Creativity is the Future of Education

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Ghetto Film School is working to transform education for the next generation of great American storytellers. And our work is working.


doodleboy900 says:

wow what song is that

louielamson2000 says:

” Waiting for Superman ” ?

sabby1315 says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. Well written, well directed, well edited, well produced, well received!

Perla Lopez says:

My school is one of the best in the U.S.A. , I don’t care what anyone says <3

celcredible says:

amazing school im in :*

ItsJustMeNatalie3 says:

Aw I Love my school! ♥

frieda406 says:


SuperSteveReed says:

If i can hit the like button 100 times i would do it. Beautiful creative video. Simply live up to its name…

Rudi Tham says:

superb video… great colors

pilotsn says:

now can you be kind enough to give me directions of how to learn to make a video like this without coming to Ghetto Film School? thanks

ExplorerDCU says:

Fantastic video!

dymchurch1 says:

The solution to the education problem is to find a way to cause a profound desire for knowledge.

dymchurch1 says:

AWESOME! The best “bulls-eye” I’ve encountered in quite awhile.

xZebrasGoRawrx says:

holy shit….that was cool. 🙂

AnOscarNominee says:

@Artemis5409 I believe that Ghetto Film School does give great opportunities but only for a certain amount of people. Not everyone can be a filmmaker, but the school gives a select few an awesome opportunity to make something of yourself.

Themis19 says:

I think the point is to approach these core educational concepts WITH creativity, not replace them with just creativity. The point is that innovation to engage students makes them passionate and is applicable throughout the school system. I don’t think anyone is advcation the the R’s be replaced with Adobe tutorials…

GrandTheftXylophone says:

/watch?v=FrLG_SlujpQ id really enjoy some feedback, whether it be postive, negitive, or constructive

randybk69 says:

go die

TheLinuxBust says:

@Beachpickle1 -More funds to public schools
-US public schools are..bad at the moment
-In the Ghetto Film School, most of the students pass
-Chances to college are a lot higher from GHS
-Angry Birds is from Finland

Titanicrox22 says:

What’s the music used?

DigitomProductions says:

Now you can graduate from this film school and be jobless like everyone else!

..or work on Jersey shore. Very creative.

Beachpickle1 says:

Could someone please explain this video to a 13 year old ^^’ i only understood some of the message. And I would like to know the FULL meaning before I show this to my friends!

reallifepassion says:

Very creative!

Artemis5409 says:

To does who hates this video you all suck!!
i’m proud to be part of that CREATIVITY that takes place in the CINEMA SCHOOL where i attend and i’m very PROUD of it and to GHETTO FILM SCHOOL who gives me opportunity i never had until now. They are all awesome

commander3046 says:

I’m sorry but no. Just no. We are behind in math, science, and reading; and your answer is that we’ll just get by on ‘creativity’?? Honestly? Yes, creativity is definetly a good thing but the bottom line is that we are going to have to work our way back up. There is no easy route. Most of this process is going to have to start when kids are young and are developing their values and principles for life. Anyways, its not even that all Americans are stupid. Its just a large portion of mentally inc

NoDragonsAllowed says:

I blame America’s stupidity (debatably undeservingly) on YouTube.

Aaron Leung says:

I don’t think that was the point. It was talking about creativity. Haha
A camera could spark up a lot of things.

copterboi says:

Great video. Thanks for being one of the few who support and take advantage of creative thought. Wish nothing but success for GFS.

britMW226 says:

Wheres the love button when u need it?

S8er12877 says:


Advanc3dPlac3m3nt says:

WE’RE CREATIVE! check out our vids! 😀

davvvideos says:

Kids in singapore today are smartasses, know so much info but commen sense alson dunno

kyle7376 says:

All the grammar mistakes in these anti school comments( and others too) are truly quite frightening it’s not being asinine it’s simply using your mind to appear more eloquent and trustworthy. Oh I forgot one thing America isn’t stupid we just have a large quantity of stupid people with access to cameras. Thanks 🙂

Thrombozytenaggregat says:

YouTube makes people innovative, creative. American.

LAVIN20 says:

Thing is we have no money to be creative at this point we are just trying to survive

Thechaparro2 says:

We are all stupid in the US

LGCSrock says:

They don’t count !!! I talking kids that have learning”disabilities” but that doesn’t mean they can’t work hard and aren’t smart

LGCSrock says:

Well china just drops kids that have low grades so

okliam says:

The only things this country exports is scarp metal, corn, and shitty movies.

keov555 says:

@travisimoto that’s what they do in Japan. After like 9th grade they all go to a school that specializes in a particular field the student wants to participate in. It gives them direction which is important, which the united states doesn’t have.

altoids79762 says:

Y dose we need skool?

altoids79762 says:

Y dose we need skool?

Lightissoright says:

That was so cool

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