Yamamoto’s Spiritual Pressure Crushes Nanao [1080 HD]

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Overwhelming Spiritual Pressure and Power


orichalcossaiyan says:

nah Kubo just never let Yamamoto shine it’s pretty sad he’s stated many times in the manga and anime to be the strongest shinigami with the most powerful and oldest fire based Zanpakutou and yet when it comes to his fights he’s never given the opportunity to go all out and it sucks that his fight with Juha will be no different. I don’t get why Yamamoto gets screwed so much in Bleach.

orichalcossaiyan says:

Zanka no Tachi(Longsword of the remnant flame) Tachi means Longsword.

orichalcossaiyan says:

i don’t know why but I never noticed till recently that Yamamoto does not wear his captains Haori like everyone else he does not wear the sleeves which I find interesting.

orichalcossaiyan says:

I heard that depending on how well the manga sells during the last arc will determine whether it gets animated or not.

UltimateKing011 says:

you will pop that pussy for a real goon, ho.
now get on your knees and prepare to take my other cane

acetofresh1 says:

is the sickest wickedesdt bankai like tensa

basketballman33 says:

It’s in the 40’s or lower. As 52 is when ichigo is fighting byakuya, which is after this.

BballNintendo3 says:

i dont even remember this scene

Bjornnoo says:

yea its fucking epic

91AizenSama says:

It’s unrealesed:/

Varbess says:

0:45 face it, you’re fucked.

sergeantassassin2 says:

You know you’re a beast when your mere presence makes lesser people forget how to breathe.

LightSchiffer says:

Zanka no Tachi. chapter 506 : The Fire part 2
it means : The Eternity’s blade on fire.

ALDOGMO13 says:

priest/cleric = class that has alot of heal and buff skills and not so much attack

heatwave59 says:

what rpg laws whose cleric WHAT THE HELL R U TALKIN ABOUT

Greg Courtney says:

Zanka no tachi…

LUCARIO1171 says:

only one who could beat chucknorris yamamoto

ALDOGMO13 says:

ill use the RPG laws, cleric vs final boss

nordownage says:

its 54 or 55

Dumppi93 says:

Dude no trolling here, Chuck Norris can hear the letters you have written here…:O

Hoafresh25 says:

I think it’s sad how despite the incredible strength Yamamoto portrayed in both the manga and anime, he still couldn’t do shit to Aizen and had to resort to blowing himself up (kinda). God damn Bleach can’t even overpower characters properly XD

BankaiMaster321 says:

@MapleDivinity Is it even possible, this world and bleach world

MapleDivinity says:

This spiritual pressure is enough to make even Chuck Norris bow down on his knees

MrVarder says:

0:43… well, i got that Yorouichi isnt Flash Step God…

Fernando Fragoso says:

how can you prove that sir, the part where aizen was afraid to fight her?

MrBaddbOYSS75 says:

Episode 55! :D!

heatwave59 says:

UNOHANA IS MOST likely the second strongest because aizen was afraid to fight her and HER SHIKAI IS FUCKIN HUGE AND shes pretty much invincible since is a master of healing

XavGaming says:

OST that starts at 1:11?

christian073094 says:

I wonder what his bankai looks like xD

89Dustdevil says:

I’m going to say they cancelled it until the manga is done, since this is supposedly the last arc. Plus they are probably sick of making god awful filler that everybody hates because they keep catching up. 

fatcat3298 says:

@10fireburn I make my wife have the same problem! 😉

kevinohare7 says:

one of the most badass old guys in anime

doejhonny says:

its youtube comments no one cares as long as you can read it, except for grumpy old people off their medication. YOUNG PEOPLE RULE!!!!!!!

doejhonny says:

byakuya is dead.

(in magna, anime got cancelled for good before it ever got to it.and yes, i honestly doubt theres any hope of bleach coming back, it was too awesome a show for its own good.)

WhiterThanYall says:

Either 55, 56 or 57

RedZanWabberjack says:

When finding oneself somehow transported to an anime universe and confronted by an old man with any form a facial hair one of three things can be assumed:
1.He’s a dirty old pervert.
2. He can and will kick your ass.
3. See 1 and 2.

xSinxify says:

rape by reitsu

RougeAgent1142 says:

When your spirit is capable of making someone forget to breathe, you have achieved a new level of badass.

karlsjr123 says:

i always wondered what master roshi would look like in the afterlife. Now i know

TK45236 says:

yeah he mentioned it in his fight against Stark

TheGabrielBertolossi says:

Just wait her been close to Kenpachi’s reiatsu, as well…

DaveRelph001 says:

I didn’t mention their ages, aside from how obviously younger Toshiro as, but as Shunsui and Jushiro were Yamamoto’s first pupils, then it makes sense for Retsu to be a bit younger, although they were all captains for a looooooong time.

balandoy says:


orichalcossaiyan says:

He is currently but Hitsugaya is still very young he’s still a fledgling so he hasn’t reached his true potential yet with all the hints we’ve been given about his potential it’s as if Kubo is telling us “Yes he will be head captain one day”

orichalcossaiyan says:

I would even argue that he may be older than Unohana she always seemed younger than Shunsui in my eyes though since women age differently I could be wrong.

orichalcossaiyan says:

I had heard Unohana is the second strongest but that could just be in terms of reiatzu, and other aspects though since she never ever fights and has never been shown using her sword to fight and Shunsui has been shown being a very impressive swordsman I’d wager in someways he’s better than her as strength isn’t based off of reiatsu amount, and kido knowledge alone nor is it based on shunpo, it’s all that plus experience and how well one can analyse an opponent and Shunsui seems to be very wise

orichalcossaiyan says:

Shunsui is stronger than Byakuya he , Ukitake, Unohana, and Yamamoto are the four strongest captains in Soul society, if Hitsugaya really has the potential to surpass Shunsui depending on how much stronger than him he actually will get he may even become as strong as Yamamoto himself or even stronger .

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