Toward 2012 -The Frontiers of Consciousness

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Postmodern Times presents: The Frontiers of Consciousness- James O’Dea In this episode we interview the president of Institute Of Noetic Sciences, James O’ Dea who has devoted his life to studying the effects of trauma on a personal and a social scale. From his early years at Amnesty international he has repeatedly shown his devotion to alleviating pain and suffering amongst opposing groups. As head of IONS his ethos permeates the entire program, and highlights the overlap between the study of consciousness and the significance of compassion.


Psikonort says:

Again, anyone out there who is naturally concerned with all these different messages, stay clear of the End timers , join us and levitate to heaven.
 You have the power and potential to make positive change within you. What you do to the world you do to yourself & vice verse .

fusante says:

These are not subliminal messages. It was just an intensified speech seeking to focus on the message that speeker wants to say. These messages were also pictured on the screen. Please don’t worry. This one is a great interview 🙂 Namaste

linktwl says:

o ya i saw it wdf is that?

chv8elz says:

subliminal between 4:56 & 5:00 image of a man in pixels ?

chv8elz says:

i might be wrong, but theres parts where is see subliminal messages ?

L1NK666XL1NK666 says:

filth = good where i come from, its pissing me off everywhere i say filth i get a thumbs down. SORT IT OUT! come on say it with me FILTH!

utubesuckbad says:

cool video has alwase

L1NK666XL1NK666 says:

errrrrrrr filth?

ilya shevchenko says:

ascension on its way!

RosarioVampire420 says:

thanks for the upload, love your videos. :3

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