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this video is raw. DON”T FORGET to click on HD. lyrics below. enjoy 🙂 (if you wish to view the raw lyrics go below the english ones) [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya] © Bandai Entertainment I run past others with a parched heart. Sorry, I can’t do anything. You won’t even let me Share our pain together. To live on without tarnish, I face your back and head out without looking back on the lonely rail I will follow you. No matter how agonizing the world is, You will shine even in its darkest corners. Cross over the end of the future, My weakness will not shatter my spirit. my way is overlapping with yours. For the two of us, God bless… This warming affection that reaches me, It melts my reality and roams my heart. I don’t need a reason for wanting to meet you, Just my overflowing feelings, Lovin’ you For now, let’s paint a beautiful dream And chase after for your lonely heart Stop it, it’s not like you to lie. Look at my eyes and let’s talk about our future. I am prepared, Even if the future is bleak, I might be able to change destiny if I become stronger. But for my wish to come true, Everything is God knows… You are here, I am here. Everyone else has disappeared. While we paint the beauty of this fleeting dream, We trace out the lines of our scars. That’s why I will follow you. No matter how agonizing the world is, You will shine even in its darkest corners. Cross over the end of the future, My weakness will not shatter my spirit. my way is overlapping with yours


121anthony121 says:


Random8985 says:

Sorry I meant ‘ light novel, it’s been a WHILE since I read them so i confused visual novel with light novel. Again, sorry guys!

Rall94KC says:

That is correct. I don’t know where the other guy got the idea of it being a Visual Novel from.

kcaz64 says:

I thought the series was based on a series of light novels. That’s what wikipedia says.

gtrnitrous hksboost says:

How long was i gone?

Random8985 says:

I was simply stating my opinion, i wasn’t saying anything 100% definite or trying to crush your opinion…. its just simply that each of us thinks it is a different genre than the other does and I respect your opinion. 🙂

Random8985 says:

Whoops, i forgot to mention… its episode 26 according to the commonly accepted ‘Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2009’ ordering. (its easy to Google this ordering for more info) Hope this helps

Random8985 says:

Thanks, Lukuras95 

Random8985 says:

Yes, i did watch the ENTIRE endless eight arc…The 1st episode was interesting…when the 2nd hit i thought “wait, I’ve seen this before”…when the third hit i thought i had accidentally replayed the second of the endless eight… then for the 4th thru 7rth of the endless eight i sat there thinking “i bet i can guess what your gonna say” to the characters after every line…Then, when the 8th episode FINALLY came I wanted to scream and do a victory dance. That sumps up my endless 8 experience.

Random8985 says:

It is episode 26. Try watching it at Animeftw. or Animeultima. See ya!

Random8985 says:

Yep, there are visual novels. There what the series is based off almost entirely. You’d be surprised at how well the anime kept to the original storyline set within those novels. There actually (if you enjoy reading) almost as funny as the original series. You get a lot more details through the novels as well, like how Kyon got his nickname. Check them out sometime!

LucyFanBoy says:

Right, targeted at girls. Which explains all the fanservice….

EddieSris says:

Haters hate cuz mikuru’s not with dem.

GDAlbert says:

God breast

Ni40race says:

Im bad in english huhu

kcaz64 says:

There are visual novels? Seriously?

That sounds awful.

jajadude1 says:

Can someone tell me what ep. Is this

zallonza says:

oh god endless 8 that was horrible

ymiausik says:


kohjingwei says:

Aya Hirano…. <3

kirikakirikakirika says:

Oh yeah, Mikuru is definitely there for all the ladies. -_-

Light1090 says:

did u do the same as me and watch the endless 8?…oh god…never again O_O

but yeah, awesome as hell to watch, enjoyed the whole thing

TheGuardians19 says:

And that my fellow students is a logical burn have a good day.

NAOTU708 says:




MoZA KUTa says:

ฮารูฮิ Thai

kiaDsheito says:


gouya50831 says:


halo3abosol1 says:

Makes you refuse? You may want to use words that you know the meaning of.

halo3abosol1 says:


Lukuras95 says:

You, My Friend, are Awesome.

wai wui Lin says:

hd = =if it is play in osu..

Ni40race says:

what about Nagato?

Fernando Cerezo nevado says:

joder toca mejor q yo la guitarra

Lachieization says:

xD ^^

NububuChan says:

I’m a girl and I learned about this manga through my big brother. This show is totally for everyone 🙂

ghostasas666 says:

Bunny Riven…anyone? :3

dee Oj says:

too bad this ended with the disappearance of haruhi instead of another season…
Look at 2:11 !!!

Almightycathulu says:


João Paulo Martins Hammer says:



the meloncholyof haruhi suzumiya 🙂

Paigeayo says:

Thanks =]

PhantomZero8800 says:

haruhi suzumiya

Almightycathulu says:

What show is this from? Sorry if that’s a stupid question.

TheNoiseBlaster says:

it was Aya Hirano

Vormal says:

“just GO WATCH IT”? – You have to buy the series first, think the rest by yourself.

Paigeayo says:

Does anyone know who recorded this song (as Haruhi)?

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