Interview with Gregg Braden Science and Spirituality

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Interview for Radio Serenidad in April 2012. We talked about facts of science and the spiritual dimensions. We had a little electricity shortage but the dial…


GodKingAZ says:

Such great interviewer! Thank you.

Diabolo Mint says:

One of the few smart interviewers and I think you brought out some of the most interesting and intelligent answers from Greg. Thank you for uploading

klutch20 says:

Im just back from Spheroscotopic universum and while I was crossing Nanotrollshperic entity I park my horse at Youtubospheric cosmic galaxy. First i thought they are children but later i discover that they are adults.To tell you the truth they r all naive trolls, a product of New Age business, irrational dreamers and all of them has own “gurus” some of them science fakers, some cheaters some simple crazy and weird creatures but all of them making good cash.

radiosere123 says:

Thank you so much for your appreciation, I am glad you enjoyed it. 😉

27boof says:

Your English is FANTASTIC!!! I congratulate you, & thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful interview with Gregg, & for all that you doo. Much love to you x o <3

nadarcondelfines says:

No worries, I appreciate the effort and upload.

radiosere123 says:

Totally understandable, we had an electricity shortage and there was nothing we could do about it. sorry

nadarcondelfines says:

I always enjoy Gregg Braden and as interesting as the interview was I had to stop watching it because that beeping in the background was just too distracting and irritating :-/

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