Tori Amos – God

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From my favorite Tori album, Under the Pink (1994).


FURognar says:

A lot of Tori fans pick this as their favorite. It’s probably between this one and Choirgirl Hotel for most. For me, Choirgirl Hotel just edges this one out for the top spot. In general though, ALL of her albums are great with the exception of Beekeeper (the only album of hers I didn’t like)

FURognar says:

It’s just the music shadowdance

Tasha Schneider says:

I’m afraid I don’t agree that Tori fans are the best. Jesus died on the cross for your sins,
Tori Amos has done nothing for you. She just wants more of your money.

TheNewPatsyBailey says:


You obviously never paid any attention to Tori, her lyrics, or her fans for that matter.

I’m sure everyone here would love to enlighten you if you weren’t such a stuck up, one dimensional Jesus lover.

Thank God for Tori fans, they are the best.


Jerry King says:

You can’t prove that.

Danielle Guzman says:

this reminds me of the godless bitches podcast now lol

Tasha Schneider says:

Tori sometimes you just don’t come through, babe, you need your Saviour who’s looking after you, Tori sometimes you just don’t come through… Tori is feminine weakness, arrogance and hysteria personified. I hope that she will humble herself and pray, and stop leading her fans astray.

KingTojPisces says:

I think that we are GOD

Vincent Amour says:

God does not come through because god is not real. Let the bile flow.

pennymarie95 says:

mrdiaz0108 needs to keep his mouth shut about the music if he doesn’t like it. Even if you have to listen to the music doesn’t mean you have to leave a comment and by the way, you sound like a complete moron when you try to sound cool by cussing but spell it wrong. And if you spelled it wrong because you didn’t want to actuate cuss, then don’t put it at all dumbsh*t. And P.M. the reason I didn’t put the whole word is because its the internet.

angeladyer dyer says:

my all time fav shes allsome live  my fav artist

jrooler says:

I think the guitar player needs to be checked out……..

smashbell says:

Do u need a woman to look after u? I do 😉

shadowdance4666 says:

Where the fuck is the video!

BlossomRiotPoof says:

My favorite part of the song is 2:36 – 2:49, although the entire song is rockin’.

Bradley Grubbs says:

“why up always go where the wind blows”

joshuatariff says:

Are youn alright? Is everything okay at home? Would you like a lie down?

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DirtyDean777 says:

I Love this truth.

dsukenick says:

This is too my favorite album by Tori Amos.

brono25 says:

good luck transcribing the guitar part.

svagrod says:

Thanks for posting !!! How time flies.This brings back good memories.THANKS !!!!!

xanfus says:

i love this song. not just my sister is dead

thejonesfamilyyy says:

love love love love love

blibjorb says:

god, sometimes you don’t come through. You need a woman to look after you.

Wikipunani Nanani says:

Lush latter-day 20th-century anthem from a womyn who clearly has been shafted.
Amos was a genius in her element.

‘God, sometimes you just don’t come through.’

The song offers no other interpretation beside what it offers: a derelict Jehovah.

Existential analysis proffers no resolution in 2012 however.

A veritable soup of hypotheses, but negligible actual knowledge.
Where else do we have to turn to?
Stone-knives-and-bearskins ‘science?’

Materialism for the lose.

Meh i’m un-impressed.

Audiofatuation says:

Thank you for uploading this!!! I just wish I could find the actual video with it where the sound isn’t altered or the video itself sped up.

MissTia777 says:

Still LOVE this song! I still did realize the title of the song is “God”. I always thought it was “You got sometimes you just dont come through”

mrdiaz0108 says:

Bro i dont like this type of weird azz music and i have to write a damn research paper bout her songs!

mariposasabrosa says:

ooooo kk thx LOL

Trund27 says:

1:29, 2:57. But in the official video it’s really obvious – you can see her sing it!

mariposasabrosa says:

lol where does she say that?????

jxthree says:

STFU and dance for me you little troll, go on, dance.

blibjorb says:

God, you just don’t come through. You need a woman to look after you.

bobdull420 says:

Cool story bro. Now show me your gentiles. Your genitalia!

wotaj says:

This is a nice clear version, but the only thing that does this one justice is seeing her perform it live in concert. I had that privilege back in the the Summer of 1995 and it was little slice of awesome. 😀

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