3 Step Formula for Creative Success by Bob Baker

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TheBuzzFactor.com FullTimeAuthor.com A simple, three-step process that musicians, writers, artists, and other creative people can use to achieve success. For more creative inspiration, please visit Bob’s sites at TheBuzzFactor.com MusicPromotionBlog.com Bob-Baker.com FullTimeAuthor.com IndieBookPromotion.com


planetofelites says:


TheVio87 says:

Brilliant. It works great for me. I just hope people are using this for good purposes. 

onee says:

Lol, This is true!!

Mu5clehead says:

People take this sort of wisdom simply because it’s disguised as common sense.

The real question is:
Is common sense actually that ‘common’? Or are we just taking wisdom for granted like we do of things such as our belongings and friends.

moesez1 says:

Hi, I wish they had youtube back when I was a young budding creative artist. I had so many intersts and talents that I just didn’t know which to focus on. Every step I took and achieved there was something new that I needed or wanted to learn. I tried to give it all to my beautiful daughter who in the end didn’t want it and so here I am again. hopefully alot smarter. I needed to hear this. Thanks for putting it out there for the newbies and oldies alike. And its never to late in the arts.

azaniakezia says:

Thanks a lot for sharing your great video with us again Bob! These are such wise words and a good reminder of what we may or may not be doing to reach our goals. This concept also reminds me of “The Secret” which I believe in strongly too. – Azania.com

rudra981 says:

great video! thank U!

Freelancer741 says:

Getting started as a writer , I realised I was already in that frame, as I have been writing since I was a child, but never published anything.
I qualified in Journalism and manifested my articles being printed in major magazines. then my work evolved to a book and now I have started giving realated workshops. Thanks MrBuzzFactor , for sharing and enlightment.

jk0man says:

Thank you for reminding me these real and working principles lying behind the art of being somebody.

tuuobillion says:

very helpful

creativevariations says:

very nice… i agree 🙂 nice video…

TedDGPoulos says:

Every human perception, thought, decision and action is a product of the degree and quality to which one accepts and conveys the underlying law of nature.

Google it (i.e., the underlying law of nature).

New information about the underlying law of nature has been made available online very recently.

Vittoria10538 says:

Sounds counter-intuitive at first – seems you can’t be or have until you do – but then again, we all know visualization works wonders. I “saw” myself in 5 yrs sitting in my home studio, working full time on my songs, ringing up fellow musicians, arranging recording sessions. A big smile spread across my face.

I wrote & recorded lots of music I was proud of a few years ago, when The Dream was still fresh. You helped freshen it again. I’ve favorited this should I need it in the future. Thanks!

John Ulanich says:

i’m currently writing a novel.. thanks for this vid, i post it on my facebook page to share with OTHER artists. this has some great messages in it!

xenxn3 says:

be and do = have

meloearth says:

Thank you for this vid!

nosequiters says:

years of delusion, being a wannabe and having an unjustified sense of achivment surely a recipe for succsess in any walk of life

Madz280 says:

1st place i saw this formula was in Robert Kiyosaki’s book; CashFlow Quaardrant
Yo people remember “Performance is the reflection of value, NOT the measure of it!!” You already have it in you, all u have to do is find it………….BE, DO, HAVE!!!!!!!!


iluvcreativestuff says:

i like that very much =)
i hope i can follow these steps 😉
watch my newest video.. i think you could like it =)

NiaE100 says:

Also, check out Neville’s ‘The Power of Awareness’ for more guidance on this.

Arshad khan says:

great nice tip we must always think what we want instead what we really dont want.

coretime09 says:

Well said!

thelifeuwant says:

it truly is: (BE) >> (DO >> HAVE)
changing your self on the inside is really the most important step, and yet its also the most neglected… simply.. incredible! =)

thelifeuwant says:

I have to comment on this again 😀
it fills me with bliss listening to it, its like my heart knows its the truth
this is so basic and yet so deep…

Laurelloveslucy says:

It sounds like the nine steps in little miss sunshine! Everyone knows that it is all about who you know.

thelifeuwant says:

thanks I really loved this..


we all have a right to be successful in what ever we choose…

I’m so happy and grateful for all the blessings in my life.. and for all the good that is coming! =D

onee says:

This sounds similar to the Law of Attraction.
1. Ask———>Be
2. Believe—->Do
3. Retrieve—>Have

1. Is that you have to ask yourself what you would like to BE.
2. Is that you have to believe in what you are DOing.
3. Finally you will receive the things you wanted, so you will HAVE it.

Malcolm Bryant says:

A journalist once asked the great actor Spencer Tracy if it was true that success was 5 per cent talent and 95 per cent hard work. “Yes it is.” he said, “but don’t try it without the 5 per cent.”

berrada99 says:

dank u wel

heuheiughlo says:

Ahh that was a breath of fresh air.. really thank you for that video it was truly inspirational. I actually teared up a little bit . LOL thank you so much!!

GagnezTV says:

You speak truth Bob!


majawow says:

so simple, so true

3notas says:

nice words brother

4DPositive says:

Excellent video, simple and to the point.
Life happens in terms of where you put yourself now, always focus on what you want as if it is yours NOW.

imahotasfuh says:

thank you so much this helped a lot

cojobo34 says:

this is called The Law of Attraction, and it works for ANYTHING. Once you convince yourself of anything it will manifest before you. Great vid.

pierrebrseven says:

Excellent! So obvious yet so radical! History and experience bear out this simple but extremely wise concept and mind set you report. Thank you for sharing this.

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