Charlamagne Tha God: The Jordan 11 Is A Murder Shoe

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Close Charlamagne Tha God weighs in on why he thinks the Jordan 11 is a “Murder Shoe” and gives us his thoughts on Reebok’s new found popularity.


Neon Kue says:


Goon Dogger says:

he’s on power 105.1’s the breakfeast club. a radio show about rap culture and music.

aldeine5 says:

“that shoe sets off the murderer in niggas”

Mike Aa says:

Who the fuk is Charlemagne ? Lmao who the fuck is he

nicknett8 says:

lmao! “the killer”

badasshell123 says:

This nigga is a clown. But this shits funny xD

cgip334 says:

Lol. Air Killers!!!

YungTrappaCST says:

Air killer lls

Antinator714 says:

HOLY SHIT hahahahaha!!!!

tebow7727 says:

Hell yeah my hurt like a muthafucka sometimes



TM Sneakers says:

Air Killer… lmao………

JAYBEATS2323 says:



He Aint Lying In The 90s You Would Of Got Jacked For Them 11s

Kilokicks says:

Lol he say the “ Air Killers”

tirodallarufina says:

charlamagne always kills me

MrBreaves1 says:

real shit tho…the 11s are the best j’s

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