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Source: Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0


Xelt4 says:

funny how this video has the standard youtube license

OfficialAmazing says:

Can Videos Mashed Up Together In Youtube Video Editor Be Monetized?
Can I Make Money From Those Views With No Problems….

RAD1611 says:

so CC is basically a copyright license? Can you benefit money from a video with a CC license or is youtube still gonna mark it as copyright? (example – if someone is doing a music video parody and they have an artists song and youtube marks it as Copyright,, can you change the license on the video to Creative Commons and it will let you gain from that video?

Edson de Paula says:

valeu amigo pela ajuda

SxVaNm345 says:

I agree with this video

boredomtv100 says:


TheHeidelbergKid says:

Capitalism is unsustainable.

IronCurtaiNYC says:

It actually does. It’s just that it was made with the Standard Youtube License as well.

bedpanner says:

check my channel for mash up samples

boredomtv100 says:

CC is communism.

LolVampiress says:

its stupid that a video about creative commons licenses doesn’t have one O.o ??

TheDarknothing says:


Assoartak says:

CC is future!!!Open the cultures!!!

TornTech says:

3 people that disliked this are Copyright employees

BurritoBazooka says:

I hear the sound.

SpaceTime4D says:

3 people watching this are angry lawyers.

Rosa A. Carucí says:

This is very informative 🙂 Good job CC & C for working together to make things easier!

KateTiclb says:

Time to stop crying try Russian women



chuckemma0415 says:

hahahahahahahhahhahahhahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahah awsome video u have there goooood job! 😛

JessHunterMusic says:

Yes, that’s my world :D

artman40 says:

2 ASCAP members watched this video.

d1ocon2122 says:

awesome, I use cc on my site danosongs and it totally works.

AndrooUK says:

CC: Can’t we all just, you know, like, get along?

C: All your money are belong to us.

lois2591 says:

nice job …thank you

StubHorn says:

Jamendo is the platform to put your music on
They also offer protection for your songs
It’s free, not exclusive, and alows you way more exposure.
I think that concept is cool
I put my songs on there

frenchifresh says:

this is an answer to a good popular question.

airrunweskerII says:

I wish people would stop giving you thumbs down…
it needs work!
That is why we need ISOHunt.

airrunweskerII says:

Listening to F&^K ME from Goliath!
Another great CC group!

jenskeroro says:

cc is the worst website ever

artman40 says:

I think (CC) should be more implemented into laws of several countries to shorten the full copyright time.

pyrokinetic666 says:

Hooray for CC!

prokkets says:

Wow this is lib terrorist propoganda.We need 2 fight the iranins in iran so we dont have 2 fight thm hre.U libs need 2 b detaind untl ucan prove u r not a teorist.If any iraqi tries to take my FREEDOM Iwill blow up his cave cmd cntr.IranNchina have been stckpling WMDs2 use aginst us an our Israeli friends in th form of a mushroom cloud in th global wr n terror.Whn th final nuclear bttle comes to our home streets we need world govt. an hive mind and every1 get microchip so prs bush cn kep us safe

emanuelsbg says:

SNAFU conquered Fnord for a while.
knp anylonger 😉
meet ya near the mindgate
greetz from Austria


willmed says:

What do you mean?

emanuelsbg says:

where’s the sound?

emanuelsbg says:

fnordy THX I’ll use it 😉

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