In God We Trust | Official Trailer [HD]

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In God We Trust Official Trailer in epic HD! Visit the Official site @ Share on Facebook Share on Twitter: LIKE us on Facebook @ Follow us on Twitter @ Please vote for us in this trailer competition! “In God We Trust” is a collaboration between childhood friends Alex Gingell, Dan Haigh, Bastiaan Koch, and Alex Westaway. Together they conceived, produced, handled practical FX, directed and appeared in “In God We Trust”. In post-production they shared the duties of editing, sound design, musical scoring and creating a host of extensive 2D and 3D visual effects for the piece. This ambitious project was created for the meager sum of £1200. “In God We Trust” serves as a demonstration piece designed to attract the attention of Film Studios and potential investors utilising a “Look what we have created with no resources, imagine what we could do with a reasonable budget” approach. “In God We Trust” imagine a near future in which society is on the brink of collapse due to the Earth’s deteriorating environment. Multinational corporations and international governments have merged to form a small number of elite corporate power groups, each vying for ultimate power and control over the remaining populace. The story revolves around a momentous discovery made by high-ranking research scientist Piotr Drabik. Employed by a corporate entity known only as “ORTUS”, Drabik


djsputnik3 says:

fucking make it already.

XxXBigFischXxX says:

Just read the other comments, it’s pretty well explained there…

darkblackhawk says:

where are eva 01???????????????

GSratm says:

Interrogating at 1:30 and falling on the floor at 1:36

Regan Miner says:


CaptainBakerDude says:

Oh so its like the same fairy tale but in modern times? What’s that story called?… Oh the bible. Yea these are my favorite part too, but you know hollywood always changing the story to add more special effects *rolls eyes* anyway go team Yeshua!

zxkevleedsxz says:


jimpidi says:

this is the next biggest nonsence movie after davingi code…hahaha…

nommynomable says:


jvemPiRe14 says:

tumbling down tumbling down tumbling dooown

Teh Nirtz says:


bigdoctorj says:

so, are any of the characters gonna neglect their children?

Daniel Smith says:

American Dad*

james townsend says:

This is like that one episode of family guy where Jesus is a badass and kills everybody -.-

SamuraiMille says:

Dang! This better be real! You can’t make me that excited and not give me anything in return!

Razboj says:


Piotr Szczęsnowicz says:

The soundtrack better be by Slayer.

RandomUser55235523 says:

This is evil

shibbitydobop says:

Why so many dislikes? This looks like an awesome film, and with such a low budget. These guys are working hard on this and it shows what they’re capable of doing with little money.

Tenche says:

So when is this being released?

BetaSolution says:

But it said in the trailer that “He did not die at all.”

He can’t be a corpse if he didn’t die.

danielbz says:

I have to say this movie looks so cool. So it seems like jesus it’s still alive and he is some kind of weapon of mass destruction, and it seems like there is a device sucking his blood, them there is some kind of barbecue with blood or something. and the Vatican Explode( the final scene when the guy down hi head is wow!!)

RPGfiend says:

Do you have any news updates about the status of this movie?

Grantusbruv says:

The scene with the bullet going in to the cigarette is quality

theknightswhosayfrak says:

This will generate so much hate mail from the christian community. Especially baptists. They never shut up.

ItsJamesOBrien says:

You’re both wrong. It’s London. 

wqsid says:

is Shinji in this movie I want to see him jerk off on the big screen

SolRosenberg84 says:

What in the fuck was that?

Its like somebody threw a gory military flick, Evangelion, and the bible as interpreted by someone on bathsalts into a blender, and set it to FUCKING CRAZY.

WhiteEcoFreak says:

so when can we watch this movie? don’t tell me the trailer is it, i heard they were working on a film i want to see this beast

seevideonow says:

Certainly not the weaponized Christ Corpse.

hogwashsentinel says:

Just like they are now!

druimna says:

Where is the EVA?

RPGfiend says:

Apparently there is 40 minutes of footage done and it cost under 2000 pounds to make,which is really a testament to the creators ingenuity and how easy pc technology has made it to make movies.

VRchaos says:

OMFG! Are you kidding me?? Its the Vatican, not the US Capitol. Why Americans think all happens in USA?

uchi8893 says:

Now wheres the purple robot ?

clam91326 says:

the only thing related to religion in this movie the the shape of a cross….

Adm0984 says:

What did I just watch? So are jesus soldiers killing everyone?

draeger616 says:

Wow…wheres my giant purple angel slave?

daniel Torres says:

Thanks Reddit for bringing me this

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