Consciousness of Gravity (Memories of 9/11)

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Song : “Consciousness of Gravity” by Xisco Ponce Jr., written about the worst day in American history. This is a preview of the music video…dance routine to follow…


ghostfreak587 says:

ha i still love this song..this sad day is tomorrow 🙁

CariannaiOurWorld says:

Yes, It has a little bit of a faster pace, and has added a bit more instrumental, I think they have guitar in it. I love this song, I found out about it on OurWorld playing Dance Planet. I can do the whole thing perfectly ^_^

chibigal222 says:

yeah. I was gonna ask too.

xiscosuite says:

Thank you. I am singing without auto tune. I would sound like a robot in the song if I had auto-tune. 🙂 YES, I am putting my band together and hopefully will be performing live.

xcalozorz1 says:

is this u singing without auto tune i mean would it sound like this in a room with a band?

xiscosuite says:


xcalozorz1 says:

so gooooooddd!!!

tyler11on12 says:

i dance to this on ourworld on dance planet add me i’m Tylerat45

xiscosuite says:

Thank you all for the great comments!!!

SceneQueen347 says:

Ahhh i love this song. Add me on ourWorld; my name is Zheo.

Nikirockztar says:

I prefer the faster version in Dance Planet on OurWorld, but considering it has been written for 9/11 I’m not gonna whine and bitch too much.

CrazyFantage7225 says:

the part with the ppl running from the explosion is depressing :'(

OBellaSwanOo says:

i have been looking for this song ever since I heard it on ourWorld! I FINALLY found it!

sweetieoreo says:

there playing this version now

xiscosuite says:

Hi Thanks so much for the kind comment. BTW, can I ask you what version is playing on OurWorld? Is it a faster dance style?

unicorndolphi says:

Can you put this song faster? I heard it on Ourworld and I like it that way 🙁

Panaman2010 says:

Dear X, You will not stop or give up ever, Not for you or them.
thank you for setting us all ‘Free’.
See you soon.

xiscosuite says:

Thank you very much!!! And if you want to buy it on iTunes, search for Xisco Ponce Jr., and the album is called Suite, Track 11

sugarusho says:

when i heard this song it was calming and i liked it ^_^
btw i wanted to put this song on my ipod but i cant find this song >.<

anyrerobinson says:

Oh no problem! Thank you 🙂

xiscosuite says:

Thanks! You have any input for video, so you can be a part of it.

xiscosuite says:

Nice to meet you too! Take care of your beautiful self. Thank you for your enthusiastic energy:)

Annekax1 says:

1 people Has no heart

anyrerobinson says:

No way! You’re Xisco! Very nice to meet you!^_^

xiscosuite says:

Thank you very much. You are very kind!

anyrerobinson says:

Our World!! Love this song!

ghostfreak587 says:

awesome thankz!

xiscosuite says:

thank you very much. I appreciate your kind comments…and you have inspired me to hurrying up the video!:)x

ghostfreak587 says:

ok thankz but this song is awesome i heard this on ourworld and i loved it so…….can’t wait for the video

XxMaRyxX13 says:

yepz itz also on dance planet

xiscosuite says:

– the video is still in the works. thanks for watching

ghostfreak587 says:

is the full music video on here?

CloemoonVampireX says:

i herd this on while playing pool at rack n roll

chocolateicicle2 says:

love this song

feet762 says:

i wuv this song

W00DLIT says:

I like dis song ^.^

linkforfun says:

hi uncle jr. its me links. nice vid

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