OSHO: Sufi Whirling

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OSHO International Foundation – www.osho.com “There is a method, a Sufi method know as dervish dancing. Sufis dance. You might have observed small children whirling, dancing round and round and then getting in a whirl… And small children like whirling. Why? — because when they whirl, they get a deep kick, and in that kick they again feel themselves beyond the body. And that’s a beautiful experience — that’s why they like it. Studying this whirling of children, Sufis have developed a method, a meditation method — they turn, whirl. … they will tell you to dance, and go on in a mad whirl, and remain a witness — as if a wheel is moving, and the axis is there and on the axis, the wheel is moving…The axis remains constantly in one position, centered, and the wheel moves on it. Whirl like a wheel, and remember your witness inside as a center. Suddenly you will feel you are the center and the body is just a wheel.” – Osho


Allyredstar says:

i never knew that Osho was in´╗┐ whirling too, it is soooo Sufi

inannarising1 says:

gorgeous video ­čÖé ´╗┐

Roberta Lowery says:

Ahhhhhhhhh I LOVE WHIRLING I’ve done it forever as an adult & as a little kid out side in the yard bearfooted spinning round in the grass till i stumbled down collapsing on the ground sometimes giggling staring up at the sky and just soaring & be there way up in the sky and then there is that all contentment part that ahhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhh point where all is right in my world & you snuggle on down in to a nice cat nap..mmmmmm…ahhhhhhhhh..I just didn’t know it was what it was I was doing´╗┐ as a kid

Gustavo Coronel says:

Un disc├şpulo pregunt├│ a Hejasi: Quiero saber qu├ę es lo m├ís divertido de los seres humanos.
Hejasi contest├│: “Piensan siempre al contrario”.
– Tienen prisa por crecer, y despu├ęs suspiran por la infancia perdida.
– Pierden la salud para tener dinero y despu├ęs pierden el dinero para tener salud.
– Piensan tan ansiosamente en el futuro que descuidan el presente, y as├ş, no viven ni el presente ni el futuro.
– Viven como si no fueran a morir nunca y mueren como si no hubiesen vivido.”
Buena semana!!!´╗┐

susanshr says:


juliablanche says:

I have´╗┐ experienced this and to be honest I find each one of us has our own comments and thoughts . Don’t knock it until you try it . . .



Steve Gordon says:

what differences have you noticed´╗┐ in yourself after trying this?also..have you tried any other techniques?

Feskochsnus says:

u dont have to mark anything here, they are not muslims and are not pretending to be either,´╗┐ they are new age seakers.

indiaruleswisdom says:

he never used it he made it available´╗┐ to eople of all spiritual paths

XxMoeJoeFlowxX says:

-.- you know nothing… i love osho and i am a turk!
Osho was open for all´╗┐ people like Rumi!
And he was open for all religions and cultures like come what ever you are come

Callehero1 says:

osho did not invent the technique´╗┐ only Use it

noisesyndrome says:

am─▒na kodumun´╗┐ arakc─▒lar─▒

U─čur ├çelebi says:

eksik bir´╗┐ taklit├ži…

Deniz naz─▒m says:

mevleviler bo┼čuna´╗┐ sap─▒tmam─▒┼č

Paulus Germanus says:

them Osho freaks use many different´╗┐ meditation techniques, calm down and research

anugoel66 says:

Thank you!!!´╗┐

fragileblu says:

it is Anatolian philosphers technique!! who is osho!!!!!!!!!!!

B─░G L─░ER´╗┐

dzankaa says:


kayirmaz says:

mevlana cellaeddin´╗┐ rumi

yayefall1 says:

very nice´╗┐ video shoes Sufi Mystic

72seeker72 says:

The description is very´╗┐ nice.

paste507 says:

Please´╗┐ make fun as much as you like.
But please don’t before trying it, and try it with the right intentions.
You will then find the centre of you. And it isn’t dizzyness.
I had this experience myself this weekend. And wether fake or not; it made me feel great. So don’t knock it until you’ve had a serious try yourself…

issibooi says:

And now´╗┐ try to walk in a straight line.. ;D

Qeti57 says:

To be able´╗┐ to do this form of dance you begin by meditating focusing on the center of your inner being. Other wise you can not do this dance you will only feel dizziness…

6enlighten9 says:

seems like they are just getting dizzy and saying that feeling is some type of divine presence. i think they are just dizzy because their sense´╗┐ of balance is thrown off??

jopalolive says:

“you are´╗┐ all right, you are all wrong”

udinpetot87 says:

deviant to the´╗┐ core….

SuspendedSkye says:

All the Rumi-related videos have massive arguments on whether he was Afghan,´╗┐ Turk or Persian. Phew, I just came from one.

ahmad syechan says:

what does this actualy´╗┐ about

chakswarimassive says:

plz refrain´╗┐ from callin it a dance as its a form of zikr thanku

DeadlyDreamerX says:

Osho is an atheist. And the label Kafir is stupid and biased. We are all humans here. No Gods, No prophet. Just Humans. Do´╗┐ not let religion interfere with your relation with your fellow humans.

Shantell Boone-Felton says:

Its pretty.´╗┐

Afgan Orujov says:

As far as I know Rumi was a Turk and lived in´╗┐ Konya, Turkey. Not Persian as mentioned above. Anyway he is universal, everyone’s.

kareklas9 says:

Dreamers…………..keep´╗┐ on Wheeling.

BeamSurfer says:

OSHO is a Jain Kafir, that’s what i´╗┐ am saying, as a sufi, maybe i might.

thevisionaries2012 says:

Essence of the´╗┐ Universe!

DeliBasAli says:

A little late answer but at Mevlevism there is women whirlin dervishes too even women´╗┐ head of community too.

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