How to Be Creative in Advertising

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Close Learn from the pro’s how to advertise and market your product with outstanding creativity. Just check out these brilliant examples of visual creativity!


GdayGaming says:

I searched trojan.generic.adv and this is what came up.

Hollywood103 says:

Check out OutcastAds and their walking billboards on around Los Angeles…pretty unique approach!

SuperTruth77 says:

I recently decided to become a recluse/hermit- it’s the only escape from the ceaseless torrent of modern marketing BS.

Relationships with females are pointless- cosmetics, clothes, food, books, films, holidays, weddings, childcare accessories- ALL women’s lives are zombie mind-controlled by the marketing industry.

I’ve tried community action & charity work, but all organisations are now packed full of marketers paid stupid amounts to organise nauseating campaigns to ‘raise awareness’. ENOUGH!

Ciicadacry says:

My right ear is lonely.

TF21200 says:


nevertheless40 says:

shut the fuck up.

CafeThought says:

Whats this music?

ivinylbanners says:

Sweet. The shark-bus is my favorite.

man02901 says:

Check This Out

Amit Panasara says:

Music treck was best suited…….

1990EONE says:


SGarv04 says:


dondondodo says:

I’m thinking about it too XD there are a lot of articles about it but not much info about good schools and such :/

dondondodo says:

lol the third one is Yodobashi Camera 😀 I love that store it’s in Japan and I saw that ad myself on the buses in Yokohama region 🙂 awesome stuff

SGarv04 says:

is anyone in creative advertising for a living? Im thinking about pursuing it in college

195Jeruel says:

DAMN! Nice Vid! 

MrAlexrussian says:

Nothing can beat this one /watch?v=wYztIGF5ToI
Check it out is best one about easy to use and its free, global classifieds uk, usa, canada, france, germany, spain and more


We really enjoyed these examples of creative advertising, especially the “Jaws”-type design covering the bus. However, the music was a little much and distracted from the slideshow.

KImberly Crowe says:

why is that? Creative Advertising is everywhere you look. Not just in these types of examples. Without creativity in advertising the world would be full of pragmatics with repetitive skull drilling advertisements. .

texasB666 says:

“Creative” and” advertising” shouldn’t be in one sentence…

LukeTheDuke1100 says:

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MegaSmacking says:

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legcaybegins says:

This video is very informative. I think entrepreneurship is very interesting it is what builds the back bone of economies. I have more videos about entrepreneurship. I am trying to network more with people who would like to create their own businesses.

Chillnkills says:


SuperTruth77 says:

My brother works in advertising- we got drunk the other night & I was disgusted when he said that his official role is that of ‘Racial Adjuster’. He goes through all the ads running in different countries and ‘cleanses’ hands & faces for images the locals might not like on race/ethnic grounds.

He said “if the ad’s running in the Far East, forget black faces- they all think black people are dirty monkeys over there!” His wife is black- how can he even look at himself in the mirror each morning?

MegaSmacking says:

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MegaSmacking says:

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Zelufty says:

pixelinsanity . com… just saying :) advertise be happy buwhahaha

hexpinete says:

1:07 yeah, way to put a fucking magnum in your hand when your walking down the street at dusk
I bet it’s really popular in America’s morgues
what kind of control do these things pass????????????????

tgoat0311 says:

Remember when you go to your youtube page and there wasn’t an advertisement at the top of the page?

Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO

Remember when there wasn’t advertisements that never go away?

Remember you couldn’t have a limit to favorites?

Remember the famous yellow subscribe button?

Remember when we could rate stars not like?


Post this in every video and lets start a youtube riot

Thumbs up so this is on top

seriouslyWeird says:

this video should’ve been called “a series of boring pictures with the oldest and the most unoriginal idea of putting paintings over buses”

Web Studio says:

smilingbluedog says:

I’m inspired!
I love the bags. Many neat ideas, & “outside the box” thinking.

daciaheslinyfh says:

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lilthug19908 says:

It’s all the same concept executed in different ways. This sucks. It’s like those bold skinny helvetica logos, you know the one with the youtube tutorial that says how to do it?

Ben Dvir says:


kusempinthu says:

Nice hair Asian women

Stradman100 says:

Awesome video!!

awesome1awesome says:

thumbs up if u really like these ideas!!! great ideas ever

aviishabegam says:

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BentonCahill says:

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