Creativity Motion Graphics

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A motion graphics short on Creativity, originally inspired by Tony Buzan’s mindmapping. Done for Editing and Compositing class. By : Rachel Wan Voice : Kimberly and Kenneth Ong Music : Don Alder – Wok the Dawg Softwares: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adobe Illustrator CS4 Adobe After Effects CS4 Adobe Premier Pro CS4 Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Corel Painter 11 Autodesk Maya 2010


adhitapoer says:

job well done, i’d say. Great video! :)

mynmyself says:

im going to begin a motion grpahics master next month, and i cant wait anymore!!

Kazuki1617 says:

Were these stop motions using materials or cut-out images manipulated using a software..?
I’m making a project.. but confuse whether to choose animation @ motion graphics..

VerifySlimmzy says:

haha! that was sick!<3

beta0blaster says:

its funny how the childrens ideas of creativity are very cliche and unoriginal

bpa619 says:

Impossible… looks like 3D models from :39-:44.

Very nice work.

googie109 says:

hey, how did you create that stop motion effect at 0:05 to 0:08?

navneet380 says:

very nice work ..

FlipppoArt says:

Wow, great work!

Skedooosh says:

a good place for tutorials is creativecow(dot)net, look at after effects categorie

tuodekab says:

lonely stoner

minus2theband says:

Hey, we are organizing a lyric video competition next month. If you are interested or know of someone who might be interested do visit minus2theband on facebook.

gargoperro2 says:

¿What are the trick in Aftter effects? ¿Full mask?

rafaelnevesdesign says:

OW! Massively well done!

هالة طلال says:


KevinFettel says:

I really love motion design. Could you direct me to some tutorials?

ophiel84 says:

Wah… let me guess… Singaporeans?

sfj07 says:

Who could I ask about using this footage as a sound design demo showreel?

aizatje says:

this is a masterpiece for me because i’m a multimedia student and i know how hard to make this kind of animation…..did you make this for your assignment??

veronique0615 says:

it’s so cute

nurhafis zainol says:

KONY 2012

soulfinder90 says:

I don’t know, I’d never use that before. I took approximately 1 week to do it. Day and Night. Not much sleep during that period.

lov3lola says:

OMG how long does it take to make this animation? Can I make it in Apple Motion instead off After Effects?

soulfinder90 says:

Yea i know it sounds like crap!! I was yelling at myself for that.

soulfinder90 says:

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop mainly for all images. A little bit of Corel Painter to hand draw certain images. All animation was done using After Effects.

soulfinder90 says:

Actually those kids are Malaysian. They’re my cousins. Singapore and Malaysian accent sound roughly the same.

UdAMnLaMeBoO says:

really nice creative video but can you tone down the singapore accent

mochi930 says:

Like singaporean actually~

ManiakSDR says:


ManiakSDR says:

nahh they are Mexicans

Athar365 says:

Cool job. Also the CollateBox video beats all motion graphics that you have seen. Super data is born …

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princy1903 says:

The collateBox video beats all motion graphics that you have seen. Super data is born …
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kapneanimation says:

lovely!!! and very well done!

naturelife1000 says:

hello what software have u useD? its really good. the voices are very cute:)

blegukutuk says:

love it.any tutorial?

7thH3av3n says:

This is very nice and I love the voice over of your cousins. I wonder what do you get for them for they to agree on doing the voice over for you 🙂

itgelll says:

your cousins have such cute voicesss 😀

MrMovieSound says:

please watch my creative videos

betitokuncillo says:

I love this video… creativity is a life stile..

marketingfilms says:

great motion graphics

MrCampollo says:

sound sounds like crap but nicely done

noikelly2 says:


added23 says:

cool thanks

soulfinder90 says:

Sure why not. This is a college project anyways

soulfinder90 says:

They are asian.

GamePlayUK says:

these kids sound asian

FilmCutTv says:

Awwwwwesome!!! 🙂
Im 14 Years old and love cutting movies.. 🙂 Please check out my Channel it would be really really nice to me 🙂
Thanks again for your time! 😀

mojoj87 says:

so cool 🙂

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