What States of Consciousness Have Other People Achieved?

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http://bit.ly/hd4Tsh – Kabbalists have attained them all. But don’t take Perceiving Reality’s word for it… Test the method of Kabbalah upon yourself, and d…


Brandon Wright says:

I “love” magic eye posters…

Justin Hunt says:

why try? we ARE all one 🙂

TavisJosephBaird says:

One last thing…the analogy for consiousness was silly as well….the seeing of the magic eye image is not a change in ‘consiousness’ it is more processing and pattern recognition…lol why do you not uderstand this ooooh thats what the kabalists told you…better to know from ‘experience’ then through scholarly dogmatic pursuits 😀 same for yoga…otherwise you might not talk of things you do not know from experience…least your head fall from your body….this being a reffrence to ‘EGO’…

TavisJosephBaird says:

This needs to be said…over and over and over…really? Kabalists have experienced all possible itterations of consiousness? Isnt that special. Welll Other individuals and groups have explored consiousness long before Kabalists were Kabalists or Jewish…Such as YOGA. Thats the beauty of yoga no one group professes ‘Ownership’ of this knowledge awareness. Their are consequences to arrogant mindedness..I would think they would have learned this by now… I only watched this once by the way…

jms42976 says:

Proof that things can be seen after they are nicely pointed out to you. Love. 😉

Stop chasing off people who love you, that just want to share their perceptions with you.

Sadee Bentley says:

The picture is called Magic Eye. Lots of books our there, three dimensional images. Good for your eyesight.

CyricRO says:

That’s what I was trying to imply. I want to be devol.

sheyla2003 says:

Love backwards is Evol.

Harish A says:

i couldn’t see the image ( if there was any)

james french says:

I saw a rectangle with an eye in the middle first time where is the love

james french says:

I saw my third eye

jcharri73 says:

@regardingme1 Very good to know…….thanks

iamawaketube says:

Loving the vid!

Impericalevidence says:

If Kabbalists have reached “all” states of consciousness, why are they still here?

Danny Wilten says:

Wonderfully explained as these are the higher states of consciousness I enjoy… thank you!!!!!

Eron Falbo says:

Judaism is a consequence of Kabbalah, but so is any other religion.

eyestepback says:

tied in historically but ideologically no

rocco7050 says:

so fucking weird, after many tries almost thinking this was bullshit I finally saw it, and it was wierd:)

Brasharful says:

I cant see it ;[ Im red green colour blind, would that effect it?

silkysketcha says:

i can see it 2 ways.Love in 3d but i can also see it as Love indented in and the backround 3d??

RecycleEnvironmental says:

You know how some people are colorblind? Perhaps there are people who are “3D Blind” for certain things. You can’t prove that an individual is seeing what your perception of the color green is. Or any color for that matter. How could you? I’m saying this because after several attempts, I could not see “Love”

wwwfsamuel says:

of corse there is a “agent”
you have to discover him

SubconsciousDweller says:

the answer is always= LOVE

Juan Jimenz says:

yes i finally saw it nice.

youngin985 says:

i see like 3 things every time i see it

ktodarling says:

what’s the picture supposed to be?

AdigaTraceurAdiga says:

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ioanliviu22 says:

Me too 🙁

Kevin Sørensen says:

– Look for information about “stereograms” (“autostereograms”)

Kevin Sørensen says:

– Look for information om “stereograms”. :)

jonesgerard says:

“Both your objections do not apply to the quantum mechanical mind.”

Yeh I know, thats why I think Penrose is correct. Or at least he’s heading in the right direction.

jonesgerard says:

“Out of the box thinking is not something spiritual. It is a simple question of control over neural pathways and how they form.”

Intuition cannot arise from your concept of mind which sounds like its based upon fleshbot machine brain. Due to Godels incompleteness theorum, you would not be able to think outside the box. Not magic but more than you are allowing for. If we are programmed then algorythms don’t allow for conscioussness. Turing proved that.

fermerwuvu says:

saw nothing..and i tried 7times..

Eric Bernard says:

buddhism suppresses the ego. Kabbalah utilizes it to attain the Spiritual worlds or “dimensions”. The bigger the ego the better basically. The more you reveal. Its like saying the hotter you are the colder you get! 😀 haha!

Eric Bernard says:

keep trying :)

Kalahridudex says:

its suppose to say love?

i do spot the LO repeatedly. 

bernalaso says:

i saw nothing

FieldsofYaru says:

with LOVE we need not feet to climb the ladder of understanding, but rather it gives us wings to fly to these Palaces in the sky.

thank you for sharing.

whitestar111 says:

i don’t know how to cross my eye’s lmao

irkman123 says:

whats the difference between kaballah and buddhism?

Ming Xu says:


Hockypocky2424 says:

It says “love” in 3D. My eyes hurt. Hehe.

wenaolong says:

Just refocus your eyes back and forth slowly, gently, until you see something. Then, slow down and keep refocusing even more slowly back and forth over a smaller field (since you saw something and you want to stay close to it.) When it emerges, slow down to a gentle stop, allowing the image to somehow control your gaze the way you let anything else caputure your attention if you find it “interesting”. There you go. Report back to me when you complete this mission.. 😛

labaizs says:


Celeste300 says:

Finally saw it.
It’s hard to see. x_x

IJAiken says:

i didn’t think i would see it but i got really good at seeing 3d pictures before and i wanna tell you all that this was the very first one Ive ever seen on a screen. i did it just now. The picture says “Love.” sorry if i spoiled it for you. oh and yeah i’m thinking alot of this stuff is made up to. No true revue is actually excepted this shit either

jmitterii2 says:

Saw it too :)

abc123icuucme says:

Does anyone else see the letters also sunk in, instead of just raised? I was trying to train myself to do this without having to get close to the screen and I seem to have flipped the image. When I get close and back up I see “love” raised but when I sit back, cross then uncross my eyes I see it sunk in instead. Trippy.

agreeklove says:

I saw it!

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