On Getting Creative Ideas

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Google Tech Talks March 14, 2007 ABSTRACT Murray Gell-Mann is one of the largest living legends in physics. He’s also been described as The Man With Five Brains, and it’s no puzzle why: He was admitted to Yale at 15, got his PhD from MIT at 21, and is an international advisor on the environment. He speaks 13 languages fluently (at last count), and has expertise in such far-ranging fields as natural history, historical linguistics, archaeology, bird-watching, depth psychology, and the theory of complex adaptive systems. Oh yeah… he also coined the term “quark,” after developing key aspects of the modern theory of quantum physics… for which he earned an unshared Nobel prize in physics in…


Randy Suesakul says:

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spondulas says:

Great talk.. Wish we could of got a higher res version of this… google on the cutting edge and everything…

flowewritharoma says:

thanks for setting this video us great presure!


Marijuana = creative thinking.

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Kangaruhs says:

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TheExtremeMarketing says:

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dggd says:

Si una persona entiende su punto, su discurso no fue en vano.

anxietyawaynow says:

great stuff, me likey.. 😀

amigosaurio says:

pobre senor!!! debe sentirse totalmente frustrado al notar que ni una sola persona de su audiencia entendió de hecho lo que el intentó explicar….. Eso es lo que pasa cuando quieres compartir tu conocimento a mentes no entrenadas.

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geckosandreps1 says:

i wanna make techno music but i don’t know how to 🙁

okono77 says:

“…saturation, observation and elimination…” Impresive. I happen not to be in the group who might believe everything can be explained. Excellent presentation. Thank you.

toragpoons says:

Charm Quark approves.

MikeVarley says:

While I take nothing away from the man’s brilliance, I found his fielding of the questions to be unnecessarily harsh.

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jussttom says:

i guess not anymore =

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RussianSpyInTexas says:

ok i didn’t watch it all, but i got 1 question. how long did it take u to upload this video? please answer this is just wierd.

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