Expand Your Mind and Consciousness Audio Art Sample

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Engage your mind in a higher and deeper state of consciousness by listening and watching the Synchroseraphic Metanoia experience. The DVD has incredible audio digitally mastered in 5.1 Surround Sound set to mind blowing visuals developed by ElectricSheep.org. Engage your mind in the experience and you will be floating out of this world in no time at all. For more information, visit www.spiralysis.com For something a little different of mine, watch this – www.youtube.com


TheSolodragon says:

Beautiful…… Loved it
Great audio visual art
Unknown gnome

Susoma33 says:

I don’t understand it…very complex

findthejohn says:


SiekenKyoshiro says:


sactusletum says:

I hope you are not sending us subliminal messages 

paperbagboy23 says:

no artist , no art , no creator , no creation .

punchfuckterror says:

so did you acquire a license from electric sheep? or are you just profiting without one?

eDrifter1 says:

mey nah gah, mey nah gah, warsh mey starkyhewl

eDrifter1 says:

ma na ga fa wah wah ne ne na na teekie teekie

yvonne1967ful1 says:

na ma stae – the spirit in me salutes the spirit in you. this was very well done i really enjoyed this thankyou

dreamersk9 says:

I like how you have put this video clip together. Thank you for sharing. Namaste

ubersponge says:

Does art really need a definition?

discipleofhoudini says:

fools need to be shown what sheer ignorance is, because they obviously cant see it for themselfs

CanEHdianRocker says:

Why reply to such foolishness then?

Mr79Kidd says:

very nice of seen things thu someone else eyes

discipleofhoudini says:

lol how foolish can you get

KungFatty says:


you2begin says:

Expand your conciousness at kerou(.)net you’ll see the world differently afterward. He’s an unknown genius.

Volv093t says:

i want to watch this on mushrooms


Gonna meditate to it

Jay Pedro says:

expand your mind and believe in God. Happy Easter everyone.

HallowedHoly says:

that would be INCREDIBLE in high quality….absolutely brilliant….

phatcow28 says:

that was purttee mezzmer eye zing

SDMagicMan says:


Catonius says:


AwakeningManKind says:

Great work! Thank You

MicroVisualArt says:

i second about electric sheep,

its coolness is growsly hidden 🙂

reynaldbell says:

duh? me saw insects, x rays,and clotheslines, duh

Fullmetal207 says:

what was the point?

figuresleep says:

!!Don’t be misled!!! This is not a visualizer. The graphics are in no way connected to the audio you hear. He just recorded his computer’s screensaver. Electric Sheep is based on fractals, and because it is an Open Source project, apparently this guy thinks he can take their work and to attempt make his frankly boring, poorly assembled audio almost interesting. As for visualizers, try G-Force or Magnetosphere (a pretty new project- based on particle systems, developed with Processing language)

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