

jsgaleano says:

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TheDeedee1998 says:

actually art is a way to express creativity

differentandalike says:


arkilus says:

this video is scary

michaelpousti says:

cool animation .. nice game .. keep it up

txdx says:

sorry but your comment was more useful than the video thanks

nefera53 says:

totally agree! and love your video a lot 🙂

mohitl1985 says:

Art of Living workshop teaches a simple 20 mins exercise , which when practised regularly can make you amazingly creative !

xhellabentx says:

my bro was telling me about a dream he had were him and bunch of other people were chasing each other around the block in roller blades wearing tuxedos and pushing shopping carts would that not be a creative mind ?

melonbandit says:

im to stoned for this lol

kazyBarbarian says:

this is youtube poop

hauntedzebra says:

Does it really need to be in context? Only certain people can understand certain contexts, and some people have thoughts that not even they understand. Does this mean it is not creative and just nonsense?

upsboy says:

I like but some music beats fails

rickesmith013 says:

WANT TO SHOW OFF CREATIVITY?!? You should enter the slinky vs Etch A Sketch contest. It’s a contest that shows off your creative skills and even provides you with the opportunity to win a cash prize. $20,000 in cash & prizes are offered to winners. So check out the website, make a video, earn some recognition for your creativity, and win some cash!!!…

nowhereibelongvip says:

OMG LOL at 3:50 is that Richard dean Anderson ? ROFL
A frog knits in a coconut on one foot XDDD and is zebra colored ROFL XDDD

therightiousone says:

I seen some writing in a bathroom stall more creative than this. This is a stupid video thanks

illbrat says:

Anyone knows the artist/song of the first track in this video? its awesome 🙂

VUriyV says:

Nice job man realy nice… Good camara tracking work

hjernevasket says:

In the left side of our brain sits a strict referee sorting all our thoughts. He sorts correct and wrong. He has no creativity or sense of humor. Example, what is a cow. Animal on a field eating grass. Correct. Lightsaber swinging jedi animal with jugs squirting pink beer and singing gangster rap. Wrong, thought discarded. Kick him out, have some fun. Dare to be wrong, and ridiculed by the silly referees out there. Dare to play.

FortuneHenry says:

Don’t mistake creativity with nonsense

DjMartinEST says:

GOSH I JUST H8 THAT SOUND…made my ears bleed…but the video is fantastic luv it

CreativeAge09 says:

If only MSNBC, FOX, or Stephen Colbert would air this – folks just may start “gettting it!” THANK for creating this masterpiece of creative thought for creativity!

alphainventionscom says:

You fuckin bitches. I was trying to eat my oreos, and you show a bodybuilder take a shit. Fuck man, I got milk too!

No more eating + youtube. Damn I’m trying to be creative, and not sick.

Shakti Thara says:


laylowpro42 says:

wierd strange disturbing LOVED IT!!

HazeGreyAndUnderway says:

This is pretty creative…

CreativeCritisizm says:

Creativity is the essence of me when my brain has dried up & ground into dust, sprinkled over your food then eaten, this “magic powder” can make you people see things in a whole different light, thus making you artistic, observant, insightful, & sometimes delightful, resulting in attracting the opposite sex.

seudavi says:

Creativity is to antecipate what we are going to see in your next video. Congratulations!
Ricardo Cordeiro – Brazil

dietergrosse says:

Great!! thx for sharing your perspective!!

eaglecrowowl says:

This is a delightful video, visually fun and surprising. I love what you say about creativity at the very end. I couldn’t agree more.

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