Spin DJ is a God

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In the Mix! Last day a dj saved my life………… The great production!!!!!!!! DJ in my mind!!! Dr Quantic


nSalekz says:

Fucking amazing A/V editing!
Love it


adoro este video, e perfeito … nao sei quem o produziu mas muito obrigado por compartilhar …
um abço Renato – BH

Felix Schiffler says:

Isn’t it called ‘God is a DJ’?

ARLLEYify says:

este es un exelente video uno de los mejores me gusta mucho es impresionante lo malo esque no se como pasarlo a mi usb alguien podria decirme como gracias

DarkLink2135 says:

I remember watching this a long, long time ago…fun to see again. Awesome concept.

JoseValarezoS says:


yolilminx says:


moly0201 says:

vacanoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! y a la vez que trabajo el que tiene Dios, no, impresionante, como nosotros mismos somos los que armamos el problema, y el esta hay como mediador…thanks GOD!!!!!!!!!! GRACIAS POR AMARME TANTO…….

unpredyctable says:

thats awsome

ApoIIos says:

Thank you for sharing!

spookypoupee says:

just great !!!

fantastic producction for make this video 😀

i love it

^^ 5 *****

CherrisVids says:

This is great !!

Thanks to bigeeezy for the share !!

RiSiNgUp3 says:

really clever vid…shows that every person trying to solve an issue that isnt in the person range…then the persn can piss the conflict even more

anippygirl says:

Hey, thanks for sharing, eh! 😉 5*****!

bigeeezy says:

brilliant.  thanks lena for sharing

juancho2489 says:

on of my favorite short movies! 😀

God is a dj 😀

08aug90 says:

It would be just great if everything worked that way… 🙂

Awesome video.

gembird2008 says:

prekrasno 🙂

airelavo says:

Pure Brilliance

Telespcelular says:


Razvan Lazar says:

great video…

idanzadki says:

the dj is so cute i was over on hem…!!!

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh i wad do on hem kery layla

Orsi13 says:

handsome dj and nice bboy stuff 🙂

Magdalena L says:

jaaaaa. zajebiste….

wiktor kramer says:

me too

AnasAlex10 says:


pangalactic Gargleblaster says:

erm… thanks ?.. heh.. now when i read it again, my english a bit broken and confusing, but i hope the message went ok xD

dragon1037 says:

*claps* somber is a winner.

Szim Por says:

ez nagyon nagy :-D

crosensei says:

cool :p

alostsoul01 says:

The DJ is sooo CUTE!! ^__^

EliMiX says:

nice stuff awesome, if this offends the god believers then refrain from entering here? geez.

pangalactic Gargleblaster says:

Drumminstein, This is art, art has the ability to say ABSOLUTELY whatever or however the author chooses because nothing you see is to be taken literally but gives the freedom of interpretation. The finest part in art is that it doesnt have to follow quite shallow norms made by society or even you. And besides, Im quite sure your “god” would’nt mind being pictured to be the good and allround awesome guy here.

cancel11111 says:

if I do not believe in God, i can tell him God, cannot I?

shop88 says:

i love this video

soll86 says:

Super Cool 😀 😀

19slowik88 says:

good shitttttttttt xD

samicxi says:

fuck that so he saved the world by getting the crack boy to quite his job!
he should’ve just popped up the freaking ball from the start.
This is so retarded, i love it.

oukamichan says:


i dont have words to expresse the feeling in this movie! <3

Alessandro Spiliotopulos says:

unbeleivably good!!congrats!!thanx!

Wolny227 says:

Omg :) I’m crying.. this is amazing!!! awesome!!! thank you very much for video!!

Alem883 says:

Certainly one of the best 🙂

alostsoul01 says:

This is the best video on YouTube!! I’ve been watching it for 100 times and I’m still!

cinziajerome says:

wooooooooooooooow man god is dj ruby

550077 says:

That was absolutely cool!

buder2 says:


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