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Motion design clip made by c-md students inspired by the “how to be creative” manifest by Hugh Macleod. (made by Toon Gorissen, Niek Kosten & Martijn Pillards)


amassi2010 says:

I didn’t like this video

AJROCKZ123 says:

This really didn’t help me at all….

TMBlackCat says:

LOL!! hahaha

TMBlackCat says:

WTF STUPID AUDIO! wtf is wrong fucking punk mother fucker go fuck ur self stupid asshole i will fuck ur mother and ur all fuckin family

rabdamn says:

Wanna know something interesting? Oh yes your comment sucks too 🙂

rabdamn says:

I couldn’t agree any more!

mat ward says:

“stay away from the water cooler gang”, so true, some companies are naive enough to think everyone thinks the same as them, greed kills creativity

tyndian says:

nothing about what to do.. all about what not to do.. title of the video is misleading

fineartist says:

yes, i agree your audio is irritating

mohamed ragab says:



Anyone who doesn’t understand this video should watch it again, it is very true, thanks for the upload, well done! 

MrMastersweat says:


SolidMetalRock says:

This sucks.

ghirignogno says:

I didn’t get the last advice… a water cooler…?

MulattoZygote Weigel says:

In a way, trying to be original is unoriginal. We have this stale belief of originality. If you copy someone and call it original, you are being original by breaking the stale, unoriginal belief.

danicovenant says:

i see what you did there.

distractionxx says:

great video thanks

staranjela says:

very interesting video thanks

simysimss says:

some great inforamtion here thanks

KDoneRevenant says:

sehr gut

jayejayeee says:

i enjoyed this vid

MrPluto8 says:

Major fail, the voiceover is so horrible I cannot even listen to more than a few seconds of this, plus the overall design looks cheap and un-inspiring.
Back to university for you guys!

redchilipepers says:

just remeber, green is not a creative color

darkangelvm says:

wat bull shit is this…. cant comprehend the voice over…

jdabull83 says:

this audio ruins the video, i couldnt get passed the first 30 seconds

ledover says:

may i know how you made this video presentaions.. in need to make reply..thank you..

cindywhite67 says:

i have a headache now… thnx.

zoidberg96913 says:


saqaileh says:

what is this ?? !!

AoifeConry says:

can’t engage with this clip – the voice and din are so overwhelming and annoying. Respect your audience and talk properly.

abhi4u20 says:

i lost 2.43 mins of my life

Fishing6Productions says:

I don’t understand shit man , I can barely understand what you’re saying

Missfantakosia says:

10 seconds into the video, and I decide to shut it off.
so annoying.

fuddyboi says:

wanky video

praveen chukka says:




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