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For those who like their epiphany spelled out, with a dash of memetic hyper-sigil thrown in for good measure


RedheadTV says:

I still love this video, years on after first watching it. It’s time to connect with others, like minded… seek them out, spend time with them and enjoy energy work.. meditation, music, chanting… raise your vibrations higher and higher. It’s time.

sirmercutio99 says:

I have too this and also the famous “Look up Hannah” speech from Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”. Hey Paranoidmystic can I burn this onto a DVD?

variedsound says:

Anyone know who performs the song and where I can find all the lyrics??? I obviously know the “Om Namah Shivaya”, but what about the rest of the words?

petrus4 says:

The second one is Krishna Das’ rendition of Om Namah Shivaya. I’m not sure about the first.

And yes, this video had quite a momentous effect on my own life, as well. Methinks the Mystic probably isn’t aware of the full scale of what she’s accomplished, here. 😉

AnotherWayFilms says:

I still look to this video for inspiration. For years now.

Would you please include song title information for the two tracks in the video description?


kingcobra101z says:

Could you put this in stupid people terms?

korrdar says:

LOL. You are wasting your breath. He cannot hear you or understand. Very few can.You must find the way to deal with it.

korrdar says:

NWO? Pedophilia? Moral values? Vogue? “Harming the soul”? Yeah right : ) WTF are you talk about friend? Your mind has been poisoned by meaningless phrases of tonal of time. It’s bullsh*t. It has no meaning. It fades when facing real things that define foundations of our beings this very video has been talking about. As Jack Nicholson would say (allow me to be somewhat humorous) “The truth? YOU CAN?T HANDLE THE TRUTH” : ) That is my message to you-You look but you cannot ser.

David Boulton says:

Cool music, but complete nonsense.

juicy758 says:

This is good!!!! Only if more would endeavor to develop. But we can!!! This is our world.  Make it what you want.

ParanoidMystic says:

Thanks for your interest 🙂

Please consider that you have left out the first half of the law, the necessary condition for radical freedom: “And it harm none…” Pedophilia is a *gross* example of harm. I would also invite you to peer more deeply into the paradox of the statement “nothing is true.” Consider “nothing” as a state in and of itself – the nothingness which precedes creation. That formlessness is the eternal truth, which nothing within form can perfectly express.

LoveBringsTruth says:

you manipulated the message.

you state that the new law is “everything will be permitted”

That is the NWO stripping people from their morals and values. That is why pedophilia is now being openly promoted in the media (Vogue ad shoot with 10yr olds) That is why porn is rampant.

These things harm our soul.

You also state there is no truth. That to is a fallacy. Love brings truth. Truth brings GOD. GOD brings peace.

I find it interesting how people look but don’t see. Hear but dont listen.

ApocalypticDevotee says:



FREEKIN awewsome music. What is the chant at the mid/end???? WHERE CAN I GET TTHAT GEZSUZZZ

Lydias1stChannel says:

i have felt deeply moved by this video and the songs you chose since the day i heard it. wow. i love u. please check out and accept my video response, it is SO cute! 🙂 one love

eagletalons2007 says:

lol who is on schindlers list that dont want to be skipped ahead,, lol wake up
1:16 soul is you – DNA-

SerrafinaPekkala says:

I would truly love for this to be available as a download to view and take with me on my iPod touch.

CosmosPrivateer says:

If you have come this far you will finish your journey. Don’t worry to much about the others not much you can do for them anyway.

kingreal78 says:

like the music

Nerfpalliesty says:

his name is yahweh for jews and for christians alike.

Indigozek says:

Thank you for this video. I have been somewhat jaded and discouraged lately due to a lack of noticeable change in the “outside” world. Like all cycles, my anticipation, patience, and dedication will return. I hope I take the necessary preparations.

MrBuckwilliam says:

oh mmm :)

CosmosPrivateer says:

I have this downloaded but return here often just to travel back in time.

Amazing video and music, it has power.

Thank You

hoplite46 says:

gr8 vid

metedude2 says:

i love this video soooo much!!!

many thanks for the enlightenment

PEACE AND LOVE from canada

BlissPortal says:

it is time

sharonspaintings says:

such a beautiful, and calming video!

almussalix says:

awesome vid

earldog1 says:

Love this video! Does anyone know what the name of the song is?

TobseTobse says:

I agree absolutely. Apart from that many people who were called “clear-sighted” prognosticated some dramatic changes around the turn of the millenium… Nevertheless I appreciate your positive way of thinking and being, keep up the spirit!

friedfrawg says:

I believe it a synchronicity that as quantum physics began last century, science, the primary denomination of truth to those of wavering faith. Proves beyond shadow of doubt that consciousness/spirit is the only truth. I find it intriguing that as the world monetary sham is collapsing, it preludes the time of enlightenment, and the global awareness, (popularity) of spiritual evolution is rising.
All signs point to the culmination of oneness. All pieces fit. Humanity is 99% complete.

yukikaze2001 says:

Don’t leave big pharma out, they have a big stake in human suffering as well. Actually they grow on it.

Annyway. There is no beginning without an end and there is no end without a beginning.

I believe we are at the end of an cycle, what will come? I don’t know but I like to dream about a better reality than the current one 😉

Peace to you and everyone else

TobseTobse says:

Nice intension indeed. Unluckily Swarovski, Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel, DASA, Photonic, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Aerospatiale/Matra Haute Technologies, Lagardere, Raytheon Hughes, Schaffler, Thomson-CSF, United Technologies, TRW, General Dynamics/Marconi, Boeing McDonell, the New British Aerospace and many others don’t share the thought that the war wouldn’t work. As long as our fiscal sytem works the way it currently does this thought will regrettably remain a sweet wish…

MaynardMouse says:

Being enlightened or being God doesn’t necessarily equate with higher bliss. Unending confusion should, hopefully, lead one to seeking from the heart, rather than the head; Emotions contain far more information than any thought. Stop thinking, and there is nothing you will not know.

skel8tor says:

i wonder if it is Poker ?

omahgeehum says:

do not debase other people’s art,

this is a wonderful video and very inspiring

ziffels says:

The video is The Universe and the videographer is God. Wow. What a surprise.

You should call yourself, “ParanoidGoldenCalf”.

Confusion is not a state of higher bliss, Yaweh. It’s just confusion.

That makes you a confused narcissist with an obscenely exaggerated sense of your own importance.

Good luck with your divinity, bonehead!


flythebeast says:

how do i get this song on my mp3 player?

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