What You Need To Know About Developing Higher Consciousness

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In this video I share with you something that has been transformative for me lately. This insight has completely changed how I felt about self development an…


Raj Malhi says:

Thank You.. :)

NKillz34 says:

Great video! Thank you 🙂

arno ma says:

Hey Brandon, I enjoyed this video, thanks for providing this information to us.You really just cleared up a lot of the things that have been on my mind lately.

I also think that people aren’t born “good” or “bad.” It’s just part of the dualistic way of human thinking. We do good and bad things, and no one truly can be either extreme.

iriesweetness says:

I liked the part when you explaining about how it’s not about becoming something you’re not. It’s about unlearning old information. This message came just when I needed to hear it. Thank you and please keep doing what you’re doing. You’re one of if not the only resource I go to for my present learning!

PoppinKhorn says:

It is entirely up to us which “frequency” of reality we want to tune to. I think it takes a great deal of confidence and level of comfort in ones life to tune in to the higher frequencies. That is where I believe “Love” comes to play. When we have “love” in our life we are in tune much more with ourselves and the world. Idk.. It’s very hard to describe into words aha life is beautiful, lets leave it at that.

PoppinKhorn says:

For 20 years of my life I thought I was the only person among my friends to see and feel the world differently. Not until the last few week did I discover it was called a higher consciousness. Since I was a kids I could always tell how the day is going to go and always question the motives of myself and the people around me. I’m am so glad to finally know I’m not alone on this. what I’ve learned thus far is that reality is beautiful and there is so many shades of life.

iseethereforiam self says:

@ Brandon Gilbert Where did nature come from? It is good that you have belief in something. However everything you have said in this video egotistically speaks against other beliefs whilst preaching your own belief as a religion exempt from religious pretense and egotism. Religion by definition is the very act of systematically doing something based on a moral or spiritual set of rules (more or less).

It is good that you have a belief system, but be aware that you are very hypocritical.

Miriam Pia says:

A lot of druidry and wicca aim at that approach to ‘our natural state’ being good or at least acceptable. Developmentally, a lot of it is really simply the civilizing process. If you are not a parent or have not worked with young children it may not be clear. One reason people like little kids is that the connection you are referring to can be obvious. Adults and older children can to. Good point about the ‘Natural Human’ as being OK, but….long story. Nice work.

joao ferreira says:

you should read about buddhism even if you dont want to join a religion (i didnt) i just think that it is very helpful for us that live in society and ive heard meditation can do a lot of good things for you and its so old.
sorry for bad english

joao ferreira says:

this makes me think of us (humans) as the exact opposite of animals even thoug animals dont think about happiness or the meaning of life.. they just follow instincts, we need to forget our instincts (bad habits) in order to be happy in our relation with others… but its all very relative on how to achieve happiness because if we arent all “good” persons the others will use the “good” persons for their own selfish reasons.. humans can be teached to do good and evil

deanrps says:

I’m trying to find higher consciousness & find proof that we are eternal,I have gifts that wasn’t taught I can draw anything including maps from an early age so I’m not sure why but I know subconsciously theres a reason i know sacred geometry is a real design,But my mind races I have no inner peace I’d love to meditate but I’ts impossible my son is in martial arts he tries to meditate w me but I just can’t do it

Fleur Jones says:

you are a wise good looking good natured guy.. lucky your wife..

m3rcu566 says:

Hey man, just found your channel and I love it. If I wanted to learn about mediation, then what would recommend?

nightfire4107 says:

Astro projection

onelove1nation says:

Astral project n Ull find out way more

onelove1nation says:

Haha ok

DaisyLouLaCaz says:

This is so different from the rest of opinions I found about self development. I kind of like it. Sometimes is just better to let it go.

b7k1l8yn says:

Great video

MyMPPM says:

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cmikeg86 says:

Really easy to follow, and informative. I’ve been working with meditation and this helps. Thanks

HoFoShAo says:

hyper ionic

Diana Avina says:

I really like how you explained it and it sounds so simple.. I know it is way harder than it sounds, but appreciate so much the easy way you say it.

goodinfotoknow says:

fallen angels=demons=aliens in ufos=ascended masters=ghosts=channeled entities=dead relatives during seances=spirit guides=pagan gods and goddesses=greys=automatic writing spirits=ouija board movers=meditation spirits=psychic’s source of info=astrologer’s helpers.
tarot cards and crystal ball are tricks to fool the eye. in reality, demons show pictures to these mediums/seers/astrologers/psychics/etc.

WilliamNaville says:

i have to disagree on you with this video…In and of itself we are not much. I think you dont want to be stuck in “reality” its like a classroom and you are a really good tutor but their is a teacher who sits back and watches the CHOICES we make…

subucni says:

I’m curious where u are in ur journey. I’ve learned alot from u btw ur very smart. Do u feel content/accomplished with urself? Or do u still struggle with alot of these concepts too.

Dave Alexander says:

Great vid. Thanks for posting. I’m really trying to deprogram my mind, both consciously and unconsciously, so that I can live in truth.

todo1121 says:

Your videos rock man

emakengkau says:

im not sure/toofond of your “demonic” references and about being “possessed” (note: i am non-religious 🙂 but overall, i’m glad you made this video for the masses.

erockula says:

good shit

Myles Adams says:

so you are saying that if we let going of what society tells us is important that we will move on?

XxPinoyBroxX says:

Mother Nature
Nuff Said:0
Believe on what the effects you can get out of it.
Hope, can make believe more if needed
Think Positive and not make a huge deal out of very little things, for example:)

JessieDeluxe says:

I have been doing the I Ching for 7 years….I have learned soooo much! Carol k Anthony and Hanna Moog have made such a beautiful book. Check it out 🙂

ForestTiefling says:

(continued) …of the comment you probably should have a deeper look into genetic basics. Some of the things/mechanisms are quite easy to understand even if you aren’t a biologist… BBC had a good programme about epigenetics for an example. All i wnated to say actually was, that there are some functions in this junkDNA that are already understood quite well (“switches” for gene regulation etc.), but it’s other questions turning up now! But a good point you had there, anyway.

ForestTiefling says:

wow, if the little article i found is right, its even just 2% of our genome encoding for proteins… I would have been very dissapointed if a “not-jumping-through-hoops”-scientist/knowledge-collector like Terrence did NOT do his homework properly, but as it seems, he was quite generous with 4% 🙂 If you dont understand the rest (…)

Terrier Bram says:

What are the numbers according you? I have this from Terrence McKenna. The rest of your comment I don’t understand. The junk DNA seems to contain language, but what’s is function is is not quite clear. I guess it has a function, but it is not clear for humans.

ForestTiefling says:

a clever trick of lenght/numbers/characters to cheat the statistics when it comes to detrimental mutations?
some kind of other encoding/imprinting we don’t fully understand yet? Associated with epigenetics?
Or maybe some type of antenna, since i remember a headline saying something about influence of electric potencials on DNA being more important than known before…?
Too complicated for discussing this here 😉

ForestTiefling says:

(as an biologist, but not specialized in genetics i’m not sure about your numbers, but anyway!) much of the junk has a spacer function for the RNA that forms the protein outside of the nucleus. So, it gets cut out during gene-splicing and..recycled. But well, why is it there to start with? (…)

Paul Marshall says:

You speak-a my language.

arcencielstylin says:

Thank you! :^)

Kitty68ful says:

so smart !!!

kapoof2 says:

i agree with you completely, i was just thinking this, an evil man needs to know he is evil

Terrier Bram says:

DNA works for 4% to form protein. The other 96% is named by some people “junk DNA”. When the coding in the rest is put in the algorithms the CIA uses to break encoded message the result is that this coding appears to be language like.Now, what language is there, and what is written?

Sheila Camacho says:

You’re young, but very wise. Thanks for your teachings – they have enriched my life. Your’s are the first vids I listen too in my subs field

rewindyourpants says:

i think a strand of DNA unwound is about 6 ft long. And btw, much of our DNA is made up of multiple copies and only about 1.5% of it codes for proteins. But yes there is a lot of ancient code in us and there is A LOT experts don’t know. I read an article about how hiccups might result because of where the nerves in our necks are located, which would be where those same nerves are located in fish near the gills. Hiccups aren’t really an evolutionary disadvantage so the nerve location remained

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