How to Get a Job : Creative Resume Writing

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Creativity when writing a resume is important to separate it from the many other resumes submitted for a job position. Use a few of these creative resume writing tips to make a resume stand out in the crowd of applications, with advice from a career adviser in this free video on job guidance. Expert: Pat Goodwin Contact: Bio: Pat Goodwin is a certified personnel consultant and a career transition consultant who has worked with hundreds of individuals over the past 20 years. Filmmaker: Todd Green


UltimateBokanator says:

Fuck the system

Douglas DeNunzio says:

it depends if one has the charisma to write a resume

zipzap boopbadybob says:

cant get a job cus I dont have experience cus I cant get a job cus I dont have experience

TheGeneticStudios says:


brooke neari says:

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SeanHellOMG says:

taco bell, MD, BK pretty much any fast food place.

HowDoIGetHired says:

How do I get HIRED

gmanko11x says:

not even close to a troll, because its the only way to get hired, trust me, iv’e been looking for a job for awhile

Torcha Dub says:

I can understand, from those two words alone, why you are on a video about how to get a job.

harly443 says:

everyone has to start somewere start out at a low job and work your way up

Jacob Mariani says:

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Harris Alterman says:

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javierlohacemejor says:


gmanko11x says:

just lie

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nighhtkiller says:

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BarrackOBrody says:

Delores Umbridge?

engkoment says:

Your objective is to get a … what?

Succinctresearch Bill says:

If you write a resume like that, you’re guaranteed to stay unemployed. Here’s 3 tips from someone that has actually helped people get interviews:
1. The resume is a big business card. As such, you need to get it into the right hands. Research and find a company you’d like to work for (doesn’t matter if they’re hiring). Figure out who’s in charge of hiring, what projects/tasks they need help with, and get it directly into their hands.
2. Forget an objective section. Your objective is to get a

wishywashygirl19 says:

Im getting so depressed about not getting a job out of college. I feel like a failure and I keep getting resume tips and cover letter tips and its been three months no job.

Lettich3407 says:

I’m looking for a second job, but right now I’m currently working nine hours every week. That’s not enough, I need to get a second job while keeping the job I have as a car-detailer to work 31 hours or more.

jobinthesun5 says:

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MorrisDanceGaming says:

Does anyone notice how much she blinks?

Sergi William says:

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BlindOrigin says:

sounds like she ripped a bong just before she uploaded.

piepie papaya says:


pacoslovestacos says:

still good info 😀

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