Money And Spirituality By Dr. Uday Shah

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This video is a talk by Dr. Uday Shah at HELP on 29 Jan 2013. Topic “Money And Spirituality” This is part of the HELP Talk series at HELP, Health Education L…


kiran potdar says:

thank you……..

Devaki Shetty says:

great DR.really it is a complete brain wash,really very usefull to all age group.

toneyrahulsharma says:

What a TELEPATHY !!! u wont beleave before seeing your video I had the same feeling that one who is more spiritual ,money comes to them … great!!

toneyrahulsharma says:

Whw then what u have to say for the number of scams that are happening do u think all this Netas are Spiritual ??? does not make sence ??

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