Levels of Consciousness 3, Bipolar Disorder, Spiral Dynamics, Psychology of Being

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Levels of Consciousness 3, Bipolar Disorder & Spiral Dynamics PART 1 Levels of Consciousness, Spiral Dynamics & Bipolar Disorder www.youtube.com PART 2 Levels of Consciousness 2, Bipolar Disorder & Spiral Dynamics www.youtube.com From Bipolarorwakingup www.youtube.com www.bipolar-or-wakingup.blogspot.com A look at bipolar disorder for a more humanistic or mystic school of psychology. Video modified and posted on Psychetruth channel with permission of original producer. Music by Jimmy Gelhaar www.jimmyg.us Copyright © 2008 Sean Blackwell. All rights reserved. Distributed by Tubemogul.


AloneToTheSun says:

Good videos man!

Miriam Henke says:

Great video series. Thank you so much for making them. I love your use of pictures as well as the simplicity of your message. You’ve summarised Spiral Dynamics and put these values levels well into context of mental “illness”. As a psychologist, and post-modern/power of now awakened person, I’m thrilled with these resources you have provided me. Much love to you

norm7ad says:


usedabusedamused says:

John 17:21 That They All May Be One; As Thou, Father, Art In Me, And I In Thee, That They Also May Be One In Us: That The World May Believe That Thou Hast Sent Me.

This is the real trinity; a trinity of consciousness. Jesus is not God because…

1Jo 4:12 No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

Jesus was not the invisible man. People saw him.

also see 1Ti 1:17 and 1Ti 6:16

Derek Starpass says:

I was in the now for 8 months. Raised up within 3 days just like Jesus said he’d build a church without using hands within 3 days. People looked asleep. I was wide awake charged with energy; no worry, guilt, confusion; none of that stuff. It was beautiful. Long story short it wasn’t Christ who did it. The evil one gifted me trying to snag a Christian.
Told him I hated him. His voice terrified me telling me he was going to fuck me up. Two weeks later hospitalized, no fear yet. still high. Bipolar

viperstormway says:

 why didn`t you say you want my money first ? “just be“ . dumb ass.

bavwill says:

Head through the wall kind of shit, I know, but like everything there is a process to dealing with manic behaviour. I’m slowly dealing with it now, just me and youtube lol but I just need to trust what’s happening, not worry, just observe the state and direct it in a productive /creative way. Peace out.

bavwill says:

and that being the true nature of survival, and more so, of life. No plan, just pure living. Since your last message, I’ve had many changes, all invariable levels of balance, all intentional, challenging, and yet all the difficulty is but an interpretation and therefore changeable, improvable, a step to a higher knowledge that drives on with true intent and comes with it, a true outcome, the better now.

bavwill says:

The thought. The fear. There is no future. I’m moving forward and yet there is no future. Panic to manic. I’m in the now. I’m doing it now and life suddenly gets interesting. I no longer have one image of the future in my mind. Wow, thinking as I type, is it adjusting to the immensity of the now, the infinite amount of imagery and information that really gets the cogs spinning in spite of not being in total control of it, only existing by intention, moment to moment,…

bavwill says:

Like the arrow that flies by day, lol, the string on the bow was let go and sent the mind hurtling out of control once the job was done for the day and the arrow found itself flying by night too. Was it because had been held in this conflicted state by the future, it’s illusion and yet it’s convincingly doomed direction for so long and then to be let go suddenly that was too overwhelming to the control of the self.

bavwill says:

I think for me, the result was the unconcious urge to break away from those assigned duties or ‘obligations’ and pursue freedom while at the same time work furiously and with purpose at something I deemed worthwhile, paying no attention to the consequences of tension from this denial of future thought and yet making so much progress through the conflicting environment of sloth, indifference and misunderstanding.

bavwill says:

The future is a dependant of some kind. It depends on me to survive. It attributes great powers, challenges and responsibilities which are constantly ahead of me. It calls my morals and ethics in to question, constantly. Constantly pulling me to do things for the future, without ever allowing me time to think why? Shoulds, musts, have to’s and ought to’s?

bavwill says:

I think that because of the programming of attributing so much importance on the future that we’ve all grown up with, it creates an enormous challenge /conflict once the mind starts to focus on the now and only the now, for the sake of the now. It’s detaching that unseen and illusory element or future notion from our minds and lives that is difficult for the mind to deal with at first.

visatrade says:

I have seen my file… It makes absolutely no sense at all. It describes nothing of what happened to me. It has some strange writing in it… thats about it. I think it maps out what I remember from my childhood… but the doctors dont let me see it. I think when I am in one of these episodes… the doctors dont really listen to anything I say.

James Casey says:

Be. In the moment, right? Cannot be done. If you’ve thought about it enough you will understand exactly what I’m saying, if you don’t already. That is, if you’ve been “bipolar-enlightened”. Or maybe that’s why you think being in the moment is going to heal BP. I admire your devotion to Tolle. But you’ll never be able to squeeze yourself between the past and the future (I know, the future doesn’t exist, but that makes it even harder), not until the day you die. But whatever turns you one…

itsAndrogyn says:

it was a “sign” to you from the divine ! :DD

iclandgirl says:

how does bipolar/personality disorders- connect with suicide- and healing? cutting etc…?

