January Hits and Oh God No’s!

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sschoirgeek says:

Love your videos but where are you from cause I’m like fascinated by your voice

c00rkie says:

Love your channel, youre beautiful and you make makeup feel so fun :)!

RussianRed007 says:

Same here, TVD just isn’t as good as it use to be, but I’m forcing myself to like it and maybe I will enjoy it again? *crosses fingers

Angela MONTOYA RUIZ says:

plis your lips is beatiful, que labial usas???

jeeeenny97 says:

but your still beautiful and i love you! 3

jeeeenny97 says:

your hair is so thin! 🙁

sanfran91 says:

I AM SO OVER VAMPIRE DIARIES AS WELL! I’m soooo with you on that one! Everybody’s dying but not dying but dying and then not dying and it’s so boring.

morphineprincess098 says:

“antartica…but dry…” LOL

Val G. says:

I love VD and your videos too 🙂

hitsfrmthbong92 says:

ahhh duhh u definatley are..lol….2.53 onwards….lol

hitsfrmthbong92 says:

your frickin awsum!!!btw are u dutch?????u hav bit of acent,,xx

mademoiselletamz says:

no she’s wearing NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Bolero”, i checked in her website 😛 but isn’t it great?

ValsPrettyGlam says:

Is that Burberry Devon Sunset No.28 on your lips? =)

kyliemh240 says:

when you said hanna my friend across the room asked me if i was watching the movie hanna beauty edition i laughed so hard i love you your so funny

maatceiba19 says:

Actually I really respect and appreciate her and I’m sorry if I asked an information that was already given but I was in a hurry and I just did it impulsively. I apologize but you shouldn’t assume that I don’t respect her just because I did a mistake!

Isabella Mazzanti says:


cassidymichellex3 says:

I love the way you say “Oh God no!” LOL

steffers841 says:


Uriik Luii says:

Nikkie I love your videos!!! You’re great!!! <3

lilabetancur says:

where can we get the hannah products in the us?@nikkietutorials

Teasha S says:

Your fun. When you are ill your body is under stress, therefore your skin and nails can really suffer. Just another reason to be completely paranoid, walk around with a surgical mask, and loads of hand sanitizer.

MissyNizzy says:

ze had ze ooit laten bleken bij the white smile company dacht ik!

2theleft2theleft says:

Hahahahhahaha @ oh god no

everybodylovesel says:

Hey my name is Ariel.
I have been YouTube for about 7 months, until I deleted all my videos due to being bulied from my peers at school.
But now I am back. I still continue to get bullied at school because they think I’m ridiculous for wanting to be a well known beauty guru.
But I say, LET ME CHASE MY DREAM! I just need some support.
So can you please take the time to check me out, and please thumbs up this comment so others can see?
Thank you to the moon & back! & remember to chase your dreams.

MelynnaC says:

Love the lipstick you’re wearing in the video<3 What is it?

Corina Vintilescu says:

Yay ur feelin better u look great.who won the giveaway?and what is on ur lips in this vid? :)))

Shawna Ramsay says:

Kick the flus ass with your socks on eh !!! Lol love it

jesuisme94 says:

You are spamming and you’re gonna get marked as spamming.

Storie Olsen says:

Housewives of Beverly Hills is one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

Meghie S says:

rachel whitehurts sent me! love your videos so far 🙂

1992HellBunny says:


1992HellBunny says:

Nikkie would you make a naked palette tutorial video? I recently bought the palette and would live some inspiration! Pretty please?! 🙂

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