Channelled Message from white winged consciousness of nine

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Channelled Information from a collective of consciousness that present as 9 White Winged Angelic beings. The information talks of the raising of the planet’s frequencies as she prepares to enter a higher dimensional frequency than the third dimensional reality we exist in now. The beings have communicated with this channel about this information since 1993 but say now is the right time to bring this information to many others especially the ‘Lightworkers.’ To view this video with Spanish subtitles please click here Edited by Catzmagick productions.


Alexaner Marinkovic says:

I wonder will earth be the first planet to ascend or have other planets ascended

keliciousify says:

Hmmm first thing in all of this i’ve actually been able to relate to b/c I have been saying for last 7 or so years that time is going faster. I keep replaying 10year intervals in my mind and realize that from say 1978 to 1988 seemed like a lifetime yet 1998-2008 was like a flash. It depresses me to be honest. I’M GETTING OLD and things were better then.

7kimba8 says:

I thought when I first heard it starting through my little headset on the desk…OH! THAT sounds odd! And then a few moments from a movie called “Defending Your Life, where the guy wants to taste the “food” of the Much Higher Intelligent “lawyer” defending him. He is warned off by being told, “oh no, you won’t like this, it won’t taste good to You”, and I wondered, if this type of sound, frequency, sounds different to “others”? I ended up Loving the real message.

Fireinthedawn says:

What happens if our leaders never will an ascension? Why is their will more important than the will of the masses? can you ask the nine?

MagentaPixie2012 says:

I understand. First video I ever uploaded using sound on a camera, had no recording equipment back then. We learn as we go along, thanks for your comment.

ktvernon21 says:

i find the ‘reverb’ on your voice not only a distraction, but it makes you/The Nine seem gimmiky. I can’t even listen to this. 🙁

xmreaper1 says:

MagenaPixie2012 You probably already know this 😉 but do no pay attention to the “nay sayer” for they do not fully understand the perception of ascension and untill they do they will not ascend. I for one don’t fully understand it but I know in my heart this is what we are meant for. I finally found it! I want to help anyway that I can and I also need help. I’ve been dreaming the future! wich made me understand somehow that linear time is just an illusion and that all is one at once.

mauimom67 says:

those who profess themselves to be wise became fools.

TheOriginalChizl says:

This made me smile…thank you…I have no fear of 2012…in fact…im actually looking forward to it

skybobsilver says:

God (the nameless) resides within all. Yes, we are all God, ha ha ha. Reverse your focus from the outside effectual world and tune into the real world within. Everything comes from within, we all hold the answers, we all have access to the kingdom.
Good luck, Godspeed, Namaste’, Mr. E.

MissMutable says:

Thank you a lot… I know my job, always knew, now it’s time to bring the light to the Earth… It’s amazing the force that connect us all and all the things. 🙂 Amazing!!

SaraESainsbury says:

this video was WAYYYY to echoey, way more than your other ones, I could barely concentrate on what she was saying.


Humans are not unique or perfect in any way. They are in fact extremely poorly designed.  Time to go back to the drawing board.

TELEFOON87 says:

Its just an entity or ”being’s soul” who takes over ur own body and then speak tru you !! i find this kind of ”contact” really dangerous bcause u never know who u invite and also they wishes to be here in the first place !!

TELEFOON87 says:

And i cant believe the ignorance and short-minded people !!!!

dartus2bits says:

Could the speeding up of time have anything to do with the spike of technology advancing? It has been speeding up to the point of years worth of advancing to only days. You can’t buy a computer without the dang thing going obsolete in a month.

TTheThinker says:

i cant believe people buy into this bullshit

TTheThinker says:

“Ye are Gods” – Jesus

mark32811 says:

They have been in power since the beginning of modern human civilization.

newbetterandhappy says:

So the bad guys are in power, and this process has been going on for billions of years. I don’t have a billion years in patience left.

chrish12345 says:

is this the actual spirit voice or someone on earth readin it?

Suave508 says:

Ascension is an easy process for the open minded beings of this planet, who keep love in their heart. May we all be blessed with love, wisdom and friendship.

malty16 says:

This all seems nice…but how many times in the past have such claims been made? While, I’d like to believe this, the academic in me just can’t. However…even if I’m not fully convinced, I’ll continue to be a “being of the light”.

lickmetender says:

Thanks for sharing!

MagentaPixie2012 says:

The ‘Nine’ or any other Angelic or Extra Terrestrial force communicating with us is not just ‘outside help’ you can view it as that if you wish but it is very important to realise that this comes from within, from the central point, the Zero Point connection, our own cells, our own DNA that goes beyond linear time but it is always us and to see it purely as “outside” or only as “us” puts us out of balance. When we take the dual perspective we indeed are fully responsible for our own actions!

malotwpd says:

How can I talk to them?

JaxFloridaLocal says:

Law of Attraction

benzifernozle says:


Omegatonyisgod says:

cool vid

Phych101 says:

Magenta I have a gift for you.

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