God Help The Outcasts

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The song “God Help the Outcasts” is a soft ballad sung by Esmeralda inside Notre Dame after she sees how Quasimodo and her people are treated by society. It replaced another song, “Someday,” which was cut when the directors wanted a quieter song in a cathedral. Heidi Mollenhauer is best known for her role as the singing voice of Esmerelda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


shawneeNdNwmn says:

For those who believe. There is a promise we shall live again and those we love will never part.

spazy3000 says:

They drew Jasmine from Alladin with thick eyebrows too. You gotta think about the time-frame and what you would most likely see on women, especially a gypsy when talking about Hunchback of Notre Dame. There was a time when women didn’t have eyebrows at all. Fashion has chnaged over the years.

koechiaki777 says:

you forgot Out there by quasi moto. <3

gosesnuff says:

Have you been paying attention in class?..  ever heard about “the fader, the son, and the holy spirit”? they’re all God… that’s what’s called “Trinity”…

gosesnuff says:

Personally I’d like to throw “Proud of your boy” into the mix there.,. It was written for Aladdin but never made it into the movie… however you will find it at the end of treasure planet… 

jasonhinckley says:

This is probably because disney knew that Dumas intended the main character to be Notre Dame, not the various characters that run around it.

FallenKitty says:

Actually I am an athiest. Just wanted to pout out. Clearly the guy does not understand.

lesliecso1 says:


iknouluvmi1 says:

What amazes me is how well they drew Notre Dame. I’m an art major and I’ve studied that church a lot (it’s so beautiful) and these animators got practically EVERYTHING! I really miss this kind of Disney. So beautiful. 

Cheyenne Bryant says:


TheKeyboardMaster100 says:

Esmerelda is really pretty but they could’ve cut down on her eyebrows. 😀 She reminds me of England.

MizCactus says:

Haha I don’t feel particularly burned. It was an honest question.

piperrox13 says:

Please apply cold water to various burns.

Isathurisaz says:

He lifes in you
Circle of live
We are one
Colors of the Wind
Love will find a way

There are so much, the old Disneys seem to be so easy when you watch them as a child, but when you grow old enough to see deeper then only the pictures, but to understand the feelings and the words, then they are so much more then they ever seemed to be.

missbraun03 says:

I don’t think you will find god on youtube…

HiddenBehindShadows says:

Please, God. If you’re there, I ask one thing of you.
Everyone who’s been killed innocent- everyone driven to suicide- show them the mercy they never found here on earth.

MizCactus says:

Well, Esmerelda and Quasi’s mother were Roma (gypsies), but they lived in France, and there are plenty of white people in France. Maybe Quasi’s father was white, and Quasi just resembles his father more than his mother?

BellyThatProductions says:

……..Da fauq. That song was vague as a wolf crying at a blue horn moon.

Kaitlyn Grimer says:

I agree with you (@ThatRandomGirl)

ArianaTheObvious says:


Colors of the Wind.
Goodbye May Seem Forever.
Feed the Birds.
The Second Star to the Right.
When You Wish Upon a Star.
Heaven’s Light.
Circle of Life.
Go the Distance
Hakuna Matata
The Circle of life
And more…

indyaakcamp says:

Hakuna Matata
You’ll Be In My Heart
Almost There

indyaakcamp says:

Hakuna Matata
You’ll Be In My Heart
Almost There

demirocks645 says:

Reflection (Mulan), Heavens Light (Hunchback), Hellfire (Hunchback), Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas), Circle of Life (Lion King)

marissa deluna says:

This song gives me the chills, it is so beautiful<3

ModernAngelxX says:

Go the Distance – Hercules 🙂

Amy Cole says:

Colors of the Wind.
Goodbye May Seem Forever.
Feed the Birds.
The Second Star to the Right.
When You Wish Upon a Star.
Heaven’s Light.
Circle of Life.
shall i continue?

althmanne says:

Well, I can respect an honest Arian or Unitarian when I see one. You should be aware, though, that virtually every Christian denomination regards your views as heretical. And if you’re under the mistaken impression that your views fall under the purview of some major denomination, you might want to check with your pastor or priest.

But back to the song. What a stirring enunciation of the living God’s mission on Earth. Blessed are the poor in spirit, indeed.

oofahman says:

Jesus possesses TWO natures…God AND man…read your bible, toots…read it with an open mind, not what some cult taught you…John 1:1; “AND THE WORD WAS GOD!” Not little ‘g’ ‘god’, CAPITAL “G” God!!!!!
Matthew 1: Emmanuel WHICH MEANS “GOD IS WITH US” I don’t how much more plain it can be.

cc wallace says:

i’m crying too, i actually got goosebumps when she said “i thought we were all the children of God”

UncleFourFinger says:

I like this song in its CONTEXT as much as anyone else, but you should consider reading the lyrics for a change, without getting enamoured by the movie.

It’s a songified passage that glorifies the bible. It doesn’t “mean” anything beyond “god is great”

.. And if the bible “MEANS” something to you, then you might as well kill yourself right now.

Cassandra Markham says:

I’m just wondering — what qualifies that for you? What is something real? A lot of Disney movies are about love. Then there are a hella lot of songs about hope. Just because they revolve personally around the character rather than being as universal as Esmeralda’s plea doesn’t mean they don’t mean anything, but maybe that’s not what you meant? I’m just wondering what you mean really gets you about this one compared to any specific others, especially from the Renaissance era.

Amber Freeman says:

Remember when you watched this movie when you were little and just thought this was a pretty song? And when Hell Fire scared you and you had no idea what either of them meant?
You watch them now and realize how amazingly made these movies and songs are.
It makes me sad that some future generations won’t understand the meaningfulness and heart of these movies.

pkt1tripe says:

Yes he is, on both counts. The trinity is one in three, three in one. God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

FallenKitty says:

Jesus is Gods SON. Not GOD

royroy3 says:

saw it many times actually lol

gabedm385 says:

Hunchback of Notre Dame. One of the most underrated Disney movies and a risky subject but Disney did a fantastic job.

Crystal Rose says:

I know that everybody deserves a chance in out choir and we will all get one 🙂

Zaubermaus21 says:

This song is so wonderful .. it makes me cry but..i love it

xEmeraldCityx says:

Back in high school, we had to sing a variation of this song for choir. I had no idea it was used in this movie! Sweet! 😀

ringobugo says:

Esmeralda is a true princess.

MizCactus says:

Alright Baby Mine wins

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