OpenthePresentNow says:

I have no concerns. I already found my answers. So, ready for this world change too. I just love watching others define the truth in their own perspective. It brings you into the moment when you talk about it.

OpenthePresentNow says:

Present moment, ah now it’s gone and I cant type fast enough to catch it. Wow I cant believe I said that but I’ve gotta push the post button!

OpenthePresentNow says:

Mothers understand, that sometimes when you watch your child playing, you realize how beautiful this moment is and you get emotional. Men, thats why women are very emotional creatures. We are more connected to the present moment. Check out this “truth contest”, google it.

OpenthePresentNow says:

nothing is coincidence my friend. “Everything happen for a reason” I’ve always said that, now I know it.

jshankakanyce says:


sphynx105 says:

what song is that at the end!?!?!?!

spacecase8888 says:

It’s hard to generalize about these things. There may be cases where this approach may be helpful but in others it may not. Every person, every situation is different. I have a friend who has struggled with bipolar disorder and psychotic breaks for many years. At times the best thing he could do is medicate. Later he found help through spiritual means to an extent, but sometimes people really have to work through a lot of negativity and confusion before they can even think about anything else.

Jags2468 says:

yo dude i had read the power of now about 3 times and tried to live in the moment for up to a year, at which point i had a manic episode….total truth in what your saying. I’d be glad to hear more about your experience.

Jags2468 says:

the video froze at 3:14 when he was talking about the present moment which made me look around the room away from my monitor which felt like an extremely wierd coincidence

pennyscout says:

I think that while the spiritual crisis approach can help some people find hope and strength it can also be damaging to imply someone is evolving when they feel like shit. I was already predisposed to think of my own crisis on spiritual terms, when it occurred. However, it was a time of extreme fear and suffering and everyone around me was trying to tell me to just relax and accept it and would pass, and I wasn’t able to, causing self-doubt and hatred. So to truly be with someone accept THAT.

meandolg says:

I believe real love is achieved by those that are willing to try to stay in the present moment. I have seen major improvements in someone, once they were accepted and loved as they were, and assisted through difficult times, without trying to change them.

OpiatedBliss says:

this series helped me be more understanding to those who I percieved to punish me my spiritual emergency. Level up!

bavwill says:

After I had the experience, when I was 25, the power of now was the first book I had read in years. Sound like a promoter? Well, to be honest, I have problems with some of his opinion, but the book seriously helped me to step away from the inner conflict and just be in the now, observing things for what they were and appreciating their use. Glad I found this series. Thanks.

ThriceP86 says:

Level 8 to me will be a movement of The Power of Now or more accurately described as faith (not as a church word, farmers have faith why else would they put seed on the ground?)
But it will also have Power of Purpose behind it. That’s just my belief. I don’t think it’s good enough to “JUST BE” and “DO NOTHING”
However, I see you’ve put a lot of thought into this so kudos to you for some interesting insights.

warriorlinguist says:

I completely agree with you. If you read my post below you will understand why I am siding with you. These individuals that went through a “couple months” of spiritual awakening have no clue what it is like to ride this rodeo your whole life. Before my mother become schizophrenic there were all sorts of other problems that I had to live with in my childhood before the real illness set on. Yes, spiritual enlightenment helped me cope but will not save her from dying mentally ill.

warriorlinguist says:

My mother has been schizophrenic for almost 5 years… no meds, just a case worker that checks up on her. This “power of now” is easier said than done. I do believe spirituality is better than medication but I also know she will die a schizophrenic. Anyone who wants to prove me wrong is more than welcome to give it a try. Truely, if you think you have the answer I will get in contact with you. I know bipolar is different than schizophrenia and this addresses the former… I have a dilemma now.

AlineCuisine says:

wow. i was reading “the power of now” when I went through a big episode that lasted about 3 months. i’m an artist, so i had an urge to draw, and the first thing i drew was a spiral that went up.

coffeebreakist says:

wow. “hereness and nowness” is one of the topic which is often discussed by some Japanese contemporary philosophers. Interesting, thank you.

changingmyself says:

Wow, this is amazing! I worked at a nursing home that had lots of elderly that were in psychosis and I did just what you said on here. I did not attempt to change it, I just helped them have it. Great video!

Douggernaut12 says:

Beautifully articulated! The work you are doing is very important. Good luck.

stranger0198 says:

What a load of bull. Cant believe i wasted 30 mins of my life

youtub23410 says:

please someone will run Right for his work

LunaSeaSane says:

I find this video oversimplified and far more focused on ideas of change than on any specific illness.

81stReich says:

‘Just Being’ Remarkably simple and gratifying until you realize that it’s incredibly boring and pointless.

chockfish says:

try to BE with a bipolar in his/her manic phase…then try it again and you’ll need a doctor yourself! 🙂 This can only be possible if almost everybody is in the NOW!

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