Graham Hancock – Humans being introduced to spiritual world happened by accident through mushrooms

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LTMguitarist says:

I see spiritual and meditative practices as complimentary to the psychedelic experience, and by no means a substitution. For some people these practices just don’t compare to the psychedelic experience, they are quite different. Perhaps the end goal of spiritual practices is to achieve psychedelic states while sober, but personally I find that trying to achieve the experience of a high dose mushroom trip while meditating to be near impossible, I believe they are different means for similar ends.

taijas01 says:

For more information on this subject, read, “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross”, by John Allegro. It deals with, Amanita muscaria, as the agent of change.

ssssaintmarcus says:

DMT is the TRUTH 😀

BrandonLPZ says:

psychedelics just let you reach a state of mind and it acts like a “waypoint”, once you are there and have seen where it is, then it should be possible to get back to it using other methods like mediation. i think that is the ultimate goal of any psychonaut, to achieve these states in soberity and at will. It does not seem too out of reach to me and is worth the effort. I think psychedelics most likely awaken things that already are inside you and your just not aware, it just makes you aware.

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