Creative photography tips – 1

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It is a photographers creativity that separates the stunning photographs from the rather ordinary ones. to see my tutorial. I believe that photography is about creativity rather than equipment and technical expertise. Enthusiasm, attention to detail, looking for opportunities and CREATIVITY has enabled me to travel the world as a professional photographer.


Annette Hilde says:

Morning! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My friend Dan made some mind blowing pictures with their photography tutorials.

Anneliese Herta says:

Hello there! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My friend Paul made some incredible photography with their video lessons.

Annie bruso says:

this guy sounds like Wallace from Wallace and Grommet! Helpful though, very!

lazeckvar says:

this is an excellenct tutorial. the amount of charecter you put into the commentary, it really made me want to watch, and i loved how you put enfesess on creativity over equipment. all in all, i this was a very fun but very informative!

anub310884 says:

240p As soon i saw this i started laughing

aniagain1 says:

Yes, absolutely.
For instance, the last weekend I saw some amazing pictures: imaginative framings of a very interesting face in the foreground of all of them!!
Perhaps it’s a little puzzling that other people’s names appear in the description of these beautiful pics…but a pretty good job anyway! 😉

aftab akram says:

its good

cfhasib says:

The guy’s accent reminds me of CrocHunter Steve Irwin.

BeautyByKellie says:

i love free hand photography i do it myself i kind of have a eye for photography great pictures xx

Akansha Sinha says:

Yeah, did that . . M just a beginner . . and do get scattered at times . . ur videos are such a bunch of endless inspirations!

DavidBoag says: is my web site where you will find my Interactive Photography Tutorial, with lots more genuine, practical teaching.

DavidBoag says:

Thanks for you kind comment about my YouTube 🙂 I would encourage you to take a look at my NaturalFocus Tutorial on my web site – It is full of fun and interactive teaching which I am sure you will enjoy.

Akansha Sinha says:

I reli reli reli am amazed! Thank you! 😀

M all set on my new set to embark on my new set of discoveries!! 😀

pedalman says:

This guys video is spot on and 100% correct, how many of you that didn’t know about this “foreground interest” thing have bought photography magazines and not read them? ……….these magazines are full of tips like this every month , year after year they repeat themselves.
I guess its like the old saying ” a picture paints a thousand words” and with this its “better to be told than read it yourself”……..makes it more obvious.

nerxboy says:

see… thats one of the benefits already 🙂

k2kona says:

no it isnt, i used to get highest marks in my photo class with a point and shoot. now i have a dslr and the only difference is its easier to capture the moment since there isnt a two second delay.

Max Powers says:

Hey Mr. Ignagni’s class!

leo rodriguez says:

i have this class atm i have to study before i get more into it 🙂

bhu1verma says:

Brilliant work Mr. Boag

hooforiso says:

Hi David,
I am totally agreeing with you , it all about method of the thinking photographer (creativity). If people can buy an expensive equipments but can’t think about angles and places to shoot then whats the use of waisting money ?
I don’t have an expensive camera but I think I am doing much better then others..;)

Thank you for your tutorial ..:)

April Wright says:

I agree the camera is only part of what makes a good photograph. I started with simple point and shoot and some of those photos are my best. I did want a little more so I bought my Pentax k-7 because I like the feel of the Pentax in my hand. Also again I believe there is no right or wrong camera for a beginner or a pro it is what works for you and feels right.

Xeo989 says:

Bueno !! Thanks

baymagic says:

i like your way to expression and emphasise the words. Helpful tutorial for beginners. Keep it up. Thanks.

agun17 says:

Campleete with flamingaws.

xD love the accent.

AlexMoores says:

That’s not completely true though, because the camera can be a limiting factor in many ways. If you want to take fast sports sequences then instantly those cameras are limiting, or if you want to make large prints.

Shashi Kiran says:

Really Great tutorial.
Thanks for the Tips

BarbaraBlu says:

Really great tips! Good explanations, very usefull for beginners.
I completely agree with you, it’s not (only) an expensive camera that make you a good photographer but the way you look at the world through it !!
Even if i think that not all people have inside (or can approach with good tips) the good point of view….that’s one reason about why there are good and bad photographers, in my opinion obviously.

TerryToggs says:

all ready? try already

DavidBoag says:

I am sure that both of those cameras will take better photographs than either you or I. The camera is not the limiting factor - it is our ability! Although I use Nikon, I think Cannon is probably equally good and I am afraid I have no personal experience of either of the models you mention. I am sorry that I cannot help you further – Go to a shop and handle them both and buy the one that feels best in your hands. YOU ARE THE CREATIVE not the camera and it will be as good as YOU !

aimanni99 says:

which one better?

nikon d5000 or canon eos 500d?

i really need your help

IzzyTheNotSoTerrible says:

Enjoyed this. Thank you for the tutorial.

ValueMSW says:

great clip!

Matthew Dalton says:

Any entry-level dslr. Theres no such thing as the “best” camera for a beginner.

carianoff says:

Any camera is.

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