Levels of Consciousness, Spiral Dynamics & Bipolar Disorder

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From Bipolarorwakingup www.youtube.com Levels of Consciousness, Spiral Dynamics & Bipolar Disorder A look at bipolar disorder for a more humanistic or mystic school of psychology. Video posted on psychetruth channel with permission of original producer. Distributed by Tubemogul.


changesandrests says:

Well, praise to those people committed to curing depression. That’s a worthwhile cause.

Uberware says:

Still a level 6 here, but cant honestly say im 7. Cant really enjoy being around manipulative people.

robkim55 says:

it is a very strong Light experience.

Jessica Davidson says:

I was born with it 

WalkandPeace says:

I need an ego death sinceI graduated from high school… I stopped using weed though and i got a job, more money and i am going to go to college in three months and i will definetly need new friends with a new car and a girl… JUST TO LIVE NOW, not like back in the past, I AM GOING TO CHANGE AND EXPLORE THE UNKOWN!! THANKS MAN GREAT VIDEO

Hugo Valencia says:

wait, tribal societies didn’t know how to read? well, someone should open up a history book.

Fiorello Lucha says:

good to know this

candidpsychs says:

Candidpsychs! try it you might like it

Jonathan Oseguera says:

I understand the power of now. Its like living with the flow and just accepting whatever is that is, even if it gets you angry or sad. Everything seems mystical and like a journey. Haha I like staying present as if I weren’t controlling “myself”. As if this being I were wasn’t me and instead of calling it “me” I call it “it”. “It is” and I take care of it almost as if I were the God. Giving “it” no value but sense, love and acceptance that will one day learn to heal others.

Jonathan Oseguera says:

Thanks for your vids. I followed your advice on surrendering to the experiencing I was having and turned it into a daily meditation. My oh my wow how it helps haha I feel so good now, stress free and often feeling like Im floating watery in my body. I’ve retrieve the awareness/consciousness I had as a child and helped me understand the source of the problem. It is the egoic sense of self. I remember my first decision that threw me in that dark direction. I wanted to follow the “light” but didn’t

J.A. Mars says:

You are nuts. You took David Hawkins idea and just raped it. This is absolutely not what he (or Steve Pavlina) talk about and you know it. This is disgusting, stupid and COMPLETELY wrong.

James Casey says:

“…people with a higher level of consciousness are in a position where they can help support people with bipolar disorder so that they can heal”. Are you implying that people with bipolar disorder are on a lower level of consciousness than those who do not suffer from it? Do I even really NEED to see part 2, knowing you believe that? Your understanding of “consciousness” is severely flawed. That’s all I’ll say until after I’ve FORCED myself to view part 2.

paulakissable says:

Such a non-video. So much non information. Wow. It was complaining about society and told nothing of how to live better with bipolar disorder. Just someone who likes to hear himself talk…

konteee says:

Anyone who reads this might find themselves exposed, naked, and critizised. If that had been reality, then things might have gotten complicated, maybe we would have ignored discussing these way to deep stuff and made a sandwich instead. But here, you can sit in front of the screen, observe every letter I have put down, and think about it as long as you want, then get back to me, or even make up a new video called “THE TRUTH”. Google “THE TRUTH” and watch how many there are.

konteee says:

A: No one said that they can “heal” bi-polar disorder. They said that they can help you live -with- it. B: What about the stage where humanity out of nowhere become smarter than anyone else, knows the solution to every persons problem on this earth, while on the I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T where these smartasses easily can think about the answers for like, HOW EVER LONG THEY WANT, before they can make up a comeback? Is that stage 8?

adan7777darkness says:

is not lateral is not creative point is a point.

pwerplnblak says:

and you should really listen to the whole thing before you comment. he never even comes near suggesting the discontinuance of ones prescription drugs or going to church. its pretty anti-church actually.

RyanG369 says:

You should be thankful that you are not bipolar not trashing on people because they are ill. You made some decent points but bipolar is a real illness and your video basically tells people who struggle to survive stop meds and go to church. Get a life man for real

ImTwixtorXD says:


Derek Starpass says:

In the Bible The Word tells us ‘the earth is a sphere, with nothing above and nothing below.
There is much wisdom in the Bible. People usually understand the Word to have something to do with the physical self. Most of what The Word says to us is things of the mind. God was and is not of this world. Why would He write things that are of the physical? Sure; some of it is of the physical; but most of what God says is of the mind.

OpenthePresentNow says:

All things are cycles, that is why we have levels or hierarchies. I no longer live in a box, I just realized I am almost a 7. That is amazing. Now, “The Present” is about this at truth contest, Google it. I was gona ask what about the bi-polar disorder!

OpenthePresentNow says:

We have progressed enough to know and understand the fundamental truth of life. Truth Contest needs more people to define the truth in their own perspective. It is the best way to help others see through their conditioning of following what others tell them instead of seeking the truth for themselves. Google “truth contest” and click on the website. Read the top entry.

TheMidwestsk8ter says:

Humans are as consious as there technology for example a thousand years ago pepole belived that diease came from demon and that you had to bleed all the bad demon out..they belived they were consicous pepole use to belive the world was flat they belived they were concious until technology allows us to understand the world was round hence opening up what were concious of you kinda get it?

sphynx105 says:

what do you mean?

KymaticaUniverse says:

niiiiiicee 🙂 Thank You 4 Sharing !
Peace&Love , CiKA

ISayThisWithLuv says:

what about depression and add?

gardenofskeetn says:

this is fucking awesome, thank you

TheMidwestsk8ter says:

Were still at 4 todays world is jusr an advanced form of fedulasim

TheMidwestsk8ter says:

But humans aren’t conscious

blisssis says:

you just described my whole life dude ! awesome vid. Do u have a girlfriend ? LOL

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