Richard Dawkins Interview – The God Delusion (1 of 2)

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Richard Dawkins interviewed on The Hour about The God Delusion. Purchase links are below.


Danny Mosquera says:

a spirit. gods in the mirror. proof theres no god?

hall bo says:

I think he knows it, because he couldn’t find proof for ‘god’.
Could you describe ‘god’ to me ?

DeinosDinos says:

I mean, I agree with Dawkins that truth is very important, and that i’d like to know/believe in as many true things as possible, but is that pragmatic? To advocate this love for truth, love for science and a subsequent hatred for stone age religions?

Alex Newby says:


Danny Mosquera says:

yea true. butn how does he know there is not a god

sil3nst says:

“i wouldnt be very good at it” have more faith in yourself dawkins! men like you would lead this world quite soundly.

hadara69 says:

I was the same as you until I learned more about natural selection. The more you learn about how it works, the more you realize evolution has no need for a a designer at all. And morality is as much an evolved human virtue as reason or forethought.

Danny Mosquera says:

how can he say there is no god. im catholic and believe in evolution but how can he go so far back and say there is no god like wtf

Christopher Aaron Kirker says:

true and also remember If there was no scriptures written by jews there would be no bible as we know it so why is it so popular with no proof other than scriptures there is hell no fossils of jesus but there is of dinosaurs and they existed “millions” of years ago not BC thousands of years ago “millions” dinosaurs so theirs your proof it is a delusion and nothing more than a scripture

Christopher Aaron Kirker says:

It will prove what It can anything it does prove has been put through experimental research thoroughly to prove It works now If your going to say your smarter your wrong these people have studied there whole life on education more than you can imagine in your lifetime If you don’t believe facts of reality then your more dumb than I imagined The truth always comes out in the end 😉

nufflove88 says:

Science can not prove everything

mindgem5555 says:

He wasn’t. He was looking the other way. He’s not the kind of man to be ignorant like that.

LifeAsItIsNow says:

If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” (O. Wilde). Evolution is a fact yet very few meditate on its majesty and deep meaning. If you’re looking for the missing link search for “Truth Contest” and go to the website, then open “The Present” on the homepage and read it through. This is truth you can check with logic, reason and experience, here and now.

Brett Burik says:

“The more I study science, the more I believe in God.” -Albert Einstein

1966pikupstix says:

Exactly, that’s what made him “ignorant to his offer”.

XGralgrathor says:


“assume there are no other life forms greater than our universe”

The questions and their answer remain the same:
1. Is there evidence to think such “lifeforms” must exist or are likely to exist?
2. Is it therefore reasonable to believe in such “lifeforms”?

mindscraped says:

The atheist’s logic fails on the grounds that the god they do not believe in is a human fabrication to begin with. There for it becomes a circular argument, This argument can only prove there is no “god” as defined by religion. God itself is a religious term. But You have taken it a step farther to assume there are no other life forms greater than our universe. .Can we really be certain that this universe cannot exist within another? To think we humans are the grand prize is arrogant.

mindscraped says:

What appears to be proof today may not be proof tomorrow. What about evidence? Is there evidence of a god as taught by christainity today definitely not. Is there evidence of a greater cause I think so . The more I learn about science the more I am convinced something is or was in control. At the same time when scientist suspect evidence they will always invent a new idea to circumvent it. They do NOT want find evidence. That way the can always say there is non.

mindscraped says:

Church members claim to be Christians, but their holidays, behavior, and beliefs conflict with Bible teachings. Christendom’s clergy also have a long record of supporting wars and are thus responsible for the deaths of countless millions of church members and others

dfgheghdfgnn says:

“Scientific proof” – Care to elaborate? Dawkins is not acting like he knows the truth, he is rightly recognising that the statements of absolute truth made by religions are not founded on anything other than faith, making them indiscernible from any other faith based claim. He himself says that he is not certain that a supernatural being does not exist, but the lack of evidence for such a being validates rejections of claims of existence.

