NARS ‘And God Created the Woman’ Palette Look | ViviannaDoesMakeup

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Lilly Urdaneta says:

This palette cost much more than Urban decay nake 2 my godness!! You are Pretty Love your tutorials

Rose AS says:

boring intro but fabulous look.Less talking PLZ!!!!!

theinkbit says:

please could you check out my channel and blog 🙂 I’d really appreicate it. I talk about make up to my depression or how to quit smoking , please check it out 🙂

gilian89 says:

Love the structure of this video 🙂 btw what’s the name of ur blouse from Topshop?

CrumpetsAndMarmalade says:

So now I really need this palette! It’s gorgeous, I’d say it could rival my naked palette for everyday looks! Love your videos, only recently found your channel but find your videos really interesting and well thought out! I’m new to making videos myself and would love if you could check them out! Xx

CrumpetsAndMarmalade says:

So now i really really need this palette! It’s gorgeous, I’d say it could rival my naked palette for an

LucyAndLydia says:

HEY! We love your videos! If only you could see ours! We are twins from the UK and have loved watching your videos. We need to meet you one day! We have just started YouTube and do similar videos to you! Lots of love. xx

tehtehkitty says:

you are the same coor as me in the BB base, is it a perfect match? causehen I could use your shades in other stuff for reference…

Aya Shin says:

The eyeshadows really make your eye color pop :)

Myialilyfashion says:

Please subscribe to me I’m trying to get 100 subscribers by the end of march! Love you all xxxx

Rebecca Abraham says:

This is such an amazing eye look!

aiai april says:

Please do more everyday or natural makeup tutorials! Love watching your videos <3

Noctuaminerva says:

Your brows look amazing!

farhanajamal says:

viviana, did you tried the NARS tinted moisturizer? do you have any method best to use for the product application? thank you for all these amazing videos!

EdwinaM12 says:

You look so stunning! A question: do you think this palette would suit us dark-skinned women (think Kelly Rowland)? I really want to try this but I want the colours to suit me…

dolly flower says:

I have to admit, last year when I first subscribed to you I used to thing your videos were a wee bitty boring ( no offence ) but as the years past, your videos are getting better and better and now they are amazing! You are a true rolemodel with your lovely personality and amazing looks , all the best in future videos! X x

Isabellahram says:

love love love 🙂

fc kc says:

Jessicafenchxo brought me here

MissLouloufy says:

Vivianna! I´d love a “Products that deserve the hype video”, where you talk abut products not getting the attention they deserve

AshleyCatProductions says:

You’re skin is so pretty!

gianeuf says:

you are my inspiration!!

cutoutpaperheart says:

love this eye look on you! x

Frannie Elizabeth says:

It’s in Sephora if you live in the US 🙂

1D1D1DXXX says:

yeah its nearly time for u to do an updated makeup collection! u did reply to my comment a while back stating that u will do a makeup collection every 100th video and now u have 157 videos! yay so excited lolol

pinkabuki says:

is the gold shu eyelash curler limited edition or can you get it all year round? I only see the silver one around (we still have the brand at sephora in canada).

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