How to Listen to God

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Do you know how to hear from God? Dr. Charles Stanley shares the importance of this discipline, including insight into how to do it, and how to encourage your children to listen. In Touch Ministries, 2011.


Quantam Leap says:

God is very interested in you. I’m an every day person, when at my most troublesome times God showed up. I am praying for you right now. He will do this for you too. Keep seeking, and expecting for it to happen.

horseman528 says:

One way to listen to God is to read your bible. 2 Tim. 3:16 says, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete and thoroughly furnished unto all good works. NKJ

tslagiwarrior says:

do not hate the person,hate the ACTION performed by the person, the actual person is loved by God not the action ,they can be fogiven for the action later when they realise what is wrong in themself not what everyone else judges them for.Let them find thier place just show understanding to everyone no matter how hard it can be, if you cannot then stay away from them !!!

Nikbones says:

where can i view the rest of this message?

Rosieisapunk1200 says:

Atheists need love too. How else will they come to know God. God is Love.(1 John 4:8)

AjCHX says:

Good point. 1. You say suffering is meaningless, because justice does not exist 2. You ask: if God knew the beginning and the end, why create in the first place. Scripture has adequate explanation. What we do not address is the existence of evil. Evil is in the heart of man. If you went to say evil does not exist, then you suggest good and evil are simply the same. But existentially, truth remains that a moral conscience is present to search for meaning behind what you feel is OK and not OK

ndzoko says:

This free-will choice is an enormous divine injustice. The free -will of the rapist has to be protected, but not the INNOCENCE of the rapist-victim You can have free-will, or you can have an omniscient god. You can`t have them both. Once the outcome of our actions is known beforehand, without any poiibilbity to force another outcome as the one foreseen by god, then we are just puppets. If we could force another outcome, then this god is no longer omniscient.

AjCHX says:

Making the right choices in life are important. Thank God, for the gift of choice. If choice was removed from our life, love would be forced. But meaningful love is an expression of free choice. Forced love would imply rape. Existentially holds good that God is NOT a divine rapist, but a God who is abounding in love, grace, mercy and righteousness. God is an awesome God. It is important that we understand that with the gift of choice, also comes the risk of evil.

ndzoko says:

There might be a god. I doub it very ,very much. But a loving, caring, compassionate, JUST, personal, christian god, is not possible. If he exists, he is either a desinterested spectator of human suffering, or worse, a sadist enjoying it.

wwejheaton says:

God does exist and he loves you so much

pinknotebook says:

LOL why are you on this video then!! You should try it, God speaks and He is ALIVE!! And He loves you VERY VERY much!! Don’t let the devil tell you the lie that God cannot speak. Will be praying for ya as well, God Bless

ndzoko says:

God doesn“t speak. To speak, you have to exist.

David Hur says:

Awesome Video! God Bless.

freeborn john says:

just bought this book

worldwiderelease says:


MyCelesti says:

You taught me one of the most valuable thing in my journey with Christ! Since I started listening to Him, Awesome!!! I give up my wedding plans, I obeyed Him now I am enjoying my life at Seminary and being useful in His vineyard..Thank YOU so much!!

chris m says:

I believe when you read and hear his words and do as he say then youre listening to him.

Sherri Box says:

I love you Charles!!! I have listened to you almost my whole life! You have helped me grow as a Christian by mile stones!

Faith Jesus says:

You are such a loving and honest, warm, child of God. Thank you! God bless you, and everyone who watches your videos! Brothers and sisters…. I’ll see you in Heaven! xoxo

buster4477 says:

wow i never hear GOD in words n my life but i can heard theme in my heart,also i have dreams with Jesus tath HE helps me with diferent scenarios

yournightmare2012 says:

i really want to taste it, but i feel weak at this moment, i know that do exist God but honestly i didn’t feel anything yet i’m confusing….

HeyMony25 says:

This is the most important message there is.

Francis Gaudio says:

When I was very young I heard God all of the time, then a period of time came when I did not listen for him but I’m sure he was talking to me.. Now we spend time talking to each other. Thanks Jesus

kokonutbaby1 says:

You’re absolutely right! Good advice! Ty

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