ExtraordinaryVideos1 says:

Funny to me how stupid Dawkins is being acting like he knows the truth but no human knows everything. His opinion is that there is no proof. I know that I do not know of any truth of any religion except Islam. I have seen proof that Allah and his Angels wrote the Quran. Scientific proof. Dawkins you want to go against God,go ahead, u wont hurt him at all.You want the truth, look for it, it is there.

anothaview says:

There is a big misconception that the Consitution was based on Christianity, actually based on Deism- what Jefferson really practicwe on.

chatln says:

The thinking is not what you described. As I explained if there is a phenomenon to be explained then a rational thinker would not produce a being that is more complex then the phenomenon which explains the phenomenon. For instance “line” can be explained by producing “dot” … You are not only agnostic about everything but also infinite number of things.This is a very inefficient way of thinking. And also like a theist one can feel its non-existence how it is worse than theism?

Luiza Langsdorff says:

Yes, I am agnostic about zeus and about everything. How can I know if anything does exist or doesn’t? It might be easy to belive that a pink elephant does not exist because no one has ever seen it, but please explain me, HOW do you know it absolutely does not exist????? This kind of thinking (no one saw it, so it doesn’t exist) is against scientific investigation itself.

Again, sorry for my terrible english, this is not my first, second or third language.

chatln says:

It is absurd to hate something that does not exist. I don’t hate you, I just find your logic absurd and I only stated that in my previous comment. If you can assume things out of the blue you can conclude lots of absurd things.

gymguy25 says:

I said all atheists seemingly have a hatred of God and the Bible and if you wanted proof, all you had to do was post comments about God on an atheist youtube clip and wait for replies. Whether my logic is idiotic or not, you’re proving me right!

chatln says:

Let’s assume there is also a Ydox. Ydox don’t want people know him but hates Satan. This Ydox tricks some people and make them believe without proof that there is a God who is created everything,hates Satan and so on… Want proof? Look your comment. I don’t want to say but you are just so tempting “You have an idiotic logic”.

chatln says:

Are you also agnostic about zeus? Atheism is very rational if you understand it well. Why anybody who is rational would explain an unknown by producing a needless bigger unknown like god. Would you rather explain the cause of Big Bang by Physics or god. A god doesn’t explain anything it is a delusion that comfort us and it isn’t comforting if you think about it, but of course thinking about it, is a sin 🙂

chatln says:

A car by definition is a tool that meant to be used by men and women.Only extreme idiot would produce such cars.A thing could not be called “self aware” only because it doesn’t need any intervention. Also men have created tools that doesn’t need any intervention such as screwdriver but as I said before it doesn’t have any self awareness that I know. But of course men didn’t and probably never will be able to create sth like a human being but as science shows physical world can create such things

David McCaig says:

Dear Richard. If man had the intellectual abilityto design a car that worked so well it functioned continuously independantly without the intervention of its creator then became self aware – it could too declare that the car does not need man to exist so therefore there is no man. Of course, only extreme genious could produce such a car – something man does not have.

Om Namashivaya says:

Hi Richard thank you for your interview here. /watch?v=Ly1jZnjw3DM

asianbodyart says:

“The Way home or face the Fire”, please read the Book!

asianbodyart says:

“The Way home or face the Fire”, please read the Book!

FlowMingalin says:

excuse me, forget both sides. Life is god.

FlowMingalin says:

hahaha shapeshifter

thatsmynamebud1 says:

Do not believe in something that isn’t, bottom line. Believe in YOURSELF!

Luiza Langsdorff says:

Atheism is as irrational as theism. How someone can possibly know if there is or there isn’t a God? Actually atheism is worse, cause if there is a God, it is possible that someone can feel it and be shure of it’s existence. And it won’t be irrational. But if you don’t feel it (my case), agnosticism is the only way out.

Sorry for my bad english.

paulieeee1976 says:

he was looking the other way dude.

ErikOnlyMusic says:

He wasn’t being ignorant, he was being receptive to the audience and they DID shake hands.

KiLLUMiNATi419 says:

Yawning yawning.. Why so many lack of wisdom.. Then some have the nerves to say bible is a fairy-tale, advice for you expand them seeds planted in your brain and use it cause obviously you missing some SENSE.

timcp1 says:

No med’s, no surgery, no science needed to heal a young mans back: Just search here on Youtube: Street Healing in Portland, WAC #8-

allamerikanallie says:

the interviewer sounds like jon stewart

santu662 says:

Too fucking true. Cant believe some people still believe in this fairy tale called the Bible. :P

Taperooted says:

It is the duty of all mankind to think god out of existence

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