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Master Your Mind, Master Your Life GeniusBrainPower.net http Ask anyone today what they have a hard time with and more often than not they are likely to cite trouble focusing or concentrating. With laptops, smart phones, television, GPS systems and social media, it is hard to block out all the distractions when you need to focus on something specific. Attention deficit disorder may be one of the most popular excuses for our lack of concentration, but it’s not an entirely accurate diagnosis since many of us simply aren’t training our brains the right way to improve our focus. Concentration is necessary just to make it through a typical workday. From driving and working to shopping and cooking, focus is essential in order to get tasks accomplished. Unfortunately many of us have a hard time zoning in on a specific project and seeing it through to completion. Being easily distracted is not necessarily a disorder but it will keep you from managing your time wisely and getting done the important things that need your attention. There are several ways people can improve their concentration, including strategic brain games and exercises, along with guided meditation and brainwave entrainment. Research has shown that the more a person trains their brain in specific skill sets, the better one can get at cognitive thinking, problem solving and memorization. Using computer generated pulses, or isochronic tones, during brain entrainment meditation is another way to synchronize your


herculesAML says:

This is from the audio of “Psychology of Achievement” by Brian Tracy

brunokike8 says:

15 seconds before he mentioned the word tire

brunokike8 says:

before he said about the air i thought about it..

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Stravo Lukos says:

if u aren’t happy, aren’t interested in much of anything. w/o interest/motivation, u might as well not even try. eq preceeds iq.

theonlyoneBruno says:

good stuff

Clay Knoll says:

Threw me off with Bible reference, I’m sure there are far better quotes then there haha, This Sounds like “The Secret” to me, Just beleive and it will be so, But too bad that’s not the case for Kids in drive bys and political tyranny

Clay Knoll says:

I agree on speed up but the filler is educational and explaining for those who dont typically answers are near the end.

LarryLynx says:

If you cannot understand what i meant by “imagnitation” you apparently lack it. If you did, why pick on a person making a typo on his third language?

CntthnkO15 says:

Imagination can prove “reality” but “reality” can’t prove imagination and that is why Eisenstein said imagination is more important than strict knowledge. Reality is “statistics, math, imagnitation, physics, science.” And I don’t know what “imagnitation” is.

Cruzerfly says:

Your not understanding the purpose. Once you tap into your conscious in such a way you will easier understand what he is saying. He is explaining it, understanding what it is is a part of the whole process.He is explaining both the natural way of accessing the consciousness and explaining a much deeper perspective on it which is only truly understood by haven tapped in before. You need to have an open mind which you either have to learn or you could use binaural beats or isochronic tones to help

1962Partyhat says:

This is Brian Tracy speaking

maxgunn555 says:

i think dyslexic people are always in this state. the whole visualise their goal. they don’t even think they’re not aware of thinking they just sometimes have daydreams if the environment is boring so yeah they’re always in this mode and daydreams is practically tapping into the subconsious mind. it’s left brain right brain not as divine as this makes it out to be yet when you tap into whatever side your weak on – euphoria that excitement he talked about at least for me going into right brain.

jim jox says:

The way you made is good.. Also good for imrpoving faith ..like talking on bible etc.. I think i am able to connect to super concious.. But not perfect.But this is great..This helps me focus more better..Cheers and best of luck

blogger365 says:

You are such a dickhead. Maybe this video is not meant for you.

dancesonpoles says:

50,000 is good for me!

LarryLynx says:

Thank you for stating you opinion in the matter! If you are answering a question the statement in itself suggests that there already exists questions. Only asking the questions is a start, but answering them too makes you really apply your mind no matter if the question is somebody elses or your own. Creative thinking starts with an open mind and knowledge in my opinion, not an empty mind and belief. Maybe I missed a point or two, but maybe you also missed my point?

teawithal3uml3lel3ee says:

What part of repeatedly telling your brain clear authoritative demands, affirming your goals in a positive tense, believing you already have the goal achieved and keeping a clear mental picture of what you want to achieve don’t you understand?

FreedomFighter028 says:

Hey I was thinking the exact same thing when I heard the damn story

digimon916 says:

the biggest issue is belief. some people just wont go 100% or believe in themselves just because they doubt themselves, or because its “too hard”. sometimes i tell me friends about things people should invent and they look at me weird. one night i told a buddy that we should employ a ring or something similar of solar panels around the earth for unlimited supply of solar energy. funny…..i looked up the idea and the japanese has proposed a plan to put a 6800 mile band of panels on the moon

Poncho151500 says:

Quit your whining and skip ahead.

yeovilmovies says:

that thing about the boy, my mate had a very simmilar expence in primary school. he was making a film and wanted to do something and a year 2 or 3 solved it for him and he was year 6!

movistar8 says:

chill out brainy acts!!! not everyone is enlightened like you, they need a little foreplay. chivalry is dead..

Thegamemaka says:

Here is a free brain game: /watch?v=WZxNBu6zniU

spookon3s says:

Five people have not tapped the super conscious.


enlighten me please!!! smart ass


i really love the story of the boy…that was me,i was so smart then
now im stupid as dodo…and i gain my supernatural powers only when im baked as a cake!!

iichingg says:

law of attraction esther hicks

iichingg says:

I wrote this book in 1990

newgle says:


RareBird0 says:

this guy is in the neighborhood but at the wrong address in a few key ways. The dynamic is one of neuroplastic dynamism inside the brain–growth of capacity to facilitate answers. It is not “tapping into” some amorphous existing external super-consciousness. Quotes from “The Bible” only work against his credibility.

safespot69 says:

The only good/true info is free as the owner of the info knows his reward lies elsewhere.

eeky97 says:

ehh sorry, you dont make any sense either…..


Science is based on religion, and religion is incomparable without science

WeEatBrainz says:

Pay attention to what he is saying. He isn’t using scientific evidence, he is talking about hyperconsciousness (a spiritual idea), “brain energy” (spiritual idea, not a scientific one), etc.

eeky97 says:

youre not making sense here……this video is not about religion. what planet are you from “weeatbrainz” ?? stop eating brains and start using yours.

WeEatBrainz says:

I’m sorry. Science>religion. There are thousands of religions, religions are created to encourage ignorance and to explain what the people don’t understand.
“How did this happen? God must’ve done it!” Pretending to know the answers and being content with substituting facts with religion is disgusting.

eeky97 says:

tsk tsk tsk…

WeEatBrainz says:

The religion and spirituality bullshit is getting stupid. Why don’t you actually talk about the brain’s actual functions instead of fabricating hyperconsciousness and “superconcious energy” that our brains get “from the atmosphere”. This is silly.

Ian Bouton says:

id like to be a deeper thinker dont get me wrong. but im looking to get smart math and science wise.

Eric Schroeder says:

this follows with it in a does it not?

mrwright82468 says:

this is the same babel from the 1st video

pieexpress4442 says:

I used my creativity to go to the settings button and hit the speed to 1.5 x so he speeds up.

iborass says:

he mentioned a Byble, great!! 🙂 it has roots in

Abbyyjizzz111011 says:

this is true verry true no dout bout it this video in fact is bullshyt all u fuckers are worthless basterds

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