God is an Astronaut – All is Violent, All is Bright

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God is an Astronaut And the painting is called “Red Sky” by Kelly Gentry


thelakesuperior says:

Love the title of this song.

Check out some of our songs too if your into God Is An Astronaut, cheers!

RaetoKoenigsbauer says:

This is so moving

EgotisticalMan says:

This is the shit I listen to while I save the egosystem.

MdmaMadnesS says:

this is such an incredibly wonderful and powerful song! GIAA is definitely one of the most intense bands I know..They perform pure musicial art¨!

i hope you wont see this as spam, but i just think that good music needs to be shared.
I found a band on youtube called “Nyctalgia”

if you’ve got time, liste to their songs “Lost in timeless horizons” and “Falling into nothingness”

Breathtaking and powerfull songs by this young (swiss) guy…

TheDeadIcaros says:

The clouds seem to move, no doubt!

jaguarmonarchy says:

This..this is just….divine..

palmeristo says:


AWTSband says:

hey everyone if you like this type of music please check out my channel im a solo artist from New York that makes the same type of music Thank you it will mean a lot!

LosHungryBoiz says:

I understand both your points, but the fact of the matter is music is created for you. You can understand just theories, mechanics, genre, and history, and that’s all fine and good, but the point of music and actually anything that creates emotion and thought provocation is to not try and point out the right and wrongs, more and less, who knows this and who knows that, but simply to see for YOUrself what it is, not about what somebody else thinks. Peace, hope this mix of frequencies was enjoyed.

BillyBoyExNihilo says:

haha ‘your” money hahaha.one day you will be in the same situation…

takeimotion says:

Munakata and Suoh <3

Alberto Moore says:

Since i listen to this, i just wanna go fly with god.

Andrew H says:

ikr? calm at the beginning and then it reaches such a fervor, you’re just like AHHHHHHH

Jordan Frew says:

An extra 2 and a half minutes at the end to help you calm the fuck down. This song is beyond words.

TheHellGlow says:

you do not have musical education at all, thats for sure, your statement about two cords progression proves it, and even if the song would be in two cords it would show nothing, there are only 7 notes and your imagination to make it sound essential in any cords circle you want, and yea, knowing notes and ability to read it makes you know more about music than 90% of people on this planet knows about it. So your stupidity to argue in a sphere you know nothing is insulting.

brian hsiang says:

he is a alien astronaut with better technology than humans :O

Pray4Lifedotcom says:

I am a Christian, but I still love these songs, no matter who made it or whatnot, it’s the melody and tone that really get’s with me, it’s absolutely fantastic!

A. Braddock says:

I heard this song when I took my first acid trip. It was the most beautiful thing to ever grace my ears…I’ve been sober for nearly 4 months now and this song still resonates with me on an almost spiritual level.

hladankrompir says:

Thank you man! Big thank you! You made my day! 🙂
And I’m sorry and I want to apologize to everyone because of my spam post, I know it’s a spam post, but I don’t have other and better way of promoting my music!

asconblake says:

feels like beeing at home!

jakeybabs says:

Usually not into these spam posts but holy shit that was actually really good! keep it bro.

hladankrompir says:

Hi! I’m young instrumental musician. A big influence on me is this band, but I composed 3 songs that sounds more like some kind of modern slow rock. You can hear one of the songs here: /watch?v=-zXkgflA2F0
I hope you would give it a chance and feel free to leave comment.
Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my mother tongue.

IronKnucklehead says:

True. How do you think Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. made theirs?

kyogreowns says:

The big bang theory has nothing, whatsoever, to do with the creation of the universe. It also has nothing to do with an “explosion”, unless you wish to assert an explosion is nothing more than a rapid expansion of matter and energy.
“Where did the energy come from?”
Unknown. Irrelevant to the big bang theory.
The theory is merely an explanation detailing, to a reasonable degree of doubt, how our universe progressed from an initial state known as a singularity. It describes nothing of creation.

Will Warhol says:

legrandemonde.blogspot.com Crazy cool new blog site

Curlylarson says:

The genius of this song is exactly about making something so beautiful about a not so complex initial idea, believe me, if it was easy to do, I’d do it ! 🙂

arens086 says:

I myself am not a musician, just mess around here and there, but i like what you said there. No matter what your good at, somebody else is always better. People should keep that in mind.

expressexpose says:

I love this so much!

gijose95 says:

this music would’ve made AKIRA even better, especially this song close to the ending.

davidegol says:

yep,same here 🙂

sean churchman says:

pretty good.

kamtheeman says:

I completely agree. It’s a unique experience.

trummar14 says:

You should listen to Tool.

AWTSband says:

hey everyone if you like this type of music please check out my channel im a solo artist from New York that makes the same type of music Thank you it will mean a lot!

smooveslg says:

Exactly. I thought I was listening to a cover of that song at first, then it got fluttery and the drums were fairly awkward so I just left and went and listened to 20-something year old NIN instead.

Teej212 says:

Good song, but your reason for this being a great song is invalid. This whole song revolves around two chord progressions. You acting like you know more about music than most is just offensive.

pietro94offlaga says:

oh my god!!beautifull

FloopDubstep says:

Where has this band been all my life. Jaysus.

Dave Teves says:

It is the same with Classical music and jazz my friend. xD

AndrsLanS says:

I want to tell you that to me it’s the same when I’m listening to GIAA I think about god and his wonder.

Steve Matos says:

IT MOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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