Wealth Consciousness Subliminal

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http://jamzd.merc2.hop.clickbank.net Powerful wealth consciousness subliminal. HD and headphones for maximum effect.


tamira20101 says:

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Jason James says:

I’d like to wipe my ass with all them images

Branko Brankov says:

AWESOME!!!!! Thank You!!!!

faysal331 says:

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jamz d says:

“You” is fine for text affirmations. The brain recognizes it as coming from an external source. “I” affirmations are more useful for internal affirmations (when you’re saying them to yourself). Cheers.

azas1949 says:

the flashing script in the background should read ” I ” and not ” You, your ” to be effective

jarvis loyd says:

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TheAffiliatesDream says:

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Carlos roca says:

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kierredestiny2 says:

Great visuals!!

Yaniv Zakai says:

Wow, Well done. Thank you for sharing this with us!

aeonblue78 says:


Branko Brankov says:

BRILLIANT!!!! Thanks!

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