The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins

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Entrevista a Richard Dawkins en la BBC


moham izlam says:

i just converted to ISLAm after reading your verses-thank you

roryfan13 says:

easy to explain, even for me: if mankind obliterates itself, and that’s very probable, it will be because of religions and their idiotic beliefs in an afterlife. why bother about this world or your loved ones if you “know” that your and your loved ones afterlife w/your imaginary buddy will be so much better? seems to me its always better to face up to reality,

roryfan13 says:

dawkins is my hero-he can articulate what I can’t. for myself, my rejection of religion(s) and god(s) stems from having read the bible at age 13 or 14 in order to prepare myself for confirmation; who in their right minds would want to worship monsters as described in the “holy books”? there are no gods, there is no hell, and this is the only life we’ll ever have-get used to it and enjoy it to the fullest w/out harming any conscious beings.

anthony St. germain says:

You’re going to hell according to most of the world….


so what..he;s going to hell when he dies anyways

anthony St. germain says:

Because he makes money from his books and documentaries. He also wants people to smarten up because religion is used to encourage a lot of horrible things like homophobia, sexism and suicide bombers. c:


Why is the Richard Dawkins dude, so stuck on proving that God doesn’t exist? If you don’t believe in something then why keep pursuing your life into it?

Cian Tuohy says:

Questions from an abrasive Paxman handled very well by Dawkins.

SuperRichierich69 says:

the universe doesent have a creative conscience, what are we then? why do people Dawkins and religious people included, have such total and absolute views, on such a massive and complex subject like realty and the cosmos, when they have such a small amount of facts, surely i don’t have enough info would be more accurate, nobody knows and we are not meant to,like its impossible for a slug to understand a harrier jump jet, its not meant to be,

SuperRichierich69 says:

what a silly statment

LolZ4LifE456 says:

“I’m not even gonna bother responding to such shit.”

*responds to such shit*

Daedae333 says:

haha you are such a fucking lame.. not gonna even bother responding to such shit

rugby543211 says:

‘So’ is meant to be used instead of such, ‘so’ refers to adjectives. ‘Such a’ is grammatically right but wouldn’t make sense in this context. I was also pointing out your misspelling of atheists.

To be honest I don’t actually care about grammar, but seeing as you can’t wait for me to die for no reason, I thought I would point it out. I guess you were trolling.

LolZ4LifE456 says:

“Such few atheists”
“Few”- adjective
“Atheists”- Noun

Assuming you aren’t referencing the misspelling of “Atheists”, and somehow attributing that to my intelligence.

LolZ4LifE456 says:

That’s actually grammatically correct…
“‘Such’ can be combined with an adjective and a noun to show extremes. This form is often used in exclamations.”

-Language Dynamics

LolZ4LifE456 says:

Three Things:

A. “I have no opinion on whether heaven or hell exist, but I cant wait until you see that heaven doesn’t exist.” Examine that statement.

B. Well, worst case scenario ISN’T us “seeing” there is no afterlife, because one cannot be conscious of being unconscious. Another invalidity in that statement.

C. Saying you don’t sway either way, then continuing on to refer to us as “dumb religious fucks” is one of the biggest contradictions I’ve ever encountered.

rugby543211 says:

‘such few atheists’ fun fact; atheists generally have higher IQs

hackworthiso says:

I think this man speaks very well about this topic.
I am in the same belief, but I don’t put down anyone for there own views.
Cheers all.

coribabybaby says:

The last thing he said was, “I don’t believe we were put here to be comfortable.” That implies we were put here. Think about it.

alteredoptions says:

y did u hate him?

LightSpeed333 says:

I can’t believe how much the point of view of a person can change over time. Even a couple of weeks ago I used to hate Richard Dawkins like anything but now I’m an Atheist and admire this guy.

EliasCrowe says:

“I don’t believe we are here to be comfortable.” is the alternative… unless Dawkins believes in panspermia.. but then “put us here” still doesn’t make any sense.

shawndimery says:

I think it was a dialectic sleight of hand, whats the alternative? He is a secret Christian? Moron.

summerstone7 says:

…how do you know that its bs, you weren t even there…yet you assume its bs, never assume…thats my best advice…

Matt Stubbs says:


deanmullen10 says:

I’m an atheist but I’ve undergone many varying mindsets, I find it amazing how I’ve changed so much in my views but I’m happy I arrived on most probably the right mindset now. I went atheist back in October. But I can understand the theistic mindset very well. I have aspergers syndrome and that is most probably the reason why back when I was a theist I sincerely believed I was in contact with god. & yes the illusion that Richard describes can seem very real bt its only in the head.

budoghost1 says:

Dawkins sucks donkey dick.

mikemurphy383 says:

Professor Dawkins,
I am one of those “middle of the road” people. I was raised Catholic but have had doubts for a long time. I was afraid to admit there was no god. I wanted deeply for there to be a god. Then I read your book. Now I rejoice in knowing the truth.
Mr. Dawkins, thank you for saving my life.

12Ominous says:

Whoa, if there’s not heaven and hell, they aren’t going to ever find out.

DNAJ82 says:

there is nothing wrong with a disbelief in God. AGREED. I had a disbelief in the God of the Holy Bible and I was corrected BEYOND DOUBT and with odds of it being by ‘chance’ being uncalculable. check my videos PREDESTINY VS. DESTENI for the EVIDENCE. truth is truth and the truth will stand.

kyekire says:

@TheSmallparrot Everything you see in everyday is proof of science, science created computers which let you post your idiotic comment, pyscology tells us what motivated you to post your stupid comment science is the reason this video exists as it was science that made cameras. Science is merely human attempts to understand the world through the scientific method. And science created the machine that made that dictionary I read that definition from. Science – 1000000000000000000000000000 you- ni

EliasCrowe says:

“I don’t believe we were put here to be comfortable.”

Put here? Hmmmm…
Very interesting.

einanx says:

they won’t see anything 😀

dillinger9999 says:

If the sincere Prayers of a Child
To God, cannot stop Sexual Abuse
At the hands of a “Man of God”,
What Does that say about God?

f50tube says:

what a great interview

dillinger9999 says:

God is an idea, not a fact. ~ Jim Rider

dillinger9999 says:

There are some really stupid stupid people posting stupid crap in this channel. It boggles the fucking mind! 1 guy saying “There’s actually no real proof science exists” WOW. & another stupid ass (SpencerBenedict2nd) <--- really? OMGosh my brain hurts just trying to get my head around the stupidity of this persons words.his thought process is so fucking horrendous. When I read such garbage I feel so grateful that I am a free thinker.

dillinger9999 says:

you wrote:There’s actually no real proof science exists either – sorry Dawkins 1 – nil) well let me tell you this & I hope U can understand it, science created the very computer you posted your moronic statement with. have you had your vaccines yet? if yes then science created that also. everything you do pretty much was created with the help of logic, reason, and peer review, ALL THAT IS SCIENCE!

dillinger9999 says:

you know I don’t know what the fuck your issue is what what I ever posted in this channel. No where did I say I like sex with same sex. my first post i was talking about how the pope is more concerned about homosexuality than the horrendous pedophile problem, and their fucking cover up of it. fucking priest and their raping of children is beyond sickening and no one ever points that out. BUT I DID! & U want to start shit over that? You are a complete & utter dumb ass.

orbital92hotmail says:

run along, there’s a good lad. *yawns*

dillinger9999 says:

you have no idea what you are talking about! you are a fucking fascist religious stupid bigot. I can out argue YOU any fucking day you little stupid pathetic piece of religious garbage!

orbital92hotmail says:

you are a silly little man who is out of his depth.

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