Levels of Consciousness 2, Bipolar Disorder & Spiral Dynamics

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PART 1 Levels of Consciousness, Spiral Dynamics & Bipolar Disorder www.youtube.com From Bipolarorwakingup www.youtube.com Levels of Consciousness 2, Bipolar Disorder & Spiral Dynamics A look at bipolar disorder for a more humanistic or mystic school of psychology. Video posted on psychetruth channel with permission of original producer. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Jolene LaMarsh says:

The duality concept in relation to bipolar disorders is interesting… The ego, verse the non-ego and debating within yourself and so forth…

mythnow says:

LSD can’t touch the awesomeness of your own natural home grown spiritual brain flip out. IMO 

KrispieAnn says:

I would like to know why the hell a 30 year old was dating a 17 year old??? Yeah gonna trust a pedophile. FYI- I hope by now your medicated and if not I hope you are very happy with your entire bipolar family.

7within says:

The last counselor called me Old fashion’ish- I’m Animistic I don’t want to go bipolar with out a cause but then again maybe it’s the transition from east to west ? God dam it I’m bipolar lol

nyutrig says:

i have to agree, this does not sound like bipolar disorder it sounds more like schizophrenia, which should not go unmedicated. this guy is kinda off base.

buiten8kans says:

Hey guy, this is beautifull!
Bring it to community-level (what you offered in a limited way) and we’ll see a lot more.
As at the purple level the psychosis was ’embedded’ in a community, we can create turquooise culture, where ‘It’, can get a proper place, again.

dianie678 says:

I have felt this in depression as well, the “spiritual emergency” aspect- as though some dark force has a hold of me.. It’s some consciousness of the darkness and light that is going on outside of this world.

dianie678 says:

I believe this could be true for many religious people (Judaism, Islam, etc), from my experiences it seems that God speaks through all of them… They all hold truths but we use different languages and dead figures to relay our beliefs.

dianie678 says:

I love this, this is how I have experienced mania and psychosis as well… Prayer brings the holier spirits and ancestors to come help me. However, religion has only guided and protected my experiences.. I was non religious for a while but found that Catholicism (my original religion) has helped immensely. I suppose it’s so deeply ingrained in my neurons that the closeness with all the saints and Mary and Jesus is simply my way of giving way to my resistance to my own religion.

zeanom says:

Then why do people with have manic episodes and then go into depression? How do you explain that? are you a doctor? I find your concept quite fascinating and I would like to know more. What about Schizophrenia? So are the meds just useless then? People should just surrender to what is going on in their mind even if they hear a voice that they should kill someone? Is that considered spiritual awakening? There are people out there who are suffering and you are making a mockery of mental illness.

rist98 says:

This is merely a theory. Try not to assume it’s the truth and so forth. Rather think of it as an attempt by humans to systemise something. It just doesn’t apply to everything and everyone, in every situation…

James Casey says:

If you want to think of psychosis as spiritual enlightenment, more power to you. Been there, done that. I’m 50 years old, diagnosed in 1985 and enjoyed the “spiritual self-med” therapy up until 2006. At that point, and I’m not judging your opinions, I realized what a crock of shit it was. You do not CURE bipolar disorder. With your “pick-and-choose” religion or with medication. The best you can hope for is management, with meds, I’m sorry to say, because without them IT DOES NOT GET BETTER.

accebere says:

Why does most of the music we hear seem to involve the Feudal level? Grr I don’t understand…isn’t the point of humanity to evolve not devolve? Why would corporations facilitate devolution? I don’t understand..

miissmiaa says:

You people should join us other sufferers at mapofmates com!

Eva Maria says:

That’s true isnt it. I just noticed how odd the thumbnails were. I youtubed “consciousness” it was like the 2nd video

Eva Maria says:

…Keep going as you are, in time when you begin to learn more, you will know exactly what to do even if it doesnt seem that way yet. I was a troubled teen and now I know the world for what it is. Our world is beautiful.

Eva Maria says:

We will always be somewhat dependent on society. We must help eachother, that is the simple solution. However, not everyone is on this post-modern level of consciousness, they havent awakened. Do what you feel is best in your heart for now. When you seek only truth you will find it. You will know the truth and it will make you free. Free from your mind, free from negative emotion, free from depression, you know love, peace and joy. Keep seeking truth, you have barely begun your life

Eva Maria says:

I am 21, been on a spiritual journey since ’09 after my daughter was born. I am definitely post-modern going on up. wow. It just happened a few weeks ago. I’m in a whole new perception.

Eva Maria says:

Yes because drugs connect us to the present moment.

Yahweigh says:

spiritual emergency sounds like pseudo-science

sphynx105 says:

I was going through a weird phase where i didn’t even know like i knew what was going on. I felt lost. This one time i felt like i was going to loose consciousness. I had total lack of concentration and emotional response. i felt schizophrenic. then at some point i realized that what i was going through didn’t necesarly had to be labeled. i just didnt give it a name. i accepted my fate and live on with this so called “disorder”

FlezzDurjis says:

LSD will do that too you too

Mandy Latchu says:

As an non-medicated/non-diagnosed spiritual survivor, and the daughter of a psychiatric nurse with over 35 years experience, I am fortunate to completely comprehend the first three video’s with absolute clarity.
Living in the now brings too many co-incidences to mention, so your video presented me with the realization of how to respond events that unfolded less than six hours ago.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being ‘there’… and for enlightening the future.

sphynx105 says:

im jealous, i want higher levels of consciousness lol

XRyanRevengeX says:

I am taking ethics right now and you are so right! They are teaching me to behave a certain way, so I can be successful, and make money! I feel like im being brainwashed. I dont want to change my ways of thinking.

melodyhappyscience says:

I experienced a strong spiritual experience while I was going through a manic period. Once the mania stopped the spiritual experience stopped though… I think presenting bipolar as something spiritual can be confusing and damaging for many people, and end up delaying them getting any support (including that from friends and family) and making them harm themselves.

TheVariableConstant says:

@MrSimonm1976 well said!

iridespinners says:

hahaha :)

Brasharful says:

@AUTOKANNON Not trying to troll I just want to learn :0. Im 16 currently and I’m spiritual and all but I’m not sure if im on the right path. I want to go to college and learn so that I may live a happy life with enough money to support w/e it is I desire, a family or something of the kind, I’m not quite sure currently :]. How might I expand my conciousness and live my life in a way were I am no longer bound to society. Thanks for reading this ^_^. This post may be @’ed to whomever would respond.

bavwill says:

brazilian way

jethrocassidy1986 says:

1. Manic episodes can produce frightening results, with the individual spending their life savings on a random buying spree. It can also alienate the individual from close families and friends.
2. Some people can successfully manage live with bipolar disorder, especially bipolar II and cyclothymic disorder which are less intense versions of bipolar one.
3. Some people can not manage and need help to stabilize their brain chemistry and to help them lead the life they want to live.

coffeebreakist says:

Problem of science (Evidence based medicine) is that it can not accept phenomenon which we can not understand in rational way.
To say, science is conservative. This is in many cases good point, but sometimes this conservativeness makes things worse like cure of mind.

coffeebreakist says:

insightful. thank you upload 🙂

MrSolmon123 says:

There’s a small and excellent online depression support group called Depression Hangout that is always open to anyone who is struggling with mental health problems (not just depression). It’s run in its own chaotic way by its members who meet regularly in the chat room and it’s a great place to seek and provide help and support, make new friends and even just have a laugh. (We all need that too!) To join just go to depressionhangout-dot-blogspot-dot-com.

DramaticPrairieDog says:

You are one hell of a psychiatrist, you made about a million people click all your videos because of the thumbnail. Way to get views

zzinglish53 says:

If U hadn’t set the tone guns blazing we may be having a whole different discussion, but it’s ur lead. Tryna build urself up deriding others with stock insults, & pat urself on the back & take bows for it’s noted. The war that matters is within each of us-the real point of this vid. AM glad it’s not Pakistan. A .223 round wouldn’t leave a “shallow” hole but go on thru a head of any ethnicity. R the 1st 2 CAP words U aimed at me an experience you call religious? I’ve seen Zapruder film.

0din87 says:

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zzinglish53 says:

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zzinglish53 says:

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0din87 says:

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0din87 says:

psychopompos, I see you have been reading wikipedia. smart man.

0din87 says:

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zzinglish53 says:

Well kindly enlighten we poor retards as to the nature of the overall point while you still know everything, having just finished your 2nd book. And then perhaps you may share with us your motivation to watch vids that are bullshit, that is if it’s something deeper than getting your relatives to vote up your empty comments. Ad homeneim attacks are for kids; where’s the beef? And you still haven’t pointed out my bad grammar, or is that too SCARY an IDEA??

0din87 says:

You missed the overall point entirely. leave the physcological shit to the doctors. Thats it. End of story.

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