Self Hypnosis: Creativity Brainstorm Session – Listen With Headphones

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For best results listen with headphones. From a brainwave perspective, creativity is generally composed of 2 factors: 1) The ability of your brain to make ra…


PositiveMindHypnosis says:

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, non — invasive mode of alternative healing which employs the use of your subconscious mind while it is in a relaxed state. And we love this relaxed mental state just as every day we are daydreaming, staring out the window, driving a car or just watching birds flying by for example.

Summer Summer says:

was there a helicopter in the background?

HMsic says:

I’m a pianist and I love it *_*

alexwowfuny says:

Dano* stfu

alexwowfuny says:

Camp stfu

fanaaaemo says:

Moonlight sonata!! My favourite xD

bluesplus1 says:

haha I’m a pianist, so I grew up with this stuff, is all.
Even so, you would think more people would recognize one of Beethoven’s more famous pieces.

Jenna T says:

Someone intelligent!! I LOVE Beethoven!

Jenna T says:

Yay!!! Beethoven!! Moonlight Sonata!! 🙂

Justin Mazza says:

Great one!

outlawjrj says:


Timothy7967 says:

This video helps a lot when writing a paper.

Also, Beethoven!

Raquel Hohmann says:

Hey! thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about conversational hypnosis course called Covertalox Hypnosis (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried Covertalox Hypnosis? I have heard many amazing things about it and my mate finally can hypnotize someone covertly using it, but he refuses to tell me 🙁

pj sarmiento says:

it’s bethoven!!! i love it…

gienneriordan says:



anna christa Ivanova says:

really amazing .. thank you so much ^_^

iloveamerica007 says:

co i can study and listen to this the same time and it will have the same effect?

Colortiniz says:

Beautiful! :-)

FrietjeM says:

I felt in sleep.. is that normal??

ILiekMojumbo says:


bluesplus1 says:

It’s Beethoven, not Chopin. >_>
Beethoven’s first movement to the Moonlight Sonata to be more specific.

JoeRomagosa says:

err… esto o tengo el cerebro chungo o no funciona o no soy humano


made me sleepy

iLLestBeats02 says:


ds fl says:

idoser with bethoven……………….lol

XXmissybooXX says:

Thanks for posting : )

staircasestogalaxies says:

I’m so glad this is back, because it makes me aware of how creative I am anyway! Thank you! When can we download a longer version in Britain?

Pangaeafoundation says:

The blinking is due to an increase of Beta waves.  If you close your eyes while listening, this will stimulate the Alpha waves.

Then picture in your minds eye, images and/or feelings of being creative. As you move through the session, imagine yourself as a magnet drawing in energy from an unlimited reservoir.

Mandi Shep says:

I find myself blinking a lot more while listening…??

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