Guidelines for Beginners On The Path To Higher Consciousness

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truthnfreedomseeker says:

Great message! Much love and gratitude.

ApocolypseMusic says:

i know and feel what you are going through 🙂 i had this the same

much love

Kiechi Morisato says:

Please, tell us more.

MsSnowflake2013 says:

This is exactly what I need to hear at this moment.Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been going through this pain of outgrowing my family,my social circles and almost all the old friends in terms of consiouness expansion and spiritual awareness. I got really really depressed because there is so few people left that I can really have a in-depth conversation, and what I share to people,mostly spirtual knowledge/what’s really going on on Earth were totally ignored, and myself was judged terriblly

Rex Harris says:

fantastic video, thanks for sharing this! That’s one of the most simple explanations I’ve heard regarding higher consciousness. Especially like what he said about radiating energy to influence environment in a subtle, invisible way.

Catherine Perry says:

Thank you for this. It is a great reminder for those who are experienced as well as for beginners. Much Love, Catherine

atisa1 says:

Wow nick, absolutely greatness conveyed and many thanks for keeping the discipline in your heart and eyes

Joel Guerrero says:

Thanks Nick! I definitely feel the love flowing from you and your book Amazing Grace. Aloha!

Debbie Kleven says:


Vanessa Watson says:

Amazing … thank you … i needed to hear that this morning … thank you … blessings … peace … love.

BachataMMA says:


Stew A says:

Thank you 🙂

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