Frequencies of Consciousness

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Frequencies of Consciousness examines how images work in the human brain. From inner visualization to the creation of the universe, light, energy, consciousness, and duality. Frequencies of Consciousness is an ambient tuning of the radio in the mind, mixing a poetic narrative with a smooth blanket of organic light, color, and sound.


ryanertime says:

Not everyone has the time or smarts to understand the depths of *theoretical* physics and there is no need to be judgmental and abusive.

ryanertime says:

@reallyfullofmyself The funny fart is i dont smoke anything! just dont belive people should be told what to do when it has no impact on other peoples lives.Government needs to get the F**k of everyones personal lives.

lexbonell says:

thank you, it all has to do with the way we were taught in the public school system. people are programmed to think a certain way. dumb ed down by the public school system on purpose. people need to realize that they are being played but it is up to them to see. ” I can only show you the door you are the one that has to walk through it “- Morpheus “you can not be told what the Matrix is you have to see it for yourself” – Morpheus


Welcome to the Club! I also am 37 and reprogrammed my brain totally over the last 3 years or so with a huge exponantial shift starting about 14 months ago when i discovered the JOE ROGAN PODCAS which was and still is a huge inspiration, the main problem now is as negativity receceded, i find very little if not nothing in common with my partner of 9 years and most of my friends who refuse to evolve as human beings and still feed in negativity. People are scared of change!

lowrider692 says:

i think is photon..

socratus1 says:

The electron and the electromagnetic waves are physical reality

Electron produces electromagnetic waves

There isnt electromagnetic field / waves without electron

The brain produces some kind of electromagnetic waves

The source of these electromagnetic waves must be an electron

Consciousness is also physical reality, some kind of

electromagnetic waves ( Electroencephalography)

Every thought has a frequency The source of the consciousness must be an electron

status016 says:

@SASNIGHTCRAWLER good shit bra


Welcome to the Club! I am 37 too! 🙂

trombone7 says:

What a shame. I hate when you know they want a spacious echoey effect, and they choose digital delay, instead of reverb. You know they didn’t want to make the words harder to understand.

lexbonell says:

reprogramming your mind after 37 years of faulty T V and magazines subliminal
programing is not an easy task . It will be done starting today. I now go beyond other peoples fears and limitations we are all connected. free your trapped mind

vispravnic says:

The lord JESUS who died for our sins who is coming again told us what satan would do to this world in the last days. Everything in Christ prophecy is coming true right now. JESUS’s prophets told us that satan would make a new world order in the last days through a false religious man who would hi jack the christian church and who would rule over the rulers and people of this world from rome. The pope is that false man and his jesuits control the illumanati the freemasons and new world order

MrSataniclord666 says:

this makes me feel like masterbating

milkysounds109 says:

says who?

Kaiser Harukari says:

pah… stupid smokers, your not to take in anything but oxygen u shittle

EXmassa says:

I’ve now created the dimensions of the 4th chamber

planetery says:

Mmmmm…  That’s some good mind control there.

Actually, not really. If you knew what you were doing, your intent wouldn’t be so obvious…

FreedomMinded says:

That’s the missing link between us and the infinite…..

gshineman says:

lol wow Im gonna try that….yea yu remember yu saying this

doggystyle040 says:

straight up brainwashing. 08:35 – 08:45 it keeps repeating frequencies FREAKuencies freqencies FREAKuencies FREAK FREAK .

And at the 08:43 it says connect with the frequencies of EVIL .

lene2376 says:

I love this video. There are many ways to expand our consciousness. Be aware. While taking mushrooms, Chemicals and other “medicines” you never know which doors you are openining. You might never be able to close them again. Are you willing to loose your mind over some experiment? Me, myself has began to explore the effect of meditation. Without that kind of drugs. Do you have the patience to explore the other? You have been warned from someone who has experienced both sides of the … effect.

Windovey says:

that was fucked

adeleellie6 says:

Don’t need any kinds of drugs for this stuff. This is normal (whatever that means).

gshineman says:

wow lol

BeamSurfer says:

-_-, wow.

bransperson says:

thank you for this.

musicPMA says:

Dang….your badass

andrewhornet says:

-come again!

realityexplorations says:

yes i agree creating and playing

fabsternyc says:

it’s consciousness creating form…

joeero8 says:

Read Conversation with AZ by Yosip Lavrich

TedDGPoulos says:

Discovered in the 21stC: The Underlying Law of Nature.

The underlying law of nature may be the world’s most useful, profitable and encouraging knowledge.

The top 3 General Characteristics of The underlying law of nature are:

#1. The Way of All Things

#2. The Basis of All Laws and Principles

#3. The Basis of All Health, Growth, Efficacy and Efficiency

Google it — as a start.

The empirical process for identifying the underlying law of nature was discovered in 2008.

Soon we may all do so.

Hariboification says:

Its a little hard to concentrate on the deep resonating sound and the message at the same time! Acting on the sub-conscious doesnt work in this way for the combination of both parts of the video! Its a little brainwashing actually! The woman is too repetitive. Nevertheless its still a good attempt at tapping into the consciousness’ frequencies!

realityexplorations says:

reality is consiousness playing with form

acidbpbran says:

lets legalize it!

xoxoriana says:

i love thiss,
im into the whole
* Frequencies
* Law of Attraction
* Chakras
– My mom is a reiki master, and im an indigo child (:

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