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Doubleshot98 says:

Obama blames it all on the Republicans so I dont know who to believe

kaasvaag says:

The so called “free” Obamaphones are payed by tax money. which comes from the citizens. When your government goes into debt because they spend more money on wars & military than they can afford, the future generations will suffer from that. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but the USA has gone down the drain. Your constitution is used as toilet paper which is a shame. It’s something to envy if I compare it to the constitution of my own country! Bless you with knowledge.

Doubleshot98 says:

that is true but Obama also gives people free things like Obamaphones and free health care. I am scared that he now is looking to give anyone who crosses the border free education, welfare and Obamacare. Im not sure we can pay for it unless Republicans get our of his way. Politics are tricky but at least everyone loves American again

kaasvaag says:

The things Obama gives to people are “borrowed” future generations have to pay for it. The best thing Obama could have done is stop the bailouts en and the foreign policy of GW Bush. Obama sure is more charismatic than Bush. But looking on his actions, he is not a hair better in my opinion.

Doubleshot98 says:

Its important to have a leader and thats why Im glad we have Obama. Obama is really the leader of every country because he is about giving free things to all humans. I think he should be the worlds President and have Wayne and Skye Dyer helping him.

kaasvaag says:

We could be so evolved we run our own business 😉

Elizabeth M says:

wonderful interview! and wonderful to know that 2 people i know at different times came together - for this very wonderful talk! Love it! Great Job~

Paul Lamon says:

love the heart tribe connection

starharmonyable says:

thank you for speaking truth! peace

Raam Ayan says:

Love and Gratitude to all of you beautiful beings… I am creating a follow-up video about Heart Tribe which i will share with you all soon.

Skrinkle1111 says:

He…is….DREAMY!!!! <3 <3 <3

Roberto LOVO says:

both so handsome! 😉

Doubleshot98 says:

this man is so evolved. He should run our country

bcharlesal says:

awesome so ready to share just spills n its coherent . great.


Thanks I meant !


Sooo needed this today!!! Things Lilou!!

Ahmad Hesam says:

danke sehr schöne sprech hier Raamayan

SmithGurl1208 says:

Just listening to this man’s words, his enthusiam and knowledge… it makes me feel humbled, even though I don’t know any of this stuff…

Sonia D'oliveira says:

You are a very, very, very WISE ‘young man’!!!Thank you both of you with Love…

katmani79 says:

what`s up with the 666 he makes in the end of the video!!? Don`t like!! se at 20.36min., right in the end when Lilou says lots of love..:( Watch out for desivers out there-just saying- <3

Ayan W-ater says:

🙂 I love you too…

Ayan W-ater says:

Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments, for your sharing.. it was such an Honour and Privilege speaking on Lilou’s Show. If you have any questions, message me here!

I am here to serve.. i went to a BEAUTIFUL evening of music, dance, love, co-creation, and community development in Kauai yesterday where i spoke of Heart Tribe and everyone connected to each other with the Mudra.

The LOVE pulsating in the room was palpable.. share it with YOUR heart tribe!

mylayniebird says:

This is a fabulous video but I feel anxious listening to him.

abundance16 says:

Love it!!!

pudgypooh says:


TheHappyangel8 says:


Paxton Watkins says:

Thanks for the inspiration friends!

Dani161803 says:

Awesome! Thanks from the heart for this sunny interview! Much love from snowy Switzerland ♥

Jennifer Glass says:

Lilou, you are a phenomenal interviewer!!

FreeTheWand says:

Amazing to see young pioneers of consciousness branching out into quantum medicine and yoga and fusing the worldviews together.. Go Raamayan!

ColdasDecemberX says:

“delicious conversation”. Well, I’ve never heard that before.

TheHummelpat says:

beautiful message, mahalo

kreneeperk says:

wow.. wish you could record in stereo.. hard to listen in mono

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