2012 ~ A Shift In Consciousness

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sacredsunstonenergies.weebly.com On December 21, 2012 when the Earth moves fully into the photon belt and the solstice sun is in alignment with the Galactic equator will you be ready for lift off, Into a state of heart centred multi~dimensionality… Music Levitation by Cafe Del Mar Thank you to all unknown artists


19caplin82 says:


manyhumbles says:

one of my favs

JPeoplzOIII says:

We become super saiyens x3. Seriously though, I wondered the same.

Luis De La Peña says:

I’m 26 and on december 21st I’ll turn 27

Paula Skelton says:

Thank-You for this Video. I am so ready for this.

tammy lind says:

very good

cowquack1 says:

What happens if my birthday is December 21st?

Pinkie Pie says:

I’m 19, now we just need someone who’s 21 ^^

WhiteSilverAngel says:

I’m so ready!!! Let’s do this together! We’re on a journey of ascension and our ship is Love! <3

hugowg16 says:

No lie. This video made me shed a tear of joy and happiness (‘:

Lilith Morningstar says:

Beautiful. I choose to ascend. 🙂

Chazreal says:

We are all LOVE; Living One Vibrational Energy, and that energy is infinitely universal conscious love energy. We are not just the product of our parents and the planet we are products of the universe! At an atomic level life forms on earth are made of carbon based molecules that vibrate at a particular frequency. That we possess 2 bodies in 1, the carbon matter and the eternal energy, we are all each, not just the infinite, we are each the infinitely infinite! In LOVE + PEACE we are immortal!

BananaMana69 says:

So much love on this video(:

SuperAnnabelll says:

thank you from Peace & happines & Love 🙂 say Switzerland

mrandisheh says:

when I look back at the days I was doubtful, it makes me smile : )

melchizedek144 says:

Thank you true seeker <3 Comments here are carefully chosen for those readers who are sensitive to energy and vibration and who can feel between the lines so to speak <3 Much love light & blessings upon your journey ~ Emanuehl <3 🙂

bclinton4king says:

I love videos like this and the comment section even more. All over YouTube there is so much trolling, and hate. Then you come here, look at the difference. The ones who are ascending are becoming more and more obvious. Peace!

Dano Pierce says:

I have chosen love, mercy and compassion along with forgiveness. I will be meditating, praying the Medicine Wheel and drumming on that day, ideally with others.

888SiRianLove888 says:

Fantastic Video ! Love & Peace ♥

pistonguy3825 says:

I’ve had a few dreams recently that were very vivid and unlike anything i’ve had before. Videos like this just make sense on a personal level based off my own experiences. It’s hard to describe really. It’s been almost a year now since I started to realize how the world is operating. Needless to say, my views and perceptions have changed 180 degrees in almost every aspect. All I want is peace and love.

christinepreston48 says:

do you think they could have hoped to block out the starships that are uncloaked and prevent disclosure?

Diane Raesler says:


melchizedek144 says:

Yes its known as the Great Central Sun in our local universe

lightshiner4ubud says:

the energies are coming from the center of all known universes they are very positive. the powers here on earth know this and have been running chemtrails to try to block them from coming in for varous control reasons

christinepreston48 says:

Hi, it’s me again. Thanks for your answers. Where it says that the photon belt is an emanation from the Galactic center, is the latter what is known as the Great Central Sun?

melchizedek144 says:

So you see there are those who will be living in Heaven right here on Earth and there are those who will be experiencing Hell as they struggle to adjust to the influx of ascending energies acting as a catalyst for them to move from 3rd density to 5th density that of love and creativity. Much love and light ~ Emanuehl <3 🙂

melchizedek144 says:

Thank you my dear friend for asking such question. Yes cosmically there is a definite shift taking place as a release of potent cosmic energies engulf our beauty~full planet. This is occurring as we speak and yet there will be even greater energy experienced for those who are sensitive enough to receive and for those who are not life will continue to be a struggle and to much greater degree. <3

melchizedek144 says:


meowchizedek says:


christinepreston48 says:

Melchizedek144, Ttere is confusion as to what will happen on December 22 which is supposed to be the first day of the 7th golden age. Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon said that there will be more light. Will some people stay in the 3rd Dimension and take more time as SaLuSa says (but then they would not be on the Earth that jumps onto the 5th dimension?). It is said that Ascension is a slow process so it’s different from the jump on the 21st december? do you know the answers? thanks, C

StefanoTiano says:

The one thing people should not do is just wait for things to change. We must prepare ourselves by releasing our ego and only recognize TRUTH. Do not believe anything fear based which is used everywhere in society, even in religion. Tap into your higher self by listening to your intuition and follow it. It’s our spiritual brothers speaking to us. Start doing things for the higher good and not just to get ahead. Recognize our dreams are information and messages for your personal benefit.

sins lord says:

Not certain but mostlikely we will go into a new line of cycles.
Like going to a new age afther a certain years.. in 2013 we are in the age of aquarius.
But what these new set of cycles mean nobody knows so nobody can tell you,
If their are people who have more knowledge than it will be the enlightenend illuminati.

papichullo21 says:

my Consciousness has already shifted, when you spiritually awaken you finally see our Earthy realm for what it really is, JUST A ILLUSION, we are here on earth to learn GODS word and apply it to our lives, EVERYBODY on this earth are Spiritual beings just having a Psychical experience. TAKE THE VAIL OFF AND AWAKEN.

melchizedek144 says:

Whoever is still on this planet after the transition from fear to love based reality is what I meant. Much love light & blessings ~ Emanuehl

Raphael Fayth says:

im 17 🙂 see you in 5d if i make it

ChangeTheChannelSong says:

I’m only 15 and I’m ready. I have been awake since I was 11. Things are going to change fast

danny13234 says:

People think just because we hit 2012 we will instantly see the light, that is not true. It will take years after 2012 to become more aware because 2012 is only the beginning and most of us will have passed on by then, it’s the upcoming generations that will benefit from it.

FrostbitexP says:

Im confused. Is this only for living people, or for people who have already died as well?

Giaiheart says:

The question isnt will there be another cycle Reply

Haha666ish says:

EVERYONE,the shift is nothing to fear,we are already merging with the 4th plane,approaching the 5th (This is were most entities exist) The 4th is crawling with negative entities.the jump to 5th density can only be acheived with love

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