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In his first tutorial episode, Awesome Director Dave Seger talks about the “coming up with the idea phase” for his music video project. How do you approach the creative process? VIDEO LINKS: Interview with Dave Seger: Monday’s Indy News episode: The Miricals’ “Pretend” music video directed by Dave Seger: Subscribe to Dave’s channel: Music by Flint Eastwood.


Jkemy1 says:

Lifesaver ;)xx

greengrassvids says:

i use sony vegas pro to creat my music videos

Jkemy1 says:

What software do you create a music video on??

Knoptop says:

Personally, I find that a tight deadlines and limited resources are the best ingredients for creativity.

uzielvaldez78 says:


litoeazndogE says:

why the green light?

tukey99 says:

PRODUCTION VALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DavidSegerOfficial says:

Ya ya ya dude, I just said David Lynch subscribes to the theory, not that he came up with it. I just specifically like Lynch’s fishing analogy.

awesomeghost0 says:

I get my ideas from other people’s films

KLProductiongermany says:

I once had to mow the lawn but also wanted to do a video. Check out my “ALKO in love” video on my chanel!^^

Thiago H. Cardoso says:

I kinda follow Dave’s tips when I shot my music video. Doing a location scouting before shooting or even before writing the script is much better and clearer for the production, I could imagine the scenes right from there. You can see the result at my channel. 😉

TheLuerker says:

when I looking for inspiration I listen to the song and mute the tv and flip around for a minuet or two tern it off and draw for a wile letting my ideas build, ask the band if they want to be in the movie get there point of view. set my idea up with planing seen by seen

Misterdarkeh says:

I take a shower.

GnomeClubProductions says:

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jollybison says:

Take something totally normal, and give it a twist.

HotManJonah says:

all what the guy said was that this was boring

iProScopesQuick says:

I really liked the Train Drive by Video clip. Was just perfectly composed.

supperpoopinglog says:

Good tips man

Rockwarrior2004 says:

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DougFunt says:

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GnomeClubProductions says:

fuck me twice ^_^

askjerry says:

I really appreciate this kind of input. I may never do much more than make videos for my “Askjerry” page… but it is great to get an inside scoop on the process. It will help me to make a better video… even if for my own enjoyment. So once again… THANKS!

EPICminiMOVIES says:

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NotAnOrdanaryGirl says:

Oh okay, Thank you(:

MrGoldxfinger says:

nice video, fascinating ideas which give me a lot to mull over

GnomeClubProductions says:

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Rockwarrior2004 says:

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syz knockaholics says:

My ideas come from drugs

NoLabelProductionsCA says:

that wink at the end of the video seemed rapey

kermitthefrog512 says:

when i make a music video, i film a few angles of singing and playing instruments, then film a short film that is themed to that song, then i just mix those two types of videos together.

kermitthefrog512 says:

hey Griffin, can you do more tutorials that are directed towards people with little to no budget?

DougFunt says:

You’re a genius! Those shows really AREN’T on! It took me a YEAR to realize it!!! Thanks for finally unsubbing, we’ve been hoping dummies like you would all finally leave!

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GrammaDumpling says:

I get my ideas from……. whatever i think about.

rcookman says:

Good advice clearly explained.

Cybermotron says:

Usually you’d do some compositing, because shooting a tv screen live means the shutter speed of your camera and the frame rate of the tv have to be in sync, otherwise you end up with things that look like… well we’ve all seen youtube videos where people have tried it and it always looks terrible… jumpy, desaturated colors. Green out the screen or at least stick some visible tracking points on it and then composite the tv show footage over it. Hope that helps 🙂

Jimadamas says:

Me and my friends at lunch just sit around and talk and that usually inspires the concept for the video. Then we just brain storm on what we wanna do with it

2505BRIAN says:

I get my ideas in Spanish class.

GnomeClubProductions says:

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mrmrw56 says:

Hey can you make a Symbiote mask of Venom or Carnage from Spiderman

Korinth23 says:

Everyday things give me inspiration to make videos. Usually if the idea sticks enough, i elaborate on it and we usually begin thinking about how to film. What kind angles, the setting, stunts, etc…and it usually develops from there. Lots of our planning for a shot is done right before we even shoot the scene. gives us a chance to tweak and see how we can make it better. Might seem off, and there is a lot more we can improve on. but its been working for us.

KohrsFilm says:

The downside is when you’re not high, those same ideas are usually terrible.

playfullburito says:

no clowns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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