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Winde Mertens says:

Hey Dan, i have been loving: making some of the raw simple stuff. thx. I live in Amsterdam, and surprisingly I’m going to Florida for 14 days 19 April , I thought you might have some down to earth tips on cool places to enjoy and that’s my question* . if you give me some names I’ll google the info up. i’curious. thanks man!

MotherEarthWormsOz says:

Dude…love u bro…keep being ur authentic self.

Opinionateher says:

Many blessing to you and thank you for being you,absolutely human.
Spread love like light.-me Summer Crew

peace4allbeings says:

Thank you Dan. You are so inspiring. I just love your passion and I think it is great that you are exploring possibilities to reach more people and have fun with your amazing message. There is no one else like you on you tube. You are so honest and real!

HealthyMBS1 says:

Thanks for following your passion and sharing it with us. I watch your channel along with other vegan/lowfat/raw channels for 8 months now and this lifestyle has me feeling great again at age 40.

Litzie Anchinges says:

I feel blessed to come across this channel. More power Dan. Give more inspiration to us. God bless!

Claudia Minoiu says:

Dan at his best as usual starting with min 12:00

onedivinemind says:

Talk about chemtrails and gmos and why we need to stop them

Lysa Johnson says:

And another thought…Yes, get those finances in line, because we can’t help anybody broke! I look forward to the day you will have a retreat center and hold classes and retreats…Follow your God-given vision Dan!

Lysa Johnson says:

Job mentality! People that run their own business and are dreamer’s have a right to make money, doing what they love. He’s NOT on welfare and sucking off the government, you go DTM!

Lysa Johnson says:


Lysa Johnson says:

I don’t get it, WHY do people have a problem with him selling his cd’s?? No one thinks anything of going to Walmart and purchasing CRAP and when a guy like this decides, he can make his talents into a business as well as free stuff to help people, some people get their panties in a bunch! FREE ENTERPRISE baby, I’m also self employed, so Dan, keep it real, have integrity and you GO FOR IT!!

Hollee Weethee says:

You inspire people. That is a great thing!

katmanduchick says:

I don’t comment very often on your vids but I must say it’s great to see you doing so well. You make money doing what you love! It can’t get any better than that!

hotfudgemoney says:

Dan, you look like you could be in your early twenties.

hotfudgemoney says:

Good work necessarily warrants good pay or it will cease to exist. Anyone who criticizes you for making money has never succeeded at doing something they love.

libersan17 says:

enlightening and encouraging, 5 stars Dan…:)))
you have changed my life 180 degrees and you inspired my mum and my friends..:))) and the words cannot express how much we appreciate the very fact that you are here fore us…

VerdeckterVermittler says:

Dan, Please take Money as much you can… and fuck all those people who are crying about it. You deserve tons of money, man… because you are doing a great job for the universe. Shit on all these scumbags who are living out poverty-consciousness.

CLiff McKinn says:

Good Stuff Dan. You Inspire Me Sir!!!!

Miracle736 says:

How do I buy your CDs? I want to buy the CDs.

Miracle736 says:

Dan has real camera presence. He is a natural!

Andy Oliver says:

I love so much to watch you! Thanks!! 😀

Layla Driscoll says:

I love the videos when you just let yourself talk on any tangent for as long as you want.

Safrahu2013 says:

Love this man!

RallyDude1515 says:

I just bought 15 bananas. That’s a 150% increase in bananas. Omega 8004 in the mail from John at Discount and so much love from all the raw disciples on YT. Thank you all! No meat since July and Vegan this ’13. Fully Raw by 2014!

PamelaViktoria says:

One thing that I really like about your videos, is you keep saying you are still detoxing, still getting rid of junk. For us who are still in the process, it’s very encouraging. You are proof, this process takes long, not a quick fix.

hsghatora says:

you are a good man dan, hardeep from london

blackgardenia24 says:

Dan you are important, I’ve learned so much from just watching your vids on the Tube. Your greatness and compassion I inspire for truly! PEACE~ xoxo

singletrackdan says:

mr dan you are a good dude sir.

MrsK8ekate says:

Thank you! I get it and Im happy when I find other people that get it too

dojaguy says:


we want the longer vids again man

Karmen C says:

I am happy!
This is the first video I saw from you and now I am in love with you, man.
Thank you for doing what you do.

Jesse Villalobos says:

health IS just an opinion. My goal is peace and energy.. i believe that true wellness is through raw, fresh, LOCAL, foods. never enough space to type or time to speak. eat fruits and vegetables as fresh as you can, grow them and be happy.

Jesse Villalobos says:

i will continue to tell others about what i have learned based on my research and i will continue to eat as much vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian as much as possible.. and slowly cut out everything else

Jesse Villalobos says:

you have spent years researching to come to your conclusions, and after less than a month of watching your video’s… i am at the level where i am exited about fruits and veggies and that radiates and i tell others as well. I get nothing but negative feedback… but the few i tell, they research for themselves.. come back and agree with me. I am glad that i understand mucus in the body and all other foods that produce nothing for us. I am convinced, so i thank you.

Jenna George says:

I don’t really like commenting on youtube, but I’ve gotta tell you man your hair is looking AWESOME.

LREEN2 says:

The insight you speak of is the inner voice within me, and it’s the part I have been trying to nurture& expand. It’s amazing how paths are crossed in the most “random” ways, but I know it was definitely NOT by chance that I have found you and the message you bring. You open the space in my heart & alot of the wisdom you speak comes as a reminder to my path towards healing, love, and expand to help others. So thank you for every video, for every kind word. I cannot express my gratitude enough. <3

GIA KATZ says:

hey dan ur awesome ALWAYS 🙂 LOOK in reference to the supposed haters 😀 heh screw them =) i think true fans will understand u need some income to live off of. i think ppl who make certain comments are those idiots who are haters & dont have anything else better to do. I understand u need support emotionally & economically from us. Yes u need to make a living just like anyone else does. yes u love doing this health channel but a man needs to eat too!!=)so u have my support if that means anything

curiousSOUL22 says:

I haven’t watched a vid in quite while Dan, so not so sure how long it’s been like this, but you’re looking really good in this vid Dan! The haircut is very complimentary to you. 🙂

MoHaNi MaTaHaRi says:

Blessings Beloved! MaHalo!

schmoofadoop says:

Dan you can start every damn video you make with a plug on the DVD’s or your website or whatever you want… it’s YouTube and it costs people NOTHING to watch your videos… they don’t have to buy anything and if they complain about that then their priorities are out of whack!!!

What you do is a blessing to both yourself and your viewers… it’s a mutually profitable relationship for you and us… big respect as always man!

ThePC3D says:

Chicken Parma, Butter Chicken, Pasta Bolognese, Lamb shanks VS Raw….its hard!

Kwa17 says:

DR looks so aged compared to you.Dan you look so young

mikertones says:

hey dan you going to true north again,also what is regeneration nation?

balderdashery1 says:

You can see the light shines within you!

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