How To Be More Intelligent, Creative, and Innovative

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In this video I share w. you a very simple methodology you can start using immediately to become more intelligent. This is something I have been using for the past 5 years with great results. If you are looking to have more fun, creativity, and enjoyment in your life then this is for you. What is intelligence -the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience -Intelligence is the dynamic capacity for learning and adapting to one’s evironment. Given these definitions, learning, knowledge, reasoning, imagination, creativity, innovation, fun, evolution and technology are sub processes of intelligence. Increase the diversity of input (varieties of sensory perceptions) Increase the diversity of transformations (multiple meanings / interpretations / metaphors) Increase the diversity of output (expression / application) Improve the conditions of the physical support systems (body, environment) Remove or reduce the environmental factors which inhibit intelligence (labels, bureaucracies, etc.) Increase the environmental factors which support intelligence (trust, communities, unpredictability, communication technologies, etc.)


Windleberry says:

In very basic form he is saying “think outside the box”. Think of something more obscure eg. If a teacher says a piece of information like science think about how it will happen, focus and take it in. Revise over important information as you go along no matter if your in secondary education or university. To focus you must be well rested and well fed otherwise you will slounge around looking at the clock waiting for the lesson to end. If you go on a game you will be likely to get addicted and w

Mitchell Rinke says:

Thanks it helped, i shall try something new 🙂

49io says:

Good advice.

CaptainCrunchOwns says:

Haha, except his brain was literally different than those of us mere mortals. I believe the portion of the brain most active in mathematical reasoning was exceptionally large for Einstein. But the point is well taken, even though we’re not all geniuses, most of us do have a vast, untapped capacity for excellence.

Annie John says:


PewDiePie Bro says:

51 people are going to stay dumb

DatcleanMochaJo says:

Great video

bksingle says:

Whatta bout ME? : )

infowazz says:

being in love and exercise also boosts all of these aspects.

infowazz says:

When i was in the Army i initially had a physical job and then got moved to a paperwork intensive position and it literally took a few weeks to get my mental faculties up to par. Your mind is like a muscle and the more things you do, the more your brain has to adapt and assimilate that activity. The less you do and more routine your daily existence is, the more rigid and dim your neuron network becomes.

Luckily I am endlessly curious and very creative, professional daydreamer!!!!!

infowazz says:

so true, curiosity keeps me alive. my imagination keeps me happy.

1lyforutube says:

search youtube for “10 great tips to increase brain power”

Frederik H says:

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Replayability says:

Try shaving if you normally don’t shave. Try pulling your head out of your butt if you normally keep it shoved up in there really deep.

frankaz07 says:

Randomly, whoever has Amalgam on their teeth here remove it.

osmark90 says:

“The best cure for boredom is curiosity. There is however, no cure for curiosity.” – Dorothy Parker

brandon smith says:

I been doing all this and I took an IQ test on seeing patterns an score 15 point higher then I would of If I didn’t figure out how to actually see a pattern more clearly so I thought those 15 point didn’t count because I figure out how to see the patterns but thinking about it from another angle they did count because I got smarter to figure out how to see the patterns

brandon smith says:

Hello Brandon, we meet again, you guys are everywhere XD

Mohit Morrison says:

thank u very very very much

sara york says:

you re amazing ! are you reading Oprah ? arghhhhhhh

mkoijnbhuism says:

The reason he said that because religion in some cases limits your understanding of the world to what you learned from church. I personally think that you can get rid of those limits without becoming a athiest, while still believing in a god or a godess by just getting rid of limits.

xNatethaGreat says:


ladyserb says:

Marry me? 🙂

TGunn1986 says:

I seem to find that the more I learn, the less “fun” I have. More and more, I tend to look at life in a “big picture” sorta way and it causes me to become increasingly nihilistic and cynical.

oseal101 says:

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MidnightSmokin92 says:

um ur cute

everyanyelse says:

tyoh aunk.

Marisa Silvestri says:

You seem very intelligent, do you know your IQ and if so what is it?

Marisa Silvestri says:

I have a variety of different hobbies already. Art , playing piano and guitar, singing, martial arts, writing, film making, etc. Of course I am not very good at most of those but it is fun to put your mind out there and try different things because you may turn out to enjoy them!

trueartgirl says:

As a non-believer myself I can see your point about religion because about 14% or so scientists do believe in a religion of sorts ( I could be off on the math) but the fact that there are more than 0% shows that people can be quite intelligent and have religious beliefs. I for one don’t find it necessarily to believe anymore, I outgrew it due to my strong hold in Science but do not feel those who didn’t grow out of it to be “beneath” my intelligence but some personal beliefs can be limiting.

Bill Zimmermann says:

You are a very inspiring person. Thank you.

james bond says:

So at 3:03 what you actually enabled yourself to do was increase your associative perception
of the world aroung you by giving yourself more information to adherently relate….am I acurate?
that would be classified as intelect not inteligence
to increase your inteligence you should probably work on the things that you find
excruciatingly difficult and then you will start to experience a phenomenal change
which will then ( for real, put you a cut above the previous world that you lived in)

BlankingGame says:

test your brain, Can you use falling tetromino blocks to create the figure as letter, number, geometry,..?

bananakittens says:


Vlad Divjak says:

I think what he meant to say with the religion comment is that religion is so restrictive in its views, and that by resorting to religious views we only rob ourselves of objectivity.

InevitableAzn says:

What a great quote!

jamesvhawk says:

Well done!

Jash71499 says:


KSCHULTZ824 says:

so long as it doesn’t limit you.

KSCHULTZ824 says:

yeah, i can understand that perspective too. like to go with what flow you feel guided to follow.

cracksdhead says:

Or maybe it’s just better to go with what you believe is better for you.

KSCHULTZ824 says:

it builds intelligence to question everything. like aristotle said, it is the mark of an intelligent man to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it. 😉

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