“How can I hear God’s voice?” (Ask Dr. Stanley)

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Dr. Stanley responds to the question: Does God still speak to us today? In Touch Ministries, 2012.


thad cornett says:

praise God.

William Rhoads says:

thank you!

reynor allen says:


Lamoz Fashions says:

God spoke with humanbeings on daily basis. As the population grew also the disobedient toward God grew. He chose His own People whom he could talk to through dreams and face to face like Moses on mount Sinai. God knew that lawlessness on earth will grow.
Within these children, special few were chosen through whom The Holy Book was written. He gave Christ to the world. Christ promised the Holy Spirit to those who will accept Him as Lord. Only through Holy Spirit can we speak with God today!!!

maddiekam says:

At William Rhoads

Dear William, when I read your comment, i felt I needed to encourage you. You say you have messed up with your life, but the bible says that all have fallen shirt of the glory of the Lord, meaning we have all sinned. The bible also says that the Mercy of God endures forever. I will just invite you to repent and ask God to forgive your sin and wash you with the blood of Jesus for He paid the price for your sins 2000 years ago. Therefore there is no condemnation for those who a

William Rhoads says:

I am terminal and i am so scared to die I been saved a thousand times! I have mess up my life here on earth the last thing i want to do miss out eternal life! my sins our many and i have hurt my loved ones with my mistake I prayed and prayed for my nephew to get married and god answered and his has two sons now! I have been selfish I did not want my children to go through what i have medical like i have in the genes i am 57 and my the inside of 80 year old man and the lungs of a 90 yr old help!

TheAllForXMan says:

I love it when God speaks to me, even about things that appear humanly small. I think most people itch to hear Him give answers like, “Don’t go on that webpage” or “Walk across the street and talk to that person.” But when He’s trying to tug our hearts about our relationship with Him, we often ignore it.
One time the Lord even told me very clearly, “Don’t read the last five text messages you’ve been sent, just delete them.” Stuff like that.

Tom Zart says:


God causes all things to work together
For the good of those who willfully serve Him.
As we focus on faith and not our self
He gives us our hope to overcome the grim.

Praying empowers us with comfort of heart
As we submit to the wisdom of God’s voice.
If you wish to feel happy, delivered and complete
You must heed to His whispers by choice.

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ruth owusu says:

bless u doc

Heismyreason7 says:

After you pray for guidance and ask the Lord to speak to you, how do you know where to turn to in the Bible????

Errol Williams says:

Listening to God’s voice is easy. It’s not complicated. Christian teachers confuses it. God’s voice is His Word. His Word is His will. The more we know about His Word the more we are able to hear Him speak to us. God’s voice speaks clearly about, stealing, murder, violence, relationships, lust, etc. The question is what do you wish to hear? All scripture … 2 Tim 3:16. Some things that we are waiting to hear we will never hear because it’s in our power to do. Live right, pray, study & obey.

John Samuel says:

Listening to God is one of the most challenging charges in a Christian’s life. We find ourselves readily open to obey biblical commandments because they “simply” require an action (or inaction) on our part, but to have a spiritual conversation with Awesome all-powerful God seems so intimidating to believers that most avoid it for fear of “saying” something wrong or not knowing what to say at all. I pray that we all continue listening to God, and speak to Him through Jesus Christ’s intercession.

AL West says:

I actually really like listening to Charles Stanley’s sermons etc.
He makes thing very clear and edifying.

widsomone says:

I can’t yield all to him on my own.I have tried , I ask God to help me to yield to him everything, and to make my heart clear , so I can hear his word. And , so, I pray and wait.

samuelhart37 says:

Trying to hear also

Smallidea92 says:

I love god but am having a hard time hearing him I try give up everything to him but still nothing but I still love him nd follow him

LightshipChaplain says:

You are the only minister who I have seen in media, that speaks to this subject! So sad that proper Bible doctrines have replaced God’s voice among people who claim his name!
For over 30 years I have known this truth in my life, yet a false church has emerged.
Thank you Dr. Stanley, I was given a vision of a Pastors Heart back in 1999, and am growing in grace!

20jojomon says:

Yeah God is really good and He knows everything that there is no reason for us not to trust in Him..
God bless Charles S.=)